Best You've Never Heard: Keri Hilson, Chris Brown, & Jordin Sparks

This week's Best You've Never Heard edition comes from three well known acts in the Pop & R&B world. They each have more than one album under their belt and coincidentally, both ladies have worked with him once before on their albums and two of these artists' albums debuted with the same amount of sales but at different positions on the charts.

You may like and already know these songs as well, or you may have never heard them before. So today, I'm bringing you music from Keri Hilson's album "No Boys Allowed", a cool track from the deluxe edition of Chris Brown's "Graffiti" album and one of my favorite songs from Jordin Sparks' debut album. Check it out below.

Miss Keri baby sure knows how to make a hit when she wants to. This  is probably one of the four songs that I can listen to on the album, "No Boys Allowed" with no problem. By the way, the album shifted 102K copies in it's first week giving it a #11 debut on the charts. It's called "Beautiful Mistake". The track was of course co-written by Keri Hilson herself and produced by Timbaland and J.Roc. The song should have been released as a single in my opinion. It's cool and very radio friendly. Every time I listen to the song, I envision the video for it in my head...a perfect one. It could have easily replaced this hott mess as a single. The song you're about to listen to is of course a break-up song. She talks about how her and her love interest tried a relationship and it didn't work. They would like to be together but something just won't allow it to work out, so she's calling it quits, while trying not to hurt all of his feelings. Give the track a listen below.

The next track is from Chris Brown. It's funny because I didn't discover this song until about a month after the album was released. I had the standard edition and didn't bother to look at the deluxe edition until one night I got on Youtube and was listening to songs as I cleaned. Then I saw a link for "Movie" with the picture of the "Graffiti" album cover. I was like wait a minute, this isn't on my album. So I clicked it, listened to it and instantly feel in love with it. It's a smooth R&B song that vocally samples a little bit of New Edition's "Can You Stand The Rain" towards the very end of the song. The song was co-written by Brown and produced by Polo Da Don. I hate that this was considered his flop album because it's actually my favorite album of his.The album shifted only 102K copies giving it a #7 debut in it's first week. I can listen to it from start to finish with no problem. The only reason it failed was because of the incident with Rihanna, had that not happened, he would've had a lot of hits on the album. But I digress, take a listen to the song below.

Last, but not least, we have the American Idol winner Jordin Sparks. She smoked the charts with her singles in 2007. "Tattoo" peaked at #8, "No Air" jumped to #3 and "One Step At A Time" peaked at #17. Her album debuted at #10 selling 119K copies in it's first week. Those numbers weren't bad for an American Idol winner. Though they we're hoping for bigger numbers due to the success of her singles. Another one bites the dust. Needless to say, I enjoyed her album. I was a big fan back then and an even bigger one now. Even though she handsomely came for my wig on twitter I still have nothing but love for her and  everything she does. This song on that I'm sharing is called "Next To You". It's the only R&B sounding song on her album and I only listened to it because I wanted to compare it to Ciara's "Next To You". Don't ask me why, but I did end up loving the song. I listen to it constantly and never get tired of it. Give it a go below.

So did you figure out which two artists had the same amount of sales during the first week of their album releases? It was Chris Brown's "Graffiti" and Keri Hilson's "No Boys Allowed". They both sold 102K copies within the first weeks of their releases. Interesting huh? Well, I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Best You've Never Heard. Share this with your Faceobok friends, Retweet this to your Twitter followers and Reblog this on your Tumblr pages!!

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