Ashanti Suffers Album Push Back

Well, who didn't see this coming. R&B starlet Ashanti has just suffered an album push back. Her album "Brave Heart" was supposed to be released April 17th, but it is now looking at a June 19th release date. The news comes after the failure of her single "The Woman You Love" which dropped back in December.

The song didn't crack Billboard's Hot 100 and only peaked at #63 on the R&B charts. A video was released to support the single but it didn't do much supporting. She also received flack from the choice of album cover, which was clearly stripped from the set of her latest video. Stans where art thou?

This is clearly no surprise to me. I simply stated all of the facts (stans call it opinions) in my Dissecting Ashanti post. If there was a loyal fan base supporting her then, this would not have happened. Had that single made the top 10 on the R&B charts, this would not have happened. But, obviously no one was really feeling the track to even download it from iTunes. I mean where are the stans now?

My face dragged in the dirt by some of Ashanti's fans after the read that post about her and they disagreed with everything that I had to say. But it looks as if my little post was right in some way. If she indeed had a loyal fan base or a dedicated audience, this would have happened. Every time an album gets pushed back, it's more over due to the failure of a single. That is almost 85% of the time. In rare cases, people actually do want to record more tracks for the project, and that's RARE! But let me hush up before those stans return to gut me.
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