Treyvon Martin Case Is NOT A Bandwagon

There's no doubt in my mind that you already know about the Treyvon Martin case. Everyone does. The world is covering it. Every news outlet, President Barack Obama, bloggers, talk shows, EVERYONE. That's a good thing in my eyes. People all over the world are supporting this case.

But, lately I've been reading a few tweets and Facebook status updates of people calling this entire situation a "fad", a "faze" and a "bandwagon" because of all of the support and attention that this case has been receiving. I'm passionate about the case, and decided to speak out to the naysayers on Facebook.

I honestly don't understand why ppl are upset, or hating the fact the the world/media is supporting this Treyvon Martin case. The status updates that I'm seeing angers me. People are saying that it took someone not of "African American" descent to kill someone that is of that race to spark attention and movements nationwide. No, that's not true. Are you guys forgetting all of the marches and protests that went along with this picture 2 years ago for Derrion Albert? The kid who was killed by other African American students while he was going home from school 2 years ago? That sparked national attention. Even world wide attention. 

Protests we're held, rally's we're held, people posted this photo to show support. That was a black on black crime. Was that a "band wagon"? Was that a "Fad or phaze"? No. It was a cause. What about all of the other marches and rallies held in our communities to end violence? The after school programs started to keep kids off the streets? Reverends Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson has attended and led hundreds of those. So don't sit and say that nothing is done about black on black crimes because that's not true. It bothers me when I read how upset people are that this Treyvon case is getting so much attention. It's not a "bandwagon". 

It's not a phase. It's a cause that people are supporting. People are throwing in the race card saying it took a white guy to kill a black kid to spark this attention, first of all George Zimmerman isn't white, he's Hispanic. Second of all, if this we're a white, black, Asian or Italian man that was the killer, I feel that the attention would be the same given this case's specific details. People think that the world is upset because it's a racial thing but it's clearly not. The world is outraged by the fact that all of the proof in the world is there that an unarmed, defenseless kid was killed. The world is outraged at the fact that you heard the kid crying for help when neighbors called the police.

 You heard his very LAST cry for help before he was shot dead. You heard the killer chase the kid while he was on the phone with the police department. You heard the dispatcher tell Zimmerman to stay in his car and not chase the kid. But Zimmerman took it upon himself to chase him, and kill him because he "looked" suspicious. Wearing a hoodie and sneakers and only carrying a bag of skttles and a soda can. So that gave him the right to kill an innocent teenager and he's still walking free today..not arrested or charged. That is why the world is upset. That's why everyone is standing up for this story, because a killer is walking free. 

Not because of a race. Yes, there are black on black crimes, yes there are blacks killing one another on a daily basis. But most of that is gang related, drive by shootings and drug dealing and what not. Who wants to defend that? Not me. Why would I defend gang members shooting and killing each other? Sometimes it's not always gang related. Sometimes innocent people are killed. Small children become victims instead of the actual target. People are asking why aren't movements being done for that? Because most of the time, those killers are either caught, arrested, turned themselves in, or people are afraid to come forward and say something or no one knows who did the killing. 

With that being said, this Treyvon Martin case is very different from the situations describe above. We know who, where, when and why Zimmerman killed this kid. But he still walks free. We don't know who, where, when and why someone was killed last night. We don't have police tapes of the victims last screams for help. We don't have audio of the killer calling in telling the cops his thoughts about the person they are about to kill. This is why there is so much support for Treyvon's case. There is so much proof that the kid was murdered, and yet the killer walks free. The family wants justice, just like any other family. 

This is not about RACE! For those of you who are playing the race cards, then you are dead wrong because that is NOT what this story is about. If this was your son, you brother, your cousin, nephew, uncle, boyfriend, friend or loved one, Im 100% POSITIVE that you would be showing your support for the cause instead of posting negative stuff about it being a "Bandwagon" or a "fad" or whatever you want to call it, because it's not. All of these pictures of hoodies, skittles, and pop cans are from people who want to see Zimmerman arrested for what he did. Not because they want to "fit in" and join the latest "fad". Thanks for reading, I'm done ranting!!

I just had enough. I had to vent about it. How dare you call this a bandwagon and a fad. How dare you down and dislike the supporters for posting their pictures of hoodies, skittles and soda pop cans on the internet. If you're not down with it, cool. You don't have to be. But don't go getting all bothered and upset because the world is support a GOOD cause. Because the world isn't supported your cousin who was killed for ganging banging, you want to get all upset and go postal. No, it doesn't work like that. Did your cousin deserve to die? No, but they shouldn't have been gang banging. Treyvon was a good kid. He wasn't a gang banger, didn't sell drugs, didn't bother anyone. A good kid's life was stolen and the killer walks free. That's why the world is upset. Not because a "white" man killed a black kid. And I find it funny that the peopel arre calling him "white" are the ones that's down playing the situation calling it a fad or band wagon. That goes to show you that they are ignorant to the case because the killer is Hispanic, not white.

My good friend recently lost her younger brother due to police negligence and you better beleive that she is doing all she can to fight the power. She's been doing protests, walks, fundraising everything you can think of. She's doing it for justice. I'm helping and supporting her with it. I'm doing it for justice and to get the word out. Not because I'm joining a band wagon, or the latest fad. So before you comment about the situation and try to play the race card....get your facts right! Thanks for reading, and I'm sure justice will be served for Treyvon Martin in the days to come.
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