Karmin Premieres "Brokenhearted" Music Video

A few days ago, pop duo Karmin (Amy & Nick) premiered the video for their song "Brokenhearted". This is the official second single from their upcoming Epic Records debut. The album is tentatively titled "Hello" and has a May 8th release date. The single is slowly but surly climbing the charts. It was released two weeks ago and debuted at number 84 on the Hot 100, now it sits at number 60.

With the video being released a few days ago, it will hopefully jump even higher. The clip was directed by Marc Klasfeld. The concept is pretty simple, a girl (Amy) meets a guy (Nick) at a party, they exchange numbers, she desperately waits on a call or text from him and wishes not to be left brokenhearted. By the end she sees why he never called or sent a text. Check it out after the break.

Pretty simple video. Thought it's not what I envisioned but it works. I'm just so curious about these two. They're engaged. I wonder if this music business will change that? Because we all know how ruthless this industry is. It breaks up all kinds of relationships. I'm not wishing it on them, but I can see it happening. I just don't think it's easy to date in the industry. Enough of my rambling, back to the video, I guess with the production being all pop and happy, I wanted to see lots of colors and fun in the clip, but when you listen to the lyrics, you simply have a girl waiting by the phone for someone to call, and he never does. So it's not all happy and colorful. What did you think about the video?

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