Justin Bieber Teases With "Boyfriend" Video Clip

Hottie Justin Bieber is on the fast track to shoot right to the top of the world  again. The release of his newest single "Boyfriend" is expected to sell a whopping 400,000 copies by Monday. It's already #2 on iTunes and is expected to dethrone Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" on the Billboard Hot 100. We'll see.

The video for the single has already been shot and a 20 second preview has made it was around on the inter-web and it has made girls go wild and sent them into frenzies. The short clips features a trying to be swaggly cool and sexy looking Bieber being rubber on by the hands of women. Peep it below.

Justin is tooting this video to be "EPIC". Those are his words and not mine. Luckily for him, I can't give my opinion about this 20 second clip being "Epic" so I'll wait for the entire thing to drop. His new album "Believe" is expected to hit stores later this year, so be on the look out.
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