Chris Brown Reveals "Sweet Love" Cover

A few days ago, Chris Brown released the newest single from his upcoming album "Fortune", which drops May 8th. "Sweet Love" is one of his steamy, sex filled R&B tracks and above is the official single artwork for the track.

I honestly don't see how women can wear things that hug their coochies to tightly! Look at the girl all the way on the right. The strap is practically inside of her, and the girl in the middle, you can see her lips. SMH.

Justin Bieber Teases With "Boyfriend" Video Clip

Hottie Justin Bieber is on the fast track to shoot right to the top of the world  again. The release of his newest single "Boyfriend" is expected to sell a whopping 400,000 copies by Monday. It's already #2 on iTunes and is expected to dethrone Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" on the Billboard Hot 100. We'll see.

The video for the single has already been shot and a 20 second preview has made it was around on the inter-web and it has made girls go wild and sent them into frenzies. The short clips features a trying to be swaggly cool and sexy looking Bieber being rubber on by the hands of women. Peep it below.

Drake Hints New Aaliyah Collaboration

Rapper Drake recently revealed some exciting news regarding the late, grate singer Aaliyah. We all know about the love that he had for her. He even has her pictured tattooed on his back. He also sampled her "At Your Best (You Are Loved)" song on his debut album "Thank Me Later".

According to Dizzy himself, he said that he was some great news that has to do with Aaliyah coming soon. He was then asked if the news had anything to do with the rumored posthumous album that I first reported about earlier in the month. As always he remained coy about it. Read the article below.

Usher Announces New Album Title & Release Date

Earlier in the month, Usher dropped the video for his hot new single "Climax", which was produced by Diplo and is sitting at #40 on Billboard's Hot 100. Today, he's revealed the real title of his album and the day that it will hit stores.

There was a false report earlier in the week that a news room leaked about him titling his album something cray cray. It was so crazy that I can't even remember what it was. No, it was rumored to be called The Shantertance But he stated that it was not true and that the titled will be revealed soon. Read on for the goods.

Justice For Anna Brown: Was She Profiled?

A good friend of mine (a sister from another mother) Phoenix Phire shared this story on Facebook a few days ago and I thought to share it with you. This is the story of Anna Brown who died due to profiling and the negligence of a hospital. She was a tender 29 years old, homeless and African-American.

After her last and final hospital visit, she was literally dragged from the wheelchair that she was in, out of the hospital  and into jail because doctors assumed she was a drug user and thought she wanted drugs instead treatment. Less than 20 minutes later, she was found dead in her cell. Check out the article below.

Elle Varner Drops "Refill" Video

I'm sure you're thinking, "who the fuck is this?" It's a very unfamiliar face, but her voice is quickly becoming one of the hottest in R&B. Her name is Elle Varner and her song is called "Refill". My best friend Brittany put me up on this. We we're in the car one day and she was like "Oh Dimp, this is my song! It's too hot."

A lot of R&B lovers like the song and it is currently sitting at #50 on Billboard's R&B Chart. The song serves as the first single that will be featured on her debut album "Perfectly Imperfect" which drops later this year. Check out the love filled video after the break.

Nicki Minaj Performs "Starships" On American Idol

Above Nicki Minaj is pictured along side with Ryan Seacrest back stage on American Idol. The rapper took to the stage a few hours ago and performed her hit song "Starships". The track serves as the official lead single from her newest project "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" which drops everywhere April 3rd.

She was greeted and applauded with standing ovations after the performance. The promotions doesn't stop here, this Sunday, she will be attending the Kid's Choice Awards and she will be performing on the "Today Show" April 6th. Peep her playful, yet color performance below.

Fresh Music: Chris Brown - "Sweet Love"

Well, that was fast. Chris Brown just premiered the song "Sweet Love" literally moments ago on Hot 97 radio station. This is the first of the two singles that he will be releasing from the new album "Fortune". This song caters to the R&B fans.

Listen in as Chris turns up the sexy in the hard and heavy beating jam after the break.

Watch: The Game (Season 5, Episodes 11 & 12)

Have you been keeping up with this season of "The Game" probably not because I've been slacking on the posts for the episodes. Though I haven't been posting them, I've been watching. So the wait is over. Now you can watch episodes 11 & 12 right here on Dimp-Zone.

Episode 11 features all of your favorite characters, and Brandy guess stars. Melanie and Derwin find out that she's infertile and can't conceive so they look at other options even though it's hurts them both deeply inside & Jason and Chardenay's relationship takes a turn after she chooses not to sex him up.

Episode 12 is all about Melanie and Derwin venting in their own ways. Mel hangs out with Tasha at a slumber party where they drink, confess and comes up with a plan for Tasha to carry Melanie and Derwin's baby. Derwin, Jason, Malik and T-T throw a party with hoochies and chicken. Jason gets high from eating brownies and Derwin gets drunk from drinking a few too many beers. Malik remained sober and watched after his boys throughout the night. Watch the episodes below.

Chris Brown Readies Two New Singles

"Fortune" is right around the corner. The album drops May 8th and Chris Brown is ready to drop more singles to support the effort. He's already released "Strip" and "Turn Up The Music" along with the Rihanna assisted remix.

Now, he has revealed on his twitter page that he's dropping not one, but two singles. One called "Sweet Love" for the R&B lovers and the other "Till I Die" for the hip-hop lovers, which features rappers Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa. Peep the tweet below.

Oprah Talks Treyvon Martin + Wants To Interview Zimmerman

If it will get her more ratings and another dollar, she's all over it! Oprah has finally broke her silence on the Treyvon Martin story. She sat down and revealed her thoughts about the case exclusively to Extra TV's A.J Calloway (former host of B.E.T.'s 106th & Park ).

He also asked the queen of talk who is at the top of her list for an interview, and she replied "Zimmerman". Inside she also talks about canceling the Rose O'Donnell show and revealed why Bobbi-Kristina was standing the entire time during their brief chat. Check out the article and video below via Extra-TV.

Rihanna Clears Ashton Kutcher Rumors During Press Conference

The best pop star known to man Rihanna has made it clear that she is happy & single. Which means that she is NOT dating Ashton Kutcher. Rumors began swirling last weeks as photos made their way around the internet of her leaving his home.

The words came from her mouth earlier today while she was at a press conference for her first film "Battleship". A reporter with balls stood up and had to courage to ask Rihanna "if a certain Ashton Kutcher would be making a trip to London for the premiere?" And Rihanna, well...she wasn't too pleased. Watch below.

Best You've Never Heard: Jay-Sean, Destiny's Child & Janet Jackson

Since I haven't brought you a "Best You've Never Heard" post in a while, I thought I'd share a few tracks today. These songs are definitely older ones but they still bump on my iPod. You may have heard these songs from some where, but I can tell you where you DIDN'T hear them...and that's on the radio.

The three songs are from Jay-Sean, Destiny's Child and Janet Jackson. Neither of these tracks we're singles, so there weren't videos for them, nor we're the played on the radio.  The first song made the album cut and was remixed from the original single, the second track didn't make the original album's cut but was included on the Walmart & Sam's Club exlusive editions, and the last song was a bonus track on the Japan released LP.

Syleena Johnson Wants You To Know....

....that she still has it! No one talks about this lady on their blogs, no one mentions anything that he has been doing with herself recently so it's hard for people to keep up with her. I stumble across this video on Singersroom and I had to share it.

Syleena Johnson is currently touring in the U.K. and during one of her performance, she gave a very astounding Whitney Houston tribute. She performed "I Will Always Love You" & it was one of the best I've ever heard. She should have performed it at The Grammy's. Watch it below.

Fantasia Back In The Studio

Over the past few years, Fantasia has been watched by fans, but not because of her music. The American Idol winner as had a baby, a crazy relationship and tried to take her life.

But it looks as if she is trying to put it behind her, either that or she's just ready to make new music. She was in the studio last week laying down some track for an unknown project, and boy did she sound good. Listen up below.

Willow Looks Good In Yellow

Willow looks good in yellow. The youngest of the Smith clan was spotted over the weekend shopping it up with a close friend, hand in hand. A little over a week ago, it was green, now it's popping yellow. I wonder what color will she try out next. Check out more pics after the break.

Fresh Music: Justin Bieber - "Boyfriend"

Pop star turned R&B/Urban singer Justin Bieber has kept his fans waiting long enough. The follow up to his 2010 smash "My World 2.0" is well on it's way. The now 18-year old heartthrob is going in an entirely different direction with his new album "Believe".

He's worked with the likes of Drake, Hit Boy,, Timbaland, Diplo, Danja and more all to craft his new urban sound. Did they do it? You be the judge. This is the first single from the album called "Boyfriend" and it was produced by Mike Posner. Some are comparing it to Justin Timberlake & The Ying Yang Twins' "Whisper Song". Listen below.

Fresh Music: Ameriie - "Every Time"

Just when you thought she was fading away into the "never making another song because I can't catch a break" - lands, Ameriie has dropped a brand new song and is planning on dropping an entire mini EP and album within the next coming months.

Courtesy of, I'm bringing you a listen of the song called "Every Time". It's a fresh sounding, mid-tempo R&B cut that takes us back to the Amerie (yes with only ONE "i") that we were introduced to. Take a listen to it below.

Fresh Music: Trey Songz - "Heart Attack"

Trey Songz has been releasing buzz tracks, videos and mixtapes all to hold his fans over until the official release of his new single and album. Well, you don't have to wait any longer. Today, the R&B crooner dropped his first single called "Heart Attack".

The track was produced by Benny Blanco and Rico Love. It will be featured on the album "Chapter V" which is scheduled for a late Summer release. Below you can hear him singing his heart out about how love hurts so much that it feels like a heart attack. Listen in.

Treyvon Martin Case Is NOT A Bandwagon

There's no doubt in my mind that you already know about the Treyvon Martin case. Everyone does. The world is covering it. Every news outlet, President Barack Obama, bloggers, talk shows, EVERYONE. That's a good thing in my eyes. People all over the world are supporting this case.

But, lately I've been reading a few tweets and Facebook status updates of people calling this entire situation a "fad", a "faze" and a "bandwagon" because of all of the support and attention that this case has been receiving. I'm passionate about the case, and decided to speak out to the naysayers on Facebook.

Karmin Premieres "Brokenhearted" Music Video

A few days ago, pop duo Karmin (Amy & Nick) premiered the video for their song "Brokenhearted". This is the official second single from their upcoming Epic Records debut. The album is tentatively titled "Hello" and has a May 8th release date. The single is slowly but surly climbing the charts. It was released two weeks ago and debuted at number 84 on the Hot 100, now it sits at number 60.

With the video being released a few days ago, it will hopefully jump even higher. The clip was directed by Marc Klasfeld. The concept is pretty simple, a girl (Amy) meets a guy (Nick) at a party, they exchange numbers, she desperately waits on a call or text from him and wishes not to be left brokenhearted. By the end she sees why he never called or sent a text. Check it out after the break.

Ashanti Reveals "Brave Heart" Album Cover

A few weeks ago, a tagged and low resolution photo of this was circulating the net and it was rumored to be the album cover for Ashanti's new album "Brave Heart". Well it looks like it's true. This HQ cover premiered moments ago online and it is the official album cover.

The project was scheduled for an April 17th released date but was pushed back until the 24th. The project is proceeded by the lead single "The Woman You Love" which features Busta Rhymes. the video was released last week and Marcus Patrick makes an appearance.

I for one, think that it's cheap and tacky! I love her, but with all do respect, do not give your fans leftovers. This pictures was snapped on the set of her video. Same "Blue Ivy" lipstick, same false eyelashes and outfit. I could see if it was the single cover, but come on, the cover for the entire album? her eyelashes was wearing down her left eye. Look how lazy it looks. Stans, do not rejoice. I demand a reprint.

Jennifair: Behind The Scenes of "Respect" + "Another Round" Cover

Hot shot Chicago emcee Jennifair & hot producer Drum Mage are on their grind with the Mogul Media team. They're fresh from New York after shooting videos for her upcoming projects. A few weeks back, I gave you a behind the scenes look at "Nobody's Gotta Know", this time it's for her ill sounding "Respect".

Also as a bonus, the rapper / singer took to her Youtube account and gave us a cover of one of the most popular songs on urban radio right now. She took on the Fat Joe song "Another Round" which features none other than Chris Brown. Check it all out below.

Jamia Hits The Studio With Chip

We are slowly but surly getting closer to the big debut of Jamia. For those of you who missed my intro post about who she is and what she's all about, click here. She's about to come and tear some shit up so be on the look out.

The young singer was recently in the studio with rapper Chip and he pretty much told his story about hearing and working with Jamia and how happy he is to be apart of her debut within the music business. Watch the short clip below.

Fresh Music: B. Scott - "Body Rock"

The ever splendiferously divine B. Scott is back at it again. Just a year after he released his musical debut with "Kiss Kiss" along with the hot video, he returns to the dance floor with "Body Rock" and the song will make you do just that at first listen.

The multimedia maven teamed up with Fredro to deliver this dance anthem. He also partnered with Creative Recreation for a big competition in which his love muffins can compete to win a pair of the 2012 Spring Creative Recreation shoes, plus a free download of this cut. Check it all out after the break.

Fresh Music: Se7en - "Red Handed"

Looks like with every passing day, Se7en records more and more music. For those of you who don't know her, she's a member of former group RichGirl. Now she's signed to Chris Brown's exclusive CBE Imprint. Last month, a song from her called "I Wanna Know" hit the net with great reception.

The name of this track is called "Red Handed". Se7en becomes brokenhearted  after catching her man red handed. The lies, and her female intuition was telling her that the man she had was no good for her. Give the piano driven ballad a listen below

R. Kelly's "Trapped In The Closet" Continues...

Remember how I reported a few months ago that R. Kelly had a 32 brand new chapters for his "Trapped In The Closet" franchise and he was looking for the funding? Well it looks as if the money came through. The series is making a comeback.

The teaser clip was just released. The installments come after the singer partnered with Sylvester Films, Fuzzy Bunny Films and IFC industries. The new series is called "The Next Installment" and it will see a premiere later this year. In the meantime, watch the sneak peek below.

Ciara Experiments With New Look

I posted this photo on the Facebook page so some of you seen it, others did not. Home girl Ciara dropped a new look on us yesterday when these photos showed up on her instagram account. I guess with a new album, you must have a new look. The once dark haired singer was rocking a comb-over.

She also tested out some new make-up...either that, or this was the work of  a new stylist because she looks like a totally different person. Though the look has been met with mixed reviews, some people hate it, others love it. Check out another pic below.

Discussion: The-Dream Says "Blacks Can't Do Soul Music Anymore"

I just have to hear your opinion on this. So, in an recent interview in the U.K., singer/producer The-Dream was  questioned about that state of R&B music. Now, he always keeps it real during interviews and speaks what ever is on his mind.

He answered "Blacks can't do soul music anymore". I'm sure that statement will spark all kinds of controversy in the coming days because there are a lot of artists that still does soul music like Jill Scott, John Legend, Anthony Hamilton, Brandy, Monica and others. But, he had more to say to defend his statement, read on.

Vicky Nolan Covers Gotye "Eyes Wide Open"

She will soon be slaying your favorites. Vicky Nolan has brought her fans yet another dose of music. She covered the popular song "Eyes Wide Open" by Gotye. The entire video was shot in black and white with her wearing a nice pair of over the head Sony headphones.

She singer uploaded this new video to her official Youtube page saying "I'm a BIG Gotye fan and I wanted to sing this song as it's one of my faves from the album "Making Mirrors." The beautiful strings were arranged and played by Ellie Wyatt." Watch it below.

One Big Happy Smith Family

Despite all of the rumors about divorce, gay flings and cheating scandals, The Smith Family was spotted last night in Philadelphia at the 76ers NBA game. Will and his wife Jada, along with their children Willow and Jaden. Will's mother was also in attendance.

It looks as if they're all one big happy family. The eldest son (from Will's previous marriage) was not in attendance. They all looked like they enjoyed themselves. Kisses and hugs we're exchanged throughout the game between the couple. Are just putting up a front? More pics below.

Beyoncé Preps New Intimate Concert For May & New World Tour

Dimp-Zone first reported last month that the world will get something new from Beyoncé in the late Spring, and it turns out for it to be dead true. The singer has prepared a very first comeback performances at the brand spanking new Revel Resort in Atlantic City.

She will be performing for three intimate nights, May 24th, 26th & 27th. All of the information has been officially posted onto her website and the tickets go on sale April 6th. This marks her first post Blue Ivy performance so I'm sure tickets will fly in minutes. Check out a  snap below + more info about a possible world tour.

Who Said Oprah Was Done With Interviews? Lady Gaga Is Next

After scoring her highest ratings ever (3.5 million to be exact) on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), the former talk show host is sticking to what she does best...celebrity interviews. The new "Oprah's Next Chapter" premiered last week as the world saw her sit down with the Houston family where they opened up about Whitney Houston and her death.

Tomorrow, she will air her interview with none other than Lady Gaga & her mother Cynthia. The three all sat down in their New York apartment and discuss her success as a pop star. Be sure to check out the two hour event which airs only on OWN tomorrow night. But as always, if you miss it, come back to catch it here. After the break, you can check out the teaser clip.

Watch: "The Game" (Season 5 Episodes 8, 9 & 10)

I know I've been slacking too hard with these episodes. Mostly due to work, but the good thing is that you all are only three episodes behind. Catch up with one of BET's hottest shows. Watch episodes 8, 9 and 10 right here on Dimp-Zone.

After watching, you will see Melanie try to start up a friendship with Jenae but epically fails, Derwin finds out about that the mother of his son is engaged and it doesn't sit too well with him, Tasha secretly hires an escort to please her, Malik finds himself not able to perform in the bedbroom like he once could, and Melanie & Tasha rekindle their friendship after months of feuding. Peep all the action below.

Fresh Music: RichGirl - "Angel" & "Beat of My Heart"

They may not be together anymore but the music keeps on coming. Former girl group RichGirl parted ways late last year and no one seems to know why. No interviews have been done, no light has been shed on what happened and why.

So fans are simply left with their lovely vocals that laced tracks like these. "Angel" & "Beat of My Heart" are the latest coming from a die hard fan and reader @TeamRichGirl. Check out the tracks after the break.

The Only Dance That Rihanna Knows

Yup...this dance has got her through four albums..

Monica Bitched Slapped Brandy In 1998

Remember back in 1998 during the time when Monica & Brandy did their duet? You know, the hit single "The Boy Is Mine"? The song that topped the Billboard charts for 13 weeks? Their biggest single ever? Yeah, that one. Well, during that time, there were rumors and murmurs about the two, then teenagers, brawling behind the cameras.

It was just that, rumors and both parties denied the rumors for the sake of their successful single...until today. Monica & Brandy sat down with Hot 97 and talked with Angie Martinez where it was confirmed that physical blows were exchanged as well as apologies. Check out a part of the radio interview below.

Willow Looks Good In Green

Willow looks good in green, and she looks just like her dad.The young pop star was spotted yesterday, during school hours, shopping in Soho instead of doing her spelling test. I know kids all over wish they could be her.

I realize that I haven't brought you guys an update on her since she chopped off her hair. Her new album "Knees & Elbows" is definitely on the way. It's looking at a fall/winter release. Check out more snaps after the break.

More Shots From "Sparkle" Surface

A few weeks ago, I was the first to report and bring you all the first look at a poster from the movie "Sparkle" which stars the late, great Whitney Houston, Jordin Sparks, Tika Sumpter & Carmen Ejogo. Well now, more still have been released.

The film is scheduled to debut in August but production has been boosted due tot he untimely death of Whitney and the fear of bootlegging. Release dates as early as Memorial's Day had been talked about but nothing is finalized. Check out more shots after the break.

Solange Gives You A Taste Of Her Spring Fashion

Solange was hand picked to grace the cover of Time Out New York's fashion magazine. The singer is known for her fashion trends and has been all over the world within the past few months for it. From Paris to Africa, she's done it all.

Now, we get a glimpse of what the Spring/Summer time will look like and she gives us a taste of it all. Modeling everything from funky patterns to old school skirts, she brought it all to life. Check out more shots below from her spread as well as a behind the scenes look from the cover shoot.

Nicki Minaj Shoots "Starships" Video On The Beach

Yesterday, photos of Nicki Minaj surfaced on the internet as she was on the sandy beaches of Hawaii shooting the music video for her newest single "Starships" which is from her new album "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded".

She revealed every curve in the world with her pink bikini and ice cream green looking hair. She is giving all the boys (and some girls) everything that they wanted and with the rise of the warm weather, I'm sure this look will be all over the beaches. She looks really good!! Check out more pics below.

Chris Rene Performs "Young Homie" On Ellen

Chris Rene made his television debut on Ellen DeGeneres yesterday. He took to the stage to perform the song that won him millions of fans after he auditioned with it on X-Factor last year. It's called "Young Homie". The song will be included on his Epic Records debut album.

He was introduced by non other than L.A. Reid before his performance and it looks as if this whole stardom this is good for Chris. He looks good, better than ever! Check out the performance after the break.

Introducing Jamia

I've been hearing whispers and people talking about about this young lady that I'm about to reintroduce some of you all too. Her name is Jamia. She's only 15 years old, but she got her start at a very young age. It all began for her when she performed on Showtime at the Apollo in 2002 when she was only 5 years old and she took off from there.You all may remember her face from some of the television shows like "Half & Half", "My Wife & Kids", "Romeo" and more.

She also played the young Fantasia in the Lifetime movie. So she definitely has acting under her belt, but this girl wants to sang. Not sing, but SANG. My good friend Brandon had to give me a refresher on who she was and told me about her prepping a big debut. Below, you an catch a quick video of her introducing herself and producer Harmony shedding light on what they've been cooking up. Check it below.

DISCUSSION | Adele: Why She's So Successful

Adele is a name that the world is very familiar with. For someone who hasn't been in the music industry for a while, she has seen more success than any of your favorites combined. She's broke numerous of records and has sold millions of albums world wide. Not to mention that she slayed the Grammy Awards this year.

She only has two albums under her belt "19" & "21". They have each had their own successes and both are great bodies of work. So how does someone like her do it? What's her secret? Does she have a good squad behind her? Does she simply make great music? Below, you can read my opinion on why she's so successful.

Ashanti Premieres "The Woman You Love" Video

After nearly a week of a delay, Ashanti dropped the anticipated video for her newest single "The Woman You Love" with non other than Busta Rhymes. The track is lifted from her upcoming album "Brave Heart" which drops next month from her new label "Written Entertainment".

Inside, she got in touch with her inner alien, rocked her fierce blue lipstick and some fancy outfits. She also was joined by adult dancer Marcus Patrick as he played her other half through out the video. Check out the clip after the break.

Oprah Interviews The Houston Family

Here's the second part of Oprah's Next Chapter. The queen of talk sat down with Patricia, who was Whitney's best friend and manager, & Gary Houston and discussed everything about Whitney Houston. Questions that the world wanted answers to have been brought to the light.

Leave it to Oprah to get that done. During the interview, we find out what really happened the day Whitney was found in her hotel, what really happened at the night club just two days before her death and that she was drug free leading up to her death plus a lot more. Watch the interview and the touching tribute at the very end.

John Legend Drops "Tonight (Best You Ever Had)" Video

This sexy beast premiered the video for his latest single "Tonight (The Best You Ever Had)" with rapper Ludacris. The track is lefted from the "Think Like A Man" soundtrack and may be included on John Legend's next studio album.

Take a look as he gets his sexy on. Inside, there are many close up on his lips, his face, his toned chest shoulders and arms. There are a few pretty faces and get artistic features throughout the clip. Check it all out after the break.
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