Usher Attaked By Angry Female

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Usher damn near got his wig snatched by an angry female in an Atlanta shopping center parking lot after parking in a handicap space.And no she wasn't black, she wanted to knock him for parking in her spot. You cna hear her scream "This is my spot!!". Check out the action after the jump.

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 I wonder if she even knew it was Usher? I'm sure she didn't. She was actin' out because all she saw was some black skin. She blew up over nothing. Shame on her. Usher should've punched her ass...I bet he'd sell some dayum albums afterwards.

Ryan Lelsie Sued For Not Giving $1 Mil For His Laptop

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Several months ago, singer and producer Ryan Leslie lost his laptop over seas in Germany and freaked out. He freaked out so bad that he offered a one million dollar reward for it's return. Due to the fact that a lot of new material from his already released album was on there and it didn't want any of it to leak. He got his wished.

Fresh Music: Justin Bieber - "Christmas Eve" (feat. Chris Brown)

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With Christmas on the way, Justin Bieber's new album "Under the Mistletoe" is showing no signs of letting up with not one but two more songs leaking. This one was written by Chris Brown and it also features him. It's called "Christmas Eve". Take a listen to Justin's R&B vocal chops below..

Beyoncé Premieres "Party" Video W/ J. Cole

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Beyoncé just premiered her new music video for the song "Party" feat. Andre 3000 J. Cole. Inside you see cameos from her sister Solange & Kelly Rowland as well as other familiar faces. Check out the party filled video below.

Lovely. The song matches the video perfectly. Reminds me of the parties my family threw back in the day. Beyoncé looked good. The video was shot months back so she isn't as pregnant as she is now of course. I loved the whole retro feel this video had to it. The trailers, the neighborhood and the scenery just reminds some people of what home and parties look like. This was just a good video. Nothing too flashy or simple, just a plain ole fun Party.

Fresh Album: Super Moon - "Vector Sum"

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Recommended by my good friend Phoenix Phire, the name of this group is called Super Moon and the band is from Chicago. It features Talonie Starr with vocals, Jorge Juan also a vocalst, Ullysses Salazar who plays the drums, Goodrich Gevaart who plays the bass & Nick Jaffe with the Guita. 

The band formed in 2010 from song writing sessions. Imagine that...each member of the group play in a vast variety of different types of music in all genres which inspired them to create a name for this new sound. 

Check out their latest effort "Vector Sum" which was released less than a week ago. A few of my favorites will have to be "Killer", "Scrambled", "Silent Giant" & "Life Could Have Been A Dream". Get into it below.

What do you think of the band? Like them on Facebook

Justin Bieber Readies Holdiay Album "Under the Mistletoe"

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Justin Bieber is back with a fresh look, fresh sound, a fresh ass haircut and a fresh ass Christmas album. It's dropping on November 1st & it's called "Under the Mistletoe". Last week he dropped the video for the albums first single called "Mistletoe". In it, you see a slightly grown & more mature Bieber play lovey dovey with his on screen girlfriend but constantly caught up with other girls gushing over him. Check it out below.
Hot on the trail to the albums full release, he recently dropped the albums follow up single which features his friend and mentor Usher. The song is called "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts)". Take a listen to it below.
Now here's the part where I go in! Since when did Justin decide to become so urban? I mean, did you see those pants saggin in the video above? The boy is even putting soul into his voice and using the word "shawty". I like this Justin. He's not a kid anymore. He's not this innocent kid from Canada anymore. He has tasted the urban world and obviously likes it. After doing music with Chris Brown, he's snagged Drake & Kanye West for his new album "Believe" and producers like Bangladesh, Kevin Cossom, and Danja. Looks like this new album will be less pop but more urban and I'm game. What do you think of this new Justin Bieber 2.0?

Jennifer Hudson & David Otunga Heading For Splitsville?

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Word on the street is that singer Jennifer Hudson and her long time fiancee David has called off their engagement after 3 years. Get into it after the break.

Monica Premieres "Until It's Gone" Video

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Monica recently premiered the video for the first single from the new album "New Life". The song is called "Until It's Gone". The video see a couple arguing in car car about her man cheated and things get ugly and bloody from there. Check out the life lesson video below.

The video was very dramatic. All the blood, all the pain...the only thing it was missing were tears from the actors. Monica shared one, but I was like come on folks, someone close to you just died, where are the water works? But nevertheless, the song is very emotional and vocally powerful. Monica did her dues. What do you think of the video?

Rihanna Drops "We Found Love" Video

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Yesterday, Rihanna premiered the video for her single "We Found Love" which is lifted from her new album "Talk That Talk". The LP is set to drop later next month while this single is seeing nothing but success on the charts sitting at a respective #7 on the Hot 100. The video effectively shows that love was found in a hopeless place. Take a ride on the roller coaster with Rihanna and her co-star as the live it up and fall hard to the ground. Check it out below.
As much as I disliked the song at first, the video has turned it all around. It was a great one. Even with her European accent in the beginning was ear grabbing. Her Chris Brown look-alike boyfriend played his part. I felt like I got a glimpse of what happened in the car between her and Chris Brown on that cold night in February of 2009. They had great chemistry, the kissing, the playing, the loving and everything seemed very normal and not forced. I can see why people thought that they were dating. But all in all, pretty nice video. What do you think?

Tracee Ellis Ross Covers Jet Magazine

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Your favorite Girlfriend is back!! Tracee Ellis Ross is gracing the cover of the Oct. 10th issue of Jet Magazine. She is the daughter of Diana Ross and is well known for her lead role on the hit television show "Girlfriends". She has a new show airing on BET called "Read Between the Lines". She plays a married therapist with 3 children. The show airs on Oct. 11th. Be sure to tune in.

Latavia Roberson Opens Up About Destiny's Child Split

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Latavia Roberson is one of the original members of Destiny's Child who was booted from the group in the early 2000's. Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Letoya Luckett & Michelle Williams have all shared their stores. Hell even Farrah shared hers and she was only in the group for 2 days. Now Latavia is opening  up. 11 year later, she's speaking on the situation, why she was booted from the group, Mathew Knowles managing style and her friendship with the other girls. Check it all out after the break.

Rihanna Goes Blonde for Vogue

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Little miss sunshine Rihanna is back on the cover of Vogue magazine, but this is her first time gracing the British edition. The pop starlet recently came under fire over seas after shooting the video for her new single "We Found Love" damn near topless. She tells that magazine that it's all for business and it's art. It's not her. Check it out below.

“That’s not me. That’s a part I play,” the 23-year-old singer tells the magazine of her risqué music video looks. “You know, like it’s a piece of art… I just want to make music.”

Poor girl, I don't know who told her that blonde was her color because it is NOT!

Beyoncé Drops Preview for "Countdown" Video

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I'm still alive and kicking. Just been working like a mad man. Anyway, everyone's favorite mama to be Beyoncé dropped a preview of her next video. It's "Countdown". The snippet shows a pregnant B flaunting her baby bump and recycling looks and dance moves from previous eras. Check it out below.

Now as much as I love Beyoncé, I think I'm growing bored. Her will listen to her music day in and day out but this damn video I gonna upset me. I can already see it. It's like, when I listen to music, I already have a visual of the video implemented in my head...and THIS AIN'T IT! I didn't vision a 70's looking, pregnant, washed up, wig wearing Beyoncé, I pictured something from "Crazy in Love". You know, something along those lines. A sexy and glamored Beyoncé dancing to the loud horns and drums. I'll just hope that the entire video is NOT like that. If it is, then tickle me pink!
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