New Music From Ciara Coming Sooner Than You Think

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It looks like Epic Records & L.A. Reid are making the right moves. According the the man himself, new music from Ciara is "coming soon". The  record executive took to his twitter account to announce the news.

How exciting is this!? This is nothing but a late Christmas present, yet early New Year's gift for the fans. Big things are happening. This is it for Ciara. This is her time to shine, her time to reign and with a new label, new team, new direction, I think she's all set and ready for take off! Are you excited?

The BEST of the BEST Awards 2011 - Winners!

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The time has come. First off, I would like to thank EVERYONE for the thousands of votes that were received for theses awards. With well over 3,000 votes and a few surprises, here are your winners for The BEST of the BEST Awards 2011 here on Dimp-Zone..

Rihanna Premieres "You Da One" Video

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Yesterday, Rihanna premiered her newest video "You Da One" which is lifted from her album "Talk That Talk". The video was directed by Melina. The mostly black and white visual shows Rihanna indulging in sexual antics, like touch herself multiple times, sticking out her rear end, biting her fingers and anything else you could possibly think of. Check out the video below.

R. Kelly Says He Has 32 New Chapters For "Trapped In The Closet"

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R. Kelly was caught on the streets by TMZ and the "Trapped In The Closet" songs came about. That's when he spilled the beans about having written a whopping 32 new chapters for the series. He also mentioned that he's looking for financial backing because the whole production would be expensive. He also went on to say that the series is his only way to direct. Check out the video below.
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I was a fan of the series, up until like chapter 10, after then the rest just became silly. But I guess the man needs to work some how. Hopefully a financial deal comes through for him.

The-Dream Says He Will Not Produce Any Tracks On Ciara's New Album

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In what comes in as GREAT news to people all over the world, The-Dream announced via twitter that he will NOT be producing any music on Ciara's upcoming Epic Records debut album which is due out next year.
“Sorry but no I won’t be on this album because my contract doesn’t allow me to. I’m sure her fans are happy about that.”
 I know there has been backlash with Ciara fans and The-Dream in the recent years ever since the failure of "Fantasy Ride" & "Basic Instinct". But he can't be blamed for ALL of that. I mean, a lot of it was due to bad timing. In 2008, Ciara revealed that she was going to do a 3 disc album with different music from different genres Pop/R&B/Dance. Then Beyoncé pops up with the same idea only tossing out a disc and giving it a name...Sasha Fierce. So when Ciara finally hit the scene, the whole alter ego had  thing already been done, thus killing Super C. Then came time for "Basic Instinct". The album that produced her only hit and banned from T.V. video "Ride". The song was a scorcher when it hit the radio stations in February, but the album didn't see the light of day until December, which was during Rihanna's "Loud" & Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" reign. So of course Ciara didn't stand a chance. Now, we're nearing 2012, Britney Spears dropped an album, it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be and her popularity is on a drastic decline after the lazy performances from her tour, Lady Gaga released her album and sold 1.1 million in one week thanks to amazon, Beyoncé's album wasn't nominated for any Grammy's nor did it produce a number one singles, and then Rihanna's new album didn't bust a grape. So this is PERFECT TIMING for Ciara to let it reign. This is her chance to put out new tunes and get heard, because all the dominating divas are out the way for now. I'm rooting for you girl!

STOP THE PRESS!! NeNe Leakes Gets Recurring Role on Glee??

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I got news of this on twitter from my boy Fly Guy, but it's true. NeNe Leakes from "Real Housewives of Atlanta" has scored a recurring role on the hit television show "Glee". Just earlier in the year she was featured on the Celebrity Apprentice, now she can add this to her resume. She will be playong a swim coach names Roz Washington. She confirmed the news herself via twitter saying....

"The secret is out! YES I hav a recurring role on GLEE! I'm coach Roz Washington the synchronized swim coach! So honored!"

Well, I'll be damned! Gone head witcho bad ass!!

Beyoncé Already Recording New Music

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Well, if you thought having being pregnant or having a baby would slow her down, think again. Beyoncé is already putting together new material according to The-Dream. There's no word on if she's preparing her 5th studio album or if it will be a re-release. The producer spoke to The Boombox in a recent interview and said that she's ready to make music and that she is a maniac when it comes to work. Check out what else he had  to say after the break.

Fresh Music: Nicki Minaj - "Stupid Hoe"

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With a new album on the way, Nicki Minaj is dropping singles like Michelle Williams dropped to the floor...HARD! She is letting Roman take over the new album called "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" which is set to drop in Feb. This song is called "Stupid Hoe" and if you listen to the lyrics I'm sure can can tell who she's talking about. Give the track a go below. Lil Kim

Um....Simply put, I don't like it.

Fresh Music: Ciara - "Swim" & "Be Out"

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It's been a very quite year in 2011 for songstress Ciara. With the failure of her album "Basic Instinct", she went into hiding. She was spotted at various events throughout the year and obviously in and out of the studio. Today, two fresh tracks surfaced called "Swim" & "Be Out". There's no word on if these are leftovers or new tracks for an upcoming album. Rumor has it that she may sign to Epic Records and make her debut next year with the label. I also got word on why her albums haven't been doing to well, especially the "Fantasy Ride" era, due to Sony and other major labels illegally downloading and leaking music. Everytime she would submit a track to the label, the employees would leak, share and down her tracks. Check out Toya's World for more details. Anywho, check out the songs below.

UPDATE! Ciara tweeted saying that the songs we're written by her and that they are old ones. "Swim" was recorded 3 years ago possibly for her "Fantasy Ride" album and "Be Out" was recorded for "Ciara: The Evolotion" over 4 years ago.


"Be Out"

I love love love "Swim". It's very soft, melodic and Aaliyah-like. This just goes to show you that she can do any type of music you give her. Pop or R&B she can NAIL it! This girl just needs promotion!  She's a star. She has nothing but star power and staying power. This girl is a big entertainer and can put on a show. She just need a better team to push and promote her the right way. These tracks got me excited because I feel that more from her is on the way. I hope she comes back BIG. What do you think about the tracks?

Thanks Raheim

Fresh Music: RichGirl - "Dance For Me" + "Tonight"

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They may not be together as a group anymore, but their music will always be. A track leaked yesterday from the former girl group RichGirl. It's called "Dance For Me", an uptempo dance song that shows more of the versatile ways of the group. Then a song called "Tonight" which leaked a few weeks back caught my ears as well. Give them a go below.

"Dance For Me"


I like them both, yes they are quite different, but they sound good. I'm still upset that they disbanded the group. There was so much that I wished to hear, like "Back To The Club". I've been waiting over two years to hear that track in full. Someone needs to leak to, like ASAP! Anywho, what do you think of the songs?

Dimp-Zone Presents: The BEST of the BEST Awards 2011

The year's end is amongst us and it's time to premiere the BEST of the BEST Awards here on Dimp-Zone. Based on events, news, album releases, videos, television shows etc throughout the year, you get to vote for your favorites. Vote as many times as you like on any category and the winners will be announced MONDAY DECEMBER 26TH. May the BEST of the BEST win! Start voting RIGHT NOW!!

Keri Hilson Dislikes Ke$ha's Music

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It's good to know that Keri Hilson dislikes other things than Beyoncé. During a recent make up sessions you can her Keri dissing Ke$ha's music saying that she wanted to hear some "REAL MUSIC". Check out the clip below.

This is exactly why she nominated for Hater of the Year, because she's big and bold. She does what normal people do off camera while she's on camera. The bitch within her is growing more massive as the days go by. I guess we shall see who else she will add to her list as the new year comes in. She better watch it, because Ke$ha is a chart queen. She's doesn't like the music of an artist who has had more number ones and more top ten singles that she will ever have! Girl bye!

Ashanti Releases Single Cover & Debuts Record Label

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So it's official, "The Woman You Love" is Ashanti's comeback single and above is the cover art for the track. It features Busta Rhymes and will be included on her as of yet titled album due out next year. The songbird also debuted the news about her launching her very own record label called "Written Entertainment". She went on to say...

“I’m so excited to have my own record label, Written Entertainment. With eOne as my distributor, I feel that their innovative and ambitious approach to the music industry, really gives my label a worldwide presence. They have the top radio people in the business and are hungry to win! The more I learned the business the more I knew this is what I wanted. Ownership is so important. As a business woman this was a great move for me!”

Well gone head girl. I'm just hoping for the best this time around, but with this song, it doesn't look like the best will be coming her way.

Fresh Music: SWV - "Co-Sign"

Here's the premiere of SWV's comeback single "Co-Sign". It's been well over 15 years since you've heard anything from these "Sisters With Voices". Their music was timeless then and it sounds just as good now. I also like the fact that the women stayed in their lane and didn't try to do anything all extra different and inappropriate for their age like some of these women..anywho Check it out below.

The song is very fresh but still has that old school R&B vibe to it. I'm sure their fans will eat this up and hopefully gain some new fan base with this release. What do you think about the song?

Chris Brown Drops "Strip" Music Video

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Chris Brown is at it again, this time with a new video. The hot blonde bombshell dropped the clip for his first single "Strip" lifted from his new album "Fortune" due out in March. It features a very pumped up Keven McCall as well. Inside you can check out breezy having fun with the ladies and flaunting his newly achieved six pack & slimmed body. He looks good, better than he's ever did. Get into it the Colin Tilley below.
Chris is SMOKIN!!! The man knows how it should be done. I see why Rihanna is missing him! He's HOT! He knows how to entertain, he looks good, that blonde hair is still going strong. I mean, gosh...what's next? And Mr. Kevin McCall has gotten BUFF. A few years ago he was as frail as a rail, now he was woman kissing all over that bulked up chest of his. What do you think of the video?

Fresh Music: Ashanti - "Woman You Love" feat. Busta Rhymes

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Ashanti has made her return to the music business with the leak of a song called "Woman You Love" which features non other than Busta Rhymes. There's no official word on if it's a single or not but it's making its rounds on the inter-web. She has an album scheduled for release next year and I'm sure this was leaked to test the waters and just to hold over few die hard fans. Give the song a go below.

Well, at first listen, it's not the type of song that you can try to make a comeback on. No, no mam! It's not a bad song, I just think she didn't put forward enough power in her voice to make the track sound whole. Putting Busta Rhymes on the track give it a little taste since he's all out there now. I'm hoping that this will fall over as a buzz track because I don't think it'll do too well. For a comeback, I expect Ashanti to go all out! I expect her to belt out vocals like she did when she tributed Whitney by performing a few of her songs. We all know she has the voice, but it's this kind of material that she puts out that makes people second guess. In her defense, she didn't put it out, it leaked, but shit she still recorded it. Again, it's not a bad track, it's just not a track to make a comeback with. What do you think?

New Album! Jennifair: Insert Title Here

It's been a long wait but the album is finally here. If you don't know who Jennifair is, I suggest you click here to find out what she's all about, trust me, you'll want to. As well as her producer Drum Mage. Back in July the duo dropped the singles "Yes Girl" & "Alls Well Ends Well" for the new album "Insert Title Here". Check out the trailer below.

Now the entire album is available for only $7.99 To buy it click HERE. She launched her full website where you can read more about her, see pictures and videos, as well as purchase the album or singles. Check out JenniFair Music and make sure you grab your copy. Peep the track listing below.
A preview for the album is also featured on the website, take a listen, buy a few tracks or the album, it's pretty dope! Follow her on Twitter & Facebook for news and updates. As always, share your thoughts and below and I close with a quote from her producer Drum Mage...

"People spend more than $0.99 in vending machines at work. Why not buy a hot song for your eardrum. It will last alot longer..." ~Drum Mage,

Fresh Music: Ke$ha - "Sleazy (Remix) 2.0: Ge Sleazier" feat. Andre 3000, T.I., Lil Wayne & Wiz Khalifa

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What a brilliant way to prepare for your musical comeback? Ke$ha is smart with it by dropping an official remix to her hit sit "Sleazy", but this time has an all star rap lined up as features. With the likes of Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, T.I., & Wiz Khalifa all spitting raps and dropping lines on this official remix. Check it out below.
Very nice. It's a slammin' remix! The rappers went in HARD along with the beat. I'm liking it a lot. I already know that this isn't anything but to build up hype surrounding her new album which will drop next year. We'll actually hear her voice and how she's able to sing and carry notes. I'm ready to hear what she's cooking up. In the meantime, what do you think about the song?

BLAST from the PAST: Tina Turner - "The Best"

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This BLAST from the PAST is brought to you by Tina Turner. The song is called "The Best". It was featured on her classic 1989 album "Foreign Affair" and was the official second single from the record. It reach the top 10 on numerous charts around the world, thus becoming one of her most successful singles to date. Check out the video of a strong legged, heel wearing, horse riding, big haired, sexy and strong Tina below.
Wasn't she amazing!? Truly one of the greatest performers ever to grace the music industry.

Willow Smith Hosts Target Shopping Spree

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Young Willow tag-teamed with retail giant Target with the "Kids Helping Kids" campaign. Earlier today, eight New York kids and their families got the chance to go on a holiday shopping spree after being elected by voters of the Boys & Girls club for their outstanding academic performances. Check out the action below.

It's really good to see a kid helping other kids. It's definitely a good look. I'm sure she just made a whole lot of Christmases brighter this year. Good job Willow!

Beyoncé's Inspiration: School Daze - "Be Alone Tonight"

This is where Beyoncé got her blond inspiration and swag from. It is Tisha Campbell-Martin's character Jane. This clip is lifted from the movie "School Daze", which was introduced to me by a group of close friends. It was released in 1988 and directed by Spike Lee.This music number features Tisha Campbell-Martin, Jasmine Guy, Paula Brown & Angela Ali. Check it out below.

When I first watched it, I could only think of Beyoncé. I mean, she's the lead singer in a group, she's blonde, she's hot, she sounds great, what more should I say. I loved this performance though. I still need to sit down and watch the entire movie. Every time I see it, I'm only catching glimpses and not the full thing. Well, I just thought I'd share... Thank you guys for introducing me to this movie! ** Yall know who you are ;-) **

Keri Hilson Questioned About Beyoncé....On Her Birthday!!

I don't think that we will EVER know why Keri Hilson dislikes Beyoncé, so until she comes clean, I'll continue to call her a hater. Anyway, Keri just recently had a 29th birthday bash. As she was coming out of the venue, she was bombarded by the pappz. As she slowly walked her way to her truck, she was questioned about Beyoncé. The small steps soon turned into quick strides to hurry and get into the car. Peep the video below.

She damn near broke her neck trying to get into the car. That camera man has a lot of balls trying to get her to talk about Beyoncé. It's like her ears had steam coming out of them when she heard that name and she put some pep into her steps.

SWV Returns With "Co-Sign"

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The three women you grew to love in the mid '90's are making a return to the music industry. Yes. SWV is making a comeback. After the success of being featured on Chris Brown's "She Ain't You (Remix)", the fans wanted more from the trio. Since then they have been performing shows and are rumored to stat in their very own reality show surrounding their comeback. The three women, Cheryl "Coko" Clemons, Tamara "Taj" Johnson-George, and Leanne "Lelee" Lyons, are finishing up a brand new album after over 15 years and are dropping a brand new single next month called "Co-Sign". As soon as the song hits the inter-web, I will fill you ears with with.

IT'S OFFICIAL! Friday WILL BE Retrning

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Yes! Yes! It's true! It's damn true! The Friday movie WILL DEFINITELY make a return to the big screen. Ice Cube has confirmed it himself stating that the entire original cast will be back. A rep from Cube production company issued the statement..

“Absolutely yes the studio is in the process of getting the entire original cast to do another 'Friday.'"

Why will there be another Friday movie? Because it's Friday, you ain't got no job, and you aint got shit to do!

Beyoncé's $100 Million Class Action Lawsuit Gets The Green Light

So, remember last April I posted a blog about Beyoncé being sued for $100 Million by video game developing company "Gate Five" for backing out of a deal. Well click here to refresh your memory. A lot of you all thought it was a hoax but, think again as the New York Supreme Court Judge as told the company to proceed with their lawsuit after rejecting Beyoncé's request to have the case dismissed. Peep the report below.

A video game company is suing the 30-year-old for bailing out on a project to make a dance game called Starpower: Beyonce.
Games manufacturer 'Gate Five' claim the R&B star "abruptly abandoned" the project after making an "extortionate demand" for more money. And they want a whopping $100,000,000 in compensation!
Beyonce's request to have the suit dismissed was rejected, and a Supreme Court judge has ruled that the company can proceed with civil action.
Five Gate claims Beyonce is guilty of a "bad faith breach of contract so callous that, on what appeared to be a whim, she destroyed Gate Five's business and drove 70 people into unemployment, the week before Christmas (2010)."
And what do you have to say for yourself Beyoncé????

Keyshia Cole Debuts New Look

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Keyshia Cole debuted her glamorous new look last night. The woman looked amazing! She's never looked better. I love the hair, the dazzling lipstick and the black dress, she's working it! A New look for a new album. She's set to drop it early next year with more of a pop and radio friendly tunes. Check out another pic after the break.

Willow Smith & Nicki Minaj Unleashes "Fireball" Video & Reveals Album Title

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Young lad Willow premiered her new video "Fireball" just a few hours ago on 106 & Park. The Nicki Minaj assisted track serves as the 3rd official single from her new album, "Knees & Elbows", which is due in stores April 3rd. The little girl is signed with Roc Nation and is ready to give the world a taste. She gave the reason behind why the name is called that, and it's a pretty good one. Check it all out below.

“Everybody falls down and scratches their knees and elbows, but eventually they get back up”
Cute. It looks like she got another hit on her hands. Not with just Nicki Minaj on the track, but this one is a heavy hitter. It should have been released right after "Whip My Hair" because it's an urban cut. It's what she started out with, it's what the people love her for and it's what she should continue to do. They need to leave the "21st Century Girl" sound alone and never check up on it again. Oh and the HQ version of this video will be posted as soon as it becomes available. Until below.
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The 25 Best Songs of 2011

This has been quite the interesting year in the music industry. We've seen some major success from your favorites and just as many failures from them. As the year draws toward the end, I feel like I should share with you all some of the best songs from this year...25 to be exact. I'm almost positive that no more new music will drop before the new year that I'll end will up liking more than these. This list has singles from albums released at the very end of 2010. It will be compiled with artwork from either the album or song as well as the accompanying video (if any). Without further ado, take a trip into my music world after the break.

Who Sang It Better? Beyoncé or Syesha Mercado - "Love On Top"

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So I just had to voice my own opinion about this one. Spotted over at my girl's page ToyazWorld, she did a post about this. Read it below.

Syesha Mercado, the American Idol finalist who came third on season seven, delivered a remarkable rendition of Beyonce‘s ‘Love on Top’
Not that we should be shocked. Syesha proved quite the powerhouse on American Idol. But she totally blitzed her entire dressing room while rehearsing for her show in Chicago over the weekend. So good she was, she may have even levelled or bested Beyonce on her own song!

And here's the clip she was talking about.

Now, feast your eyes on this

Now, if I didn't have any sense, I would burn those words some how. Syesha is no where NEAR Beyonncé's vocals. Her version of "Love on Top" was good, but it was clearly not on Beyoncé's level nor did she BEST it. Her vocals are lacking the rawness and the power that Beyoncé has. No comparrision at all in my book. As I watched, I just shook my head because she tried it, did a good job, but no it was not a better version. No one can sing it better than Beyoncé. As a matter of fact, I think that about any other song that was covered. The original artist will always be the best. With the exctption of Lloyd and his song "Lay it Down" because RichGirl tore that song UP on their mixtape!! But I digress...I just had to post this to see what you all think. Who sang it better? Syesha or Beyoncé.
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"Marry the Night" With Lady Gaga

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I know I'm a day or two late, but I'm posting it anyway. Lady Gaga premiered her mini sitcom music video for "Marry the Night". Check it out below.

Now, one reason why I didn't post it because one, I didn't watch, and two I didn't think I would like it. But needless to say, I watched it, and loved it. I think it's possibly one of her best videos that she's ever done.Yes it's long, but she scored with it. She is doing the videos bigger and bigger each time. The acting in the beginning was flawless and funny, especially the ass joke, I had to rewind it like twice just to laugh all over again. Her chaotic moments were a bit much but they worked. I mean, who else do you know that will entertain people by having a field day with milk and a box of honey nut cherrios? I loved her retro look and how she was poppin' on that gum. The only thing I would've changed was seeing the choreography done in the dark rain filled set that Gaga was in. That would have set the video off. But my favorite part was the every end which is why there's a picture of it at the top of the post. That pose was FIERCE and FLAWLESS!  She out did herself. Bravo Gaga.....bravo.

Fresh Music: Teairra Mari - "U Did That"

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Yo home-girl Teairra Mari has officially dropped her first single from her highly anticipated serious delayed sophomore album. The song is called "U Did That" and was produced by Rico Love & D-Town. Give the track a go below.

Fresh Music: Nicki Minaj - "Roman in Moscow"

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Just a few weeks after the release of Nicki Minaj's album "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" was announced, a new track hit the inter-web. The song is called "Roman in Moscow" and it's her alter ego Roman Zolanski that has came back to rage terror on the music business again after being deported or for putting an end to Lil' Kim's career in the Eminem assisted "Roman's Revenge". The new album is due out in February and it's set to be packed with fresh tracks from the foul mouth Roman. After the frenzy of the leak, Nicki cleared the air about the buzzed about track, indicating that it's nothing but a teaser. Check out the track and what she had to say about it below.

‘Roman in Moscow’ is like a teaser to Pink Friday: RomanReloaded, which will drop on Valentine’s Day,”When I say it’s a teaser, it’s like a trailer to the movie.
It’s like setting the stage and I just wanted to touch the surface. It’s the wackiest thing on Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.
Well, he was there [in Moscow] secretly because my other alter ego Martha wanted him to go there.
So they put him in this thing with monks and nuns; they were trying to rehabilitate him, But I can’t tell exactly what happened, you’ll just see it in the video format, but let’s just say he got out of there.

When I say she went in...SHE WENT IN! There's no need to second guess why she is nominated for the Grammy's. She deserves them. The woman is crazy. You have Nicki, Martha and Roman. Who else are we missing? The song will definitely help that album sell.

Willow Smith Announces Album Release Date

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After nearly a year and a half after her first hit song "Whip My Hair" and the failed success of "21st Century Girl", young Willow has officially announced her album release date. Not title though, but the release is enough to keep me off of the edge. Th album is set to drop April 3rd, 2012. She's kept you waiting long enough and now the time has come to see if this young lad can score a number one album before her idol Rihanna.
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