Tracee Ellis Ross & Malcolm-Jamal Warner Cover "Upscale" Magazine

The two stars of BET's newest hit television show "Reed Between the Lines", Malcolm-Jamal Warner & Tracee Ellis Ross both are on the cover on the December issue of "Upscale" magazine. Inside the two dish on the new show, their feelings towards it being compared to "The Cosby Show" and more. Check out a few excerpts and more photos after the break.

On the onscreen chemistry
Tracee Ellis Ross: I didn’t have a picture in my head of who should be my (onscreen husband) and first moment with him was so palpable… doing scenes with Malcolm does not feel like acting. It’s like it just happens, and I think that’s the magic that people long for.

Malcom Jamal Warner: We have a great rapport and it’s probably one of the best non-physical affairs I’ve ever had.

On their show being compared to ‘The Cosby Show’
Tracee Ellis Ross: In our world, it’s always easier for people to put a handle on something so they can grasp what it is like, If we could in any way, shape or form hold a candle to what Cosby did, represented and was, then we have succeeded.

Thoughts on the show
Malcom Jamal Warner: I think people will definitely tune in because of [the value Tracee and I bring to the network], and they’ll walk away feeling that the show is refreshing. This is a show that we can all be proud of. None of us is Bill Cosby. We’re not trying to recreate Cosby. What we are trying to recreate is the universality and the timelessness.

This show is amazing! I loved every episode that I've seen so far. I'm actually about to watch the latest one right about now :-). Did I mention that I love Tracee Ellis Ross and that the pictures about are fab!

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