Rihanna Goes Blonde for "You Da One" Video

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Pop starlet Rihanna was spotted in London filming the video for her latest single "You Da One". The blonde bombshell rocked a mini white top hat, cut off jean shorts and black leggings with "boy" stitched all over it. The song is currently sitting at number 14 on Billboard's Hot 100, while her album "Talk That Talk" crash landed at number 3 selling only 197K copies. Check out more snaps below.

Behind the Scenes of Beyoncé's "Dance for You"

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Take a trip behind the scenes with Beyoncé and her "Dance for You" video.

She's definitely a business woman. She runs it! She owns it! She's Beyoncé! What else do you expect!

What The Hell Happened To Ciara?

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This girl in confined to a wheel chair!  What happened to Ciara? She goes away for months and then resurfaces in a wheel chair with not one, but with casts on both feet. She has yet to confirm her injuries or anything but all we can do is assume. Maybe she danced to hard or fell off of a stage or something. Or maybe her feet got rolled over by a car. *Shrugs*

Beyoncé Drops "Dance for You" Video

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Mama to be, Beyoncé premiered the newest video from her deluxe edition release of "Elements of 4". The visual is for the song "Dance for You". Inside you see B take seduction to a whole new level. Check out the clip below.

This is not exactly what I expected. The black and white, the white man, stripper settings..... but it works.She's just giving people a taste of her sexy, sensual side. I wonder if Jay gets this type of treatment.

Fresh Music: Shontelle - "Ten to One"

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Shontelle has been putting the finishing touches on her new album which is set to be released sometime next year. In the meantime, she's holding her fans down with new music. She released this song on her tumblr page and said that it is not a single (it should be) and that it's the unfinished version. She's calling it her FanGift of Music. The song is called "Ten to One". It's an uptempo club banger that celebrates the countdown to the new year. Listen below.

Pretty sweet. I like it. It has the "new" feel to it. I love Shonetelle, she will keep at it and before you know it BOOM! She's gonna blow up and I'm with her every step of the way.

Keri Hilson Disses Beyoncé Again

It's really no secret that Keri Hilson does not like Beyoncé, and she is not afraid to show it. This marks the 3rd time she's dissed Bey. First was on her remix to "Turnin' Me On", she quickly lied to clear that up. Next it was her wishing Beyoncé a sour ass happy birthday. It was like she was getting teeth pulled. Now most recently. at the Soul train Music Awards on the red carpet, she was asked to hold up a magazine with Beyoncé and Jay-Z on the cover and she clearly said.....

I just want to know why she doesn't like Beyoncé? Because she can't catch a break? She's always compared to her? Everytime she comes around, Beyoncé is brought to her attention? Maybe she's doing it for attention? All I know is that if she ever gets to the Wendy show, Wendy better ask her that question...what do you have against Beyonce!? Because I would like to know! She throwing shade everywhere the sun is shining! Girl Boom! And to think I bought downloaded your last CD!

Tracee Ellis Ross & Malcolm-Jamal Warner Cover "Upscale" Magazine

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The two stars of BET's newest hit television show "Reed Between the Lines", Malcolm-Jamal Warner & Tracee Ellis Ross both are on the cover on the December issue of "Upscale" magazine. Inside the two dish on the new show, their feelings towards it being compared to "The Cosby Show" and more. Check out a few excerpts and more photos after the break.

Nicki Minaj Readies "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" for Valentine's Day

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Next year for Valentine's Day, you all will get another dose of Nicki Minaj. She is set to re-release her platinum selling album "Pink Friday" but with a twist. It will feature none other than Roman (her flamboyant alter ego) thus giving it the title "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded". The news came from her mouth via twitter and it is set to drop Feb. 14th, 2012. She hasn't stated if it will be an entire new album or just extra tracks for the first, but I'm sure it's not something brand new.

Are you ready for another album from her? Are you ready to see and hear what Roman is all about? A new single for the project is set to drop within the next few weeks so whether you hate her or love her, she's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Mary J. Blige's Sales Predictions Are Here!

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Aright, now here are the predictions for Mary J. Blige's new album. "My Life II: The Journey Continues (Act I)" is expected to sell between 120K-140K copies. Those aren't bad numbers for miss Mary, not bad at all. It's doing better than what I thought it would. 

You can't expect big big numbers from her. That time has come and gone.

Jennifer Hudson Covers "Ebony" Magazine

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Wow! Jennifer Hudson is on the cover of the latest issue of Ebony magazine. She's prepping for a very busy year in 2012. A new video is scheduled to premiere for her latest single "I Got This" lifted from her album "I Remember Me" and not one but TWO new movies hitting the big screen. She will be all over the place reclaiming her throne. Watch out now!

The magazine hits stands Nov. 29th

Drake Covers "Jet" Magazine

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Drizzy Drake has made his way onto the cover of Jet magazine again. Inside the rapper talks about his new album, his next album and much more. He also has much to celebrate because his album "Take Care" will be sitting a top the Billboard charts. He moved 659K copies in the first week. So many congratz to him.

Rihanna's "Talk That Talk" Isn't Expected To "Talk" On The Charts

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Based of first day sales predictions, Rihanna's new album "Talk That Talk" is expected to sale between 180K-200K copies and nothing more. That will give her a debut in the top 3. Drake is rumored to sale more than that for his second week. 

Poor girl, can't score a number one album if her life depended on it! It's really a shame, well not really because the album isn't all that and a bag of chips...well...maybe a bag of chips but it's not all that. I listened to it over and over again to try and make my self like it but I just can't. I can only listen to a few of the songs and that's it. I loved the last album, but it's like people are starting to wake up and smell the coffee. Stop putting out so many damn album girl! Yes, yes I know that you love it and you love what you do, but SIX?! SIX damn albums and neither can hit the number one mark? I just don't get how her singles all do so well but the albums plummet to the depths of hell. I love you RiRi but I think the people have had enough.

Fresh Music: Lyndriette - "Addicted"

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A lot of you all may remember this pretty face from the girl group RichGirl. As of a few weeks ago, news broke that the group was no longer together. I even tweeted Lyndriette herself and she replied back with a confirmation that they were all flying solo. Needless to say, the group was definitely a hit and she was my favorite. She has went on to release her first solo song today called "Addicted". The track was produced by The Globetrakkers. Take a listen to the cut below.

Not bad, not bad at all. I knew she could hold her own while going solo. I love her voice and this production is sick! Her voice is so strong and loud, especially in the second verse. Some call her loud and say that she over sings, but I don't think so. I am kind of sad about the group not being together anymore. I was hoping for an album because I fell in love with their mixtape "Fall In Love With RichGirl". It left me wanting more. But I guess all of the girls are on their own grind. I'm digging this. Get it Lyndriette!! What do you think of the song?

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Chart Battle: Rihanna & Mary J. Blige

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Today, not one but two hotly anticipated albums are being released. Rihanna's "Talk That Talk" and Mary J. Blige's "My Life II: The Journey Continues (Act I)". Rihanna has already scored a number one hit with her single "We Found Love", released one video and performed the hit twice on both X-Factor shows.Her second single "You Da One" is on it's way to becoming a hit. Question is will she be album to score a number one album on Billboard. This is her 6th studio album and she's yet to snag a number one. Singles on the other hand are easy for her to get to the top. Lets see if Rihanna Navy can help her get to the top spot.

Miss MJB on the other hand has been having a rough patch with this album. A few rocky singles and a push backs didn't stop her from moving forward. Her album is jam packed with star studded features like Beyoncé, Drake, Lil Wayne and even Taraji P. Henson makes a splash on the album. She has been performing gig after gig and performed on the American Music Awards last night. Her purpose was to bring back the raw feeling to the R&B genre and I think she's done it with this album. It may not get full throttle recognition like it should but I think it was a damn good effort for her.

Currently on itunes, Rihanna is number one and Mary sits at number 8. Final numbers will be in next week. Who will succeed? Who's album will you be buying? Vote below.

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Nicki Minaj & David Guetta Opens the American Music Awards

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Last night Nicki Minaj and David Guetta brought down then house after the opened the American Music Awards.The two performed "Turn Me On" which is featured on David's latest album and "Super Bass" which is on Nicki's "Pink Friday". She had the crowd pumped, you saw Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez rapping along in the audience. The rapper also took home two awards for "Favorite Hip-Hop Artist" & "Favorite Hip-Hop Album" beating out the heavy hitters like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne & Kanye West. Check out the performance and pictures after the break.

J. Cole Covers Respect Magazine

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Rapper J. Cole is featured on the cover of the December issue of Respect magazine that hits stands every where next week. He has had quite the year, number one selling album, featured on a track and video with Beyoncé. What's next for him? Well I shall keep you posted on his next career move.

Beyoncé Premieres "Live At Roseland" DVD

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This is why Beyoncé was a no show at tonights American Music Awards. She was premiering music of her own. Tonight she premiere her "Live At Roseland: Elements of 4" DVD. The mom to be wore an all black dress showing off her big baby bump and still looking fab. For those of you who can't wait to get your hands on the DVD, it's streaming live right here. Watch it in it's entirety. Only one song from the album wasn't performed and that was "Starting Over". I don't know why that was left out, it's such a great song. Any way, check out the concert and more pics of King B after the jump.

Drake "Headlines" The American Music Awards

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Drake brought his act over to the American Music Award  stage tonight and brought it HARD. He had a live band going, his little entourage in the front row rapping along (Taylor Swift, Jaden Smith, Selena Gomez). It's easy to see why he's so loved in the industry. He performed his single "Headlines" from his new album "Take Care" which is set to debut on top of the charts this week. Check out the performance after the break.

Chris Brown Performs on the American Music Awards

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I know a few of yall forgot just like I did that the 2011 American Music Awards was on tonight. But never fear, I'm here to give you some recaps. First here's Chris Brown making his big splash at the ceremony. He performed "All Back" & "Say it With Me", both lifted from his latest album "F.A.M.E." He sang live during the first half and danced up a storm with vivid visual 3D effects during the second half. Check out the dazzling performance after the jump.

Fresh Music: Vicky Nolan - "Dasiy Chain"

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My good friend Vicky Nolan has been state side in Los Angeles putting together new music with hit writers and producers like Johnny Wright & Ken Caillat. Together the three of them put together this hot new mix of one of her songs called "Daisy Chain". Give it a go below.

Love it! It's a fresh track, literally. It makes me think of taking a breath of fresh air. I don't know why but it's the vibe that I get from it. Vicky is a great vocalist and it sounds as if she's secured her sound in music. She has been in the states for quite some time now so I'm hoping more tracks are being cooked up. I'm ready for an album :-)

Beyoncé Shoots "Dance For You" Video (Updated W/ Video)

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Just when you thought it was over, Beyoncé brings you yet another video from her platinum selling album "4". The shots above were taken from the set of "Dance For You" which serves as a bonus track on the deluxe edition from the Walmart exclusive. Check out another shot below as the video is set to debut in the next few days.

Does she look preggers to you? When was it filmed? I don't know, but she does look a bit heavy in the middle. I believe that she's pregnant, I just think that she toys with people's mind by making her bump appear bigger than normal or smaller than you last seen it. She's a goofy woman that likes to joke around. But I digress, the song is a very sensual one and from the looks of things, the video will be too.

Drake Set For No. 1 Debut

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Drake is set to sit atop the charts next week on Billboards 200 Albums. The project, "Take Care", was released last week and is set to sell well over 600,000 copies within the first week according to first day sales estimates. If that happens, it will give him the 3rd highest opening this year. Lady Gaga being first with 675,000 1.1, then Lil' Wayne with just under a million copies. Most artists suffer with the second album release with lackluster sales, but it's quite the oppiste for Drizzy. He first album "Thank Me Later" opened with 425,000 copies. A good album deserves good recognition. Check out one of my favorite songs on the album. It's called "Over My Dead Body".

Fresh Music: Mary J. Blige - "Love A Woman" (feat. Beyoncé)

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Beyoncé & Mary J. Blige have a song together. It's called "Love A Woman" and it's featured on Mary's new album "My Life II: The Journey Continues (Act I)". Yes, yes I know, the title is extremely long but don't let that disinterest you in the music. Any who, the song was originally destined for Beyoncé but was respectively given to Mary with Bey's vocals lacing the track. That's how the collaboration came about. Enough of my rambling, listen to the song below.

The only 2 thing that suck about this is that ONE it won't get released as a single. I'm SURE of it and TWO, I really don't like the song. Yes I am a fan of both ladies. I love them both, but hearing them both together on a track doesn't do it for me. I don't know if it's the production, vocals or what. Maybe it will grown on me over time. But the way the hyped this song had me thinking that I was going to hear an all out vocal battle with notes and runs and women SANGIN'. But it's nothing like that. Not a bad song, I'm just not feeling this track as much as everyone else. Sorry Daniel!

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RANDOM! "Swipe Yo EBT (It's Free)"

When I say a HOTT GHETTO ASS MESS, then I mean a HOTT GHETTO ASS MESS!!!!! Look at this! What in the...how do people get videos for mess like this? Not to mention it was shot in FULL HIGH DEFINITION? She obviously got money some how. They probably accepted EBT or something.

"All you have to do is f*ck, and nine months later you gettin' the big bucks."

Yes, it's a line in the song. Who wrote this? The crazy part is that the girl isn't even all that ugly. You expect butt ass ugly bitches to create fuckery like this, but not someone decent looking girls. Then she is on here drinking and smoking, AND they just have these kids in the video looking crazy. Im too through!

Rihanna Performas "We Found Love" on X-Factor

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 A few days ago, Rihanna made a promotional stop to support her new album "Talk That Talk" on The X-Factor where she performed her hit "We Found Love". Check out the party on stage and photos coutresy of Just Jared after the break.

Beyoncé Performs "I Was Here" & "End of Time" (Live at Roseland DVD)

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Beyoncé unlocked a few clips from her upcoming DVD "Live At Roseland: Elements of 4". The project is set to drop everywhere within the next few weeks. Below you can check out her performing "I Was Here" & fan favorite "End of Time".

Fresh Music: Chris Brown - "Strip" (feat. Kevin McCall) + Album "Fortune" Releases in March

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News broke yesterday about Chris Brown's new album "Fortune" being released next Spring. Exactly one year after he dropped his chart topping "F.A.M.E.". The first single lifted from the new album is entitled "Strip" and it features long time collaborater Kevin McCall. The second one is called "Biggest Fan" which will possibly be performed at the American Music Awards....shhhh you didn't hear that from me. In the mean time, listen to "Strip" below.

Not bad, kinda short though. Kevin McCall has been on a lot of Chris Brown's tracks. Hopefully this single will help propel his career. Back to the song, It's an urban banger, radio friendly, I don't see it topping the Hot 100, maybe the R&B charts definitely. I'm ready to hear "Biggest Fan" because I love almost every song that The Runners produce.

New Friday Movie in the Works?

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Could it be true? There is said to be a 4th installment to the "Friday" movies and it's in the early stages at the moment. Well according to Tiny Lister, who played Debo, it's set to go down and could possibly star the original cast like Nia Long, Regina King, Chris Tucker, John Witherspoon, Ana Maria Horsford & others. Peep the video below.

Rihanna Drops New Promo Pics

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As we draw closer to the release of her new album "Talk that Talk", Rihanna has decided to unveil a few more promo shots. She sure as hell can hold a cigarette. Check out more pics  after the jump.

Jay-Z Talks, Beyoncé, Kanye, Fatherhood & More With GQ

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Jay-Z has been crowned "King of the Year" by GQ magazine an is featured inside their "Man of the Year" annual issue. Inside he talks about being a father, Beyoncé's wanting to announce her pregnancy and lots more. Check it all out after the jump.

Whitney Houston Confirms "Waiting to Exhale" Sequel

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As reported back in May, Whitney Houston dished to Access Hollywood to an interview. She confirmed that the writer for the movie "Waiting to Exhale" has contacted her on several occasions to join the production of the movie and she only agreed to do so after learning that all of the original cast members will be making a return to the big screen. Angela Bassett, Loretta Deivne, and Lela Rochon will all be apart of the sequel. Read the interview after the break to find out what Whitney had to say.

Fresh Music: Rihanna - "You Da One"

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Less than a few weeks away from her album release, Rihanna has officially dropped her second single from "Talk That Talk". The banger was produced by Dr. Luke, written by the mighty Ester Dean and it's called "You Da One". In the song, you hear Rihanna revisit her urban roots with a hard and gritty, dub stepping break down in the middle beat. Give it a listen below.

Love the song. It's very radio friendly and is an easy number one hit for the girl. She keeps rolling out hit after hit. The entire album sounds like it's a hit. Maybe this will be the number one album that she's been working hard for. I'm sure I'll be buying my copy. Now I'm curious to see what they video will look like for this song. They threw everyone left field with "We Found Love" so prepare to be thrown off the dayum balcony after this video drops.

Mariah Carey Issues a Warning to Your Favz

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Oh yes she did! Mariah Carey issued  a warning message via twitter along with  new promo video indicating that she is about to make a serious comeback. It's been nearly 6 months since she's had "dem babies" and she has her banging body back, a new look, and a new album in the works. See for your self. Check out the hot shot video below.

Justin Bieber to Take Paternity Test

In the case of 3 month old baby, Justin Bieber...we still don't know if you're the father! But we will find out in the upcoming weeks as he and his lawyers agreed to a paternity test to prove that h is not the father of Mariah's baby. In a story I reported last week, a 20 y/o California native is claiming Bieber to be the father of her baby boy. Read the story here. Of course Bieber denied ever meeting her, let alone having sex with her. but check out the report about the paternity test after the jump.

Monica Releases "New Life" Cover + New Release Date

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Yesterday, Monica unveiled the cover for her new album "New Life". Earlier in the week she also announced that she was pressing pause on the new album because she wanted to rework it.With the singles "Anything (To Find You)" & "Until It's Gone" not doing to well on the radio,  the project has been tentatively set for Feb.21, 2012. The diva tweeted...

“I wanna thank you for your love, dedication & support. RCA & I are restructuring the entire plan for the album & the entire movement. I refuse to not give the music that those of you who have supported me deserve. Creative things take time because they can’t be planned”

Smart move, I hear that she wants to capture the type of music that reminds you of "Why I Love You So Much". Here's my thing with Mo. I think she's a fantastic artist! LOVE HER! I just hate that she's keeping herself inside a box with this whole "keepin' it real" and "true R&B" and what not. I mean give it a rest. She's tried pop plenty of times and it didn't do too well. So she's staying away from it. I think that she should revisit it  and give us a cross over hit. 

Alicia Keys Pregnant Again?!

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Could it be true? Do you see a baby bump up there?A few nights ago Alicia Keys was spotted attending the 2011 Black Ball with hubby Swizz Beatz holding her tummy. Then later that night she took to the stage to perform in a nice black dress that showed off her pudgy tummy. Nothing has been announced yet. The couple just had a son, Egypt, who is now 13 months old. Check out more pics below.

Chris Brown's Original Holloween Costume

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Yup, you read correctly. The above picture is of Chris Brown with his first costume idea, a green latex body suit.I'm sure can SEE why he changed it to this...

.....a stoned youngin'. You'd think he'd learned after this.

Janet DAZZLES For Harper's Bazaar Arabia

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Music legend Janet Jackson dazzles on the cover of the Nov. 2011 issue of Harper Bazaar Arabia magazine. Check out more fab pics after the break.

Wendy Williams GRILLS Draya from Basketball Wives L.A.

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Basketball wife Draya paid a visit to the Wendy Show and got her ass GRILLED. Wendy wasn't holding back talking about topics such as her stripping, sleeping with 3 basketball players in a day, dating Chris Brown and more. Peep the video below.

Draya is a very pretty girl but I'm sure everyone's heard the term that "the past will come to bite you in the ass" and that's what it's doing to Draya unfortunately. She isn't doing anything to hurt or offend anyone right right now, but the things that she did way  back when are now being held over her head, and some people dislike her. Are you a fan of Draya? I know I am thanks to Tyree.

Rihanna Scores 11th Billboard Hit

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Rihanna has done it again. The Barbadian princess latest single "We Found Love" has topped the Billboard Charts this week giving her 11 number one singles on Billboard's Hot 100, surpassing Janet's 10 hits. 

To date her single as sold well over one million copies. With this being her 6th album, she deserves to have as many number ones. Now lets see come November 21st if she can have her album go number one.

That Rihanna reign just won't let up.

"Justin Bieber is the Father of My Baby!"

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Would you get a load of this?! Last night while Justin Bieber was singing his heart out on Dancing With the Stars, rumors began flying that 20 year old Mariah Yeater gave birth to a child and she's claiming Justin as the father. Who is she you ask? Well, according to reports, she hooked up with Bieber backstage after one of his concerts last year. Get into it after the break.

Justin Bieber & Boyz II Men Perform on "Dancing With The Stars"

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Last night, Justin Bieber took to the stage on Dancing With The Stars to promote his new holiday album "Under the Mistletoe" He performed his hit "Never Say Never" and then later was joined by Boyz II Men to perform "Fa La La La". Check out the performance below.

Now, where do I begin. Jusitn...sweetie....you tried that. You gave R&B your very best. Not only that, but you tried to keep up with one of the BEST sounding R&B vocal groups of our time. I'll give you credit for that, but as for the lackluster performances, I think you need to work on that. Serioulsy though, had there been no backup dancers during the first performance, it would have been an utter mess because one, he wasn't dancing, two he couldn't sing while dancing and three he just kept popping that jacket. Anywho, enough bashing the kid, like I said, he tried.......
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