Fresh Music: JoJo - "Disaster"

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It took 5 years, label drama and a mixtape, but JoJo is back and better than ever with her new single "Disaster" from her upcoming album "Jumping Trains". The tune sees her going back to basics  putting you in the mind of her hit song "Too Little Too Late". It's a guitar driven power house pop, rock song. Take a listen to it cut below.
I just love it. Definitely worth the wait. She's back, voice is still there, she's all grown up. I feel that the single is sooo 2005 but I still like it, I hope it can make a splash on the charts some where. I'm sure she still has fans all over because even through her hiatus she's been keeping us updated every step of the way. What do you think of the song?

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Beyoncé & Her Baby Bump Shatters Twitter & VMA Records

We all knew that Beyoncé was gonna give a stellar performance at the 2011 MTV VMA's. But what the world didn't know was the she was popped. Revealing her pregnancy to the world, she then became a twitter legend. With a whopping 8,686 tweets per second about her and her announcement on twitter gave her another crown as well as shutting down the site a few times due to the amount of tweets. She also scored the network it's highest view in it's history with a staggering 12.4 Million viewers DURING and AFTER her performance and announcement.

Only the queen. I guess it's such a big deal because no one thought she would ever get pregnant. Plus it came out of no where. She was just performing a few weeks ago in New York and no one caught it, not even fans, nor the press. No one would have guessed. She was  months pregnant then. How did she hide it? Some people need to take notes. Everyone expected her to have kids in her late 30's or 40's, but she proved them wrong.

Her performance was so good that the single "Love On Top" shot straight up the charts as well as her album "4". the album sits at #10 on itunes and the song has out peaked her first two official singles "Run The World (Girls)" & "The Best Thing I Never Had" on the Digital Charts due to downloads. Impressive stuff Mama Fierce.

Leona Lewis Premieres "Collide" Video

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A few days back, Leona Lewis dropped the video for her first single "Collide" which is lifted from her new album currently titled "Glass Heart". The project is rumoed ot be released in late October/early November. The clip shows Leona parading around in the sun......and that's it. Check out the visiual below.

This is your typical Leona Lewis. Sadly a lot of people don't like it, but I find it rather enjoying. I mean, she's a singer, don't expect her to dance and flaunt and be all hair whipping and coochie thrusting and skimpy like the Rihanna's, Beyoncé's and Lady Gaga's...because it just won't happen. I'm not all that sold on the song, nor the video being that they are mediocre. Nothing blazing or amazing.

Rihanna Premieres "Cheers (Drink to That)" Video

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Rihanna dropped her party documentary video for her latest single "Cheers (Drink to That)" which is lifted from her latest album "Loud". The video shows off a playful, drinking, party girl with various clips from her concerts, tours, joy riding and other events she took part in all complied into one thus calling it a video. Check it out below.

It was a cute video, it's Rihanna doing what she does best, partying and drinking. I'm surprised she hasn't been found wasted someone where or in the news for her antics, because she does wild out, unlike your other party goers, she keeps it classy and out of the news.

Aaliyah: One In A Million BET Special

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For those of you who missed the special which aired on BET last night for Aaliyah, check it out below. It was a star studded tribute from celebrities, family members and close friends who reflected on her life and rise to fame. There were laughs and tears but all for good reason. They're celebrating the life and legacy of a fallen star 10 years later. For those of you who may not know who Aaliyah was and what happened to her, check out her life story after the jump.

Beyoncé Premieres Sweaty & Steamy "1+1" Video

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A few weeks back I reported that Beyoncé was filming a video for "1+1" and BOOM. She premiered it today. It was originally supposed to air tonight on E! but as always, it succumbed to the way of the internet. The video was directed by King B herself. Inside it you can take a look at what Prophet Blog calls greasy and what Mikey calls and extended version of her Heat perfume commercial below.
I actually liked it. It's perfect and it's exactly how I visioned her to look, minus  her looking like she was dumped in a pool of Lil Mama's lip gloss because she was POPPIN! But the tone, the setting, the feel, the atmosphere of the video was perfect. I enjoyed it. The hair, the tears, the aggressive rubbing and touch on her from the male, it was everything. It remained simple and basic, yet it managed to fulfill my vision of the video. Definitely a winner. Your thoughts?

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The Women in Music Remember Aaliyah

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As we approach the 10 year anniversary of the day we lost the young talented Aaliyah, Billboard has asked 12 of the leading woman in R&B music today how she influenced them as artists, the legacy she left behind, and how she would have shaped the industry today. Below you can read testimonials from Ciara, Monica, Keyshia Cole, JoJo, Melody Thornton, Shontelle, SWV, Estelle, Ester Dean, Dawn Richard and more. Check out what they all had to say after the break via Billboard.

Lil Wayne Goes IN on Jay-Z & Beyoncé: Fresh Music: "It's Good"

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Did Lil Wayne really go in on Beyoncé & Jay-Z on this new track "It's Good"? The song features Drake & Jadakiss and ther'es a lyric within the song of Weezy dissing Jay. The lyric goes..

"Talk about baby money, I got your baby money.
Kidnap your bitch get that that how much you love your lady money
I know you fake nigga, press your brakes nigga.
I’ll take you out, that’s a date nigga.
I’m a grown ass blood, stop playing with me."

This is said to be in response to Jay-Z's lyrical content in the song H.A.M. which goes..

“Really you got baby money
Keep it real with niggas,
niggas ain’t got my lady money."

Check out the song below.

So does Lil Wayne HONESTLY think that he was on the mind of Jay-Z & Kanye West while they were recording "Watch the Throne". Obviously so, but I'm sure that wasn't the case with Jay's verse. I'm sure and I'm almost positive that he wasn't taking shots at Lil Wayne, but now he's fired back. But the good thing is Jay-Z will give it any play or fire a shot back because that's not his style. He's a classy bitch and just lets stuff go. From The Game to R. Kelly, to EVERYONE....he chucks up the dueces. Now lets see if Wanye can out sell the throne...tic toc..

Rihanna & J. Cole Sex Tape!!

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Word on the street is that Rihanna and J. Cole got down and dirty on video. Hustler magazine is claiming to have possession of intimate footage between the two singers but aren't sure what they want to do with it. Get into it after the break.

Janet Poses Up for Blackglama

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Janet Jackson strikes an amazingly fierce pose for her latest Blackglama ad. Does she look 45 years-old to you? It's like she has the curious case of Benjamin Button. She's aging backward. Stunning picture. You can peep behind the scenes footage of her photo shoot after the jump.

Perfect Timing or Perfect Acting? Will & Jada Spotted Out & About

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Just a day after those rumors filled the entertainment world, power couple Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith we're spotted in Malibu having a dayum good time. They both we're all smiles and didn't seem to have a care in the world. They enjoyed some fresh brunch from Bob Morris' Beach Cafe. The two had omelettes and coffee. Check out a few more pics below.

Leona Lewis Shoots "Collide" Video

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 Leona Lewis has competed the visual for her latest effort "Collide" and it's expected to premiere Friday. Above and below are a few pictures taken from the clip. If you have yet to hear the song, listen to it below.

Willow is a Rich Girl & Has a Boyfriend

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If you didn't know, ya girl Willow banked a heavy $4 million last year from her song "Whip My Hair". Just one song, not an album. One SONG! That landed her amongst the Forbes richest teens list and she's not even a teen. Imagine, Nicki Minaj made $5 million from her ALBUM "Pink Friday", Willow made close to that from one song, that's the power of the Smith's.

Any who, See the picture above, the little guy in red is rumored to be young Willow's boy toy...we'll boy toy sounds so inappropriate for such young love, how about we keep it simple and say boyfriend. When I was this age, boys and girls used to scream cooties...does that exist? I know you all think she's young but remember she comes from a family of Scientologists who gives their children more freedom than your average child. Well go head WILLOW! See more pics below.

Teairra Mari Goes to Chruch Following DUI

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So right after her arrest, Teairra Mari went to church! She went to PRAISE GOD! She thinks that this washes away what she did, NO! Girl, you probably had liquor in that cup you drinking out of. You ain't foolin me! Peep more pics below.

Trey Songz Prepares "Chapter 5"

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For those of you who may not know, Trey Songz is preparing yet another album. It's his 5th studio album called "Chapter 5".  There's no released date as of yet according to the singer himself but we'll get one when the time is right. Check out his statement below via The Source.

“… it’s my sixth year in the game so I’ve been here for a while now. You can expect the best me you’ve ever heard. I don’t have any release dates in mind right now but I’m just making music and enjoying myself in the studio and having fun.

When I get to a place where I feel comfortable saying a date or all of that, people will definitely know. I have a few dream collaborations on that album that I want, but they say if you blow out your candle and make a wish you can’t tell people what you ask for or it won’t come true.”

Hopefully it'll be better than the last one, but equally as good as the one before that. "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" didn't do it for me but "Ready"....boy oh boy was he ready. That entire album was hot, I think it can go down as a classic!

Lil Wayne Drops "How to Love" Video

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Yesterday, Lil Wayne dropped the video for his new single "How to Love" which is lifted from his HIGHLY DELAYED and anticipated album "The Carter IV" which drops next Tuesday. The song it's self is doing pretty dayum good peaking at number 5 on the charts and now sits at number 6. The video is just as good. It sends a strong message and it shows the path of one life in two different ways. One with a bad ending and one with a happy ending. Check it out below.
The video is a good one, I don't like the simple face that the negative was made a bigger focus than the positive. You saw more of the bad instead of the good. But I do see where the video was going and the focus of it. It was very effective and I liked it. Your thoughts?

Beyoncé Selects "Party" feat. Andre 3000 as Next Single

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On the set of "Party" video
King Beyoncé has went left field once again with her single choice. Instead of giving the fans what they wanted, she decides to punish them with yet another not so great single choice. The Andre 3000 assisted single "Party" has been selected as the official third single from her album "4". The song will impact radio stations next week. The video was shot earlier in the month so be expecting a premiere soon.

Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith's Relationship Status

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Yesterday when this rumor broke about Will & Jada Pinkett- Smith, it rocked the entertainment world and had EVERYONE talking. In Touch Weekly broke the story first saying that the two has indeed pulled the trigger on their 13-year marriage. Shortly after, a spokesperson for the family released a statement as well as the power couple themselves regarding the situation and denying that it's true. Well, today new reports are surfacing about the status of their relationship. Get into it ALL after the jump.

Teairra Mari Issues Apology & Denies Attacking Police Officer

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I just reported that Teairra Mari was arrested last Friday night in Beverly Hills for a DUI and attacking an officer. Well now the diva has released an official statement regarding the situation. She owned up to the drunk driving part but she denies ever attacking the officer. Check out her statement after the break.

Aaliyah: 10 Years Later

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A few days from today will mark the 10 year anniversary her the late great Aaliyah's untimely death. The R&B songress was killed in a plane crash in 2001 shortly after it's take off. Her along with 8 others perished. In remembrance of her, BET has put together a special television tribute called "Aaliyah: One in a Million". It will feature an star studded cast of celebrities and entertainers that will share their memories that the cherish of her. Check out the sneak peak below.

She's dearly missed.

Fresh Music: Shontelle - "Reflection"

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Third times a charm, Shontelle is back at it again. After the failure of her first album, and the medium success behind her second album due to her first single "Impossible", she is gearing up for yet another LP. There's no title nor a release date but there are minor details surrounding the projects producers.  Any who, the name of this track is called "Reflection". Check it out below.

This is a very soft song from her. But, honestly it sounds like something from the last album. Too close to "Say Hello to Goodbye". It's not a bad thing, but remember I used to always say that her third album will be IT! I said that the third album would be her break out album that propels her to stardom just like Rihanna's. But with a song like this, it will NOT happen. The song isn't bad, not bad at all but it's not gonna get that shine that she's looking for. I'm hoping that this is a buzz single and I hope that she gets this edgy bad girl new look and gets it going. I have faith! Lets go Shonny!

Fresh Artist: Chaise Vonique

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She goes by the name of Chaise Vonique of Chicago, Il. She's been singing and dancing all of her life. No one could sit her down when she was a small child. She's the oldest of 3. Home girl has made it her destiny to hit it big. She's been in numerous competitions, co-starred in an independent film and now has her very own video called "My Song". It was written & produced by Stephanie Hosea & directed by Stunna Reese. Check out the marvelous clip below.

This was pretty damn awesome. I love the song. I wish there was an itunes version of it. The video was all of that. She kicked his ass out, threw all of his shit out and didn't look back. That pretty lady deserved a lot better than what he was giving her. She woke up and smelled the coffee. What do you think of the video?

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Teairra Mari Gets Arrested!

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R&B songstress has gotten herself dipped into a pot of hot water. Teairra Mari just parted ways with her short lived Warner Bros. contract and signed a deal with Rico Love's Division 1 label. You would think that she'd be focusing on that new deal and her new album buy this little lady was arrested, booked and locked up for a DUI. Not only that, it gets worse. She attacked the cop who arrested her, That's a big no no. Check out the full story after the break.

Mariah Carey's Working Out Hard!

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Mariah Carey is determined to get back her banging body. BEFORE the maternity drugs and "dem babies", she had a stunning figure. Then she slowly but surly blew up like she had been sucking on an air pump. Pictured above, she's seen taking a jog with her many dogs and her body is already shaping up to be very very nice. Keep it up mama!

Word on the street is that she is set to drop an album before the year's end. In the mist of her working out, she's also been hitting up the studio laying down track after track. So be on the look out.

Fresh Music: Jennifair - "All's Well Ends Well"

You heard the buzz single "Yes Girl" from her upcoming album "Insert Title Here". Well now Jennifair is about to drop her official radio single "All's Well Ends Well". This is a smooth mid tempo R&B ballad that features Jen singing over the Drum Mage production. It starts off with soft beating drums then she pours in with her lovely vocals with a very catchy hook. Take a listen to the song below.

I think this is it for her. The song screams first single. I like the "Yes Girl" but this one just makes me shimmy and shake. I think it's radio friendly and could hopefully put her out there. What do you think?


Beyoncé Rocks New York

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Beyoncé dazzled the crowed in New York a few nights ago during her highly anticipated gig "4 Intimate Nights With Beyoncé". The concert sold out in a reportedly 15 SECONDS. It featured Bey performing all songs from her new album "4" as well as revisiting the Destiny's Child days and her previous albums. Check out a few more pics after the jump.

Lady Gaga Premieres "You & I" Video

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Reigning pop queen Lady Gaga dropped the video for her latest single "You & I". The clip was directed by Laurieann Gibson from "Haus of Gaga".The video was scheduled for a Thursday release but it dropped ahead of time. Inside the video shows many different sides of Gaga, many different looks, her alter ego and lots of other stuff. Check out the clip below.

Leona Lewis Drops "Collide" Single Cover With Avicii

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Leona Lewis dazzles on the new single cover of her new single "Collide". There was drama surrounding the song and Leona being deemed a plagiarist. Avicii said bluntly that his song was stolen and he gave no one permission of any sort to use his tunes on the new track. 

As a result of the claims, he was added as a featured artist/producer to the song. So it looks as if Leona is going full force with the release of this as a single. More power to her.

Jay-Z & Kanye West Premieres "Otis" Video

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Yesterday saw the premiere of Jay-Z & Kanye West's new video for "Otis" which is lifted from their joint album "Watch the Throne" which is now in stores EVERYWHERE after receiving an exclusive iTunes only release this past Tuesday. The album is expected to sell well over 450K copies giving it the second highest first week debut next to Lady Gaga who sold a whopping 1.1 Million copies of "Born This Way" in just a week. Peep the video below.

Very simple video. It wasn't all EPIC like Jay-Z was saying it all, It wasn't bad either. It looks like they had a BALL shooting it. Jay-Z is dressing like the' about 21 years-old knowing he knocking on 45's door.

Fresh Music: Katy Perry - "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) (Remix)" feat. Missy Elliott

Katy Perry is determined to score another number one hit and if she does, she'll tie the record with Michael Jackson for having 5 singles from ONE album to reach number one on Billboard's Hot 100. She's enlisted Missy Elliott for help on the remix of her song "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)". Do you think it's enough to secure the number one spot? Listen below.
Hmmmmmm, if the entire song was mixed in it's entirety then yes. The beginning and the end of the song sounds priceless with the mixeed beats and Missy's rap lingo kneeling over the track, but the rest just simply sounds the same. I guess they figured to get an urban artist on the track to secure more air play requests and downloads to shoot it to number one. Lets see if this strategy works.

Lady Gaga Attends Britney Spears' Concert

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For someone who doesn't care too much for lip syncing, she surly enjoyed an entire concert of it. Lady Gaga attended Britney Spears' "Femme Fatale" concert in New Jersey a few days ago. Britney Spears acknowledged that she was there and the crowd went CRAZY. Probably cheered louder than they did for her than Britney and it's HER show. Nevertheless, this should put rumors to rest that the two of them are rivals because clearly, they're not. Peep the footage after the break.

Justin Timberlake Believes He Would Have Made it Without N'Sync

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This guy....this guy Justin Timberlake feels that he would have made it big without N'Sync! What kinda mess?! This character revealed to Elle magazine that he feels that he would have been discovered without the bad. Check out the report below.

Justin Timberlake has said that he would have been successful without 'N Sync.

The singer first found fame in the late '90s as a member of the boyband, whose hits included 'Girlfriend', 'Pop' and 'Bye Bye Bye'.

He began a solo career in 2002, spawning two highly successful albums and many collaborations with other artists. He has since forged an acting career, appearing in the likes of The Social Network and Friends With Benefits.

Timberlake told Elle magazine that he would have been discovered, even if the boyband had never existed.

"I don't want this to come out the wrong way," he said. "It was an amazing platform but even without it, I believe I would have been heard as a solo artist."

He added that he was surprised his record company allowed him to not play them his two albums until they were fully complete.

"I don't know why they let me do that. But I hadn't come out of nowhere. People had preconceptions and I didn't want to be misunderstood.

"I've learned that people have preconceptions, period. They're uncontrollable but they're not who you are."
I, would have to coldly disagree with that statement. Even when he was in N'Sync I didn't know who the hell he was and I loved N'Sync! Even though he was the lead singer, he blended in with the rest of them. They all danced, they all sang...Yes he has had to hug albums but those numbers came from his N'Sync fan base, not from just him alone. Where do people generate these statements? I mean he's acting like he's musical ROYALTY...not in MY EYES. I've still to this day have not listened to a Justin Timberlake album in full..mainly because of his statements like this. He's always had ego issues.

Jay-Z & Kanye West Reveals the Beasts Within

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Above and below, you can see official promo pics for Kanye West & Jay-Z's new album "Watch the Throne". The albums today via iTunes and everywhere else Friday. After the break you can peep promo videos and trailers leading up to the albums release. The album is already sitting a top the iTunes chart with the standard edition holding down the top spot and the deluxe editing taking the number two spot.

Fresh Music: Jay-Z & Kanye West - "Lift Off" feat. Beyoncé

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This is one of the highest anticipated songs from the album "Watch the Throne". Jay-Z, Kanye West & Beyoncé all featured on one track called "Lift Off". The track was produced by Kanye, Jeff Bhasker, and Mike Dean. Check t out below.
I'm loving the track. I would even love it without Beyoncé being that she's only singing the chorus. Had it been someone else, the soung would still be a hit in my book. The song is just that, a hott one. I'm getting my copy of this. The only thing I wish is that B sang more than just the chorus in the song.
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Beyoncé Preps "4" Intimate Nights in New York

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Get ready, because Beyoncé is ready to take over New York. The singer has announced that she will be performing an intimate showing from her new album "4" for four nights (Aug. 14th, 16th, 18th & 19th). She is said to perform the  album in it's entirety o a standing room only audience at the famed Roseland Ballroom. For ticket info, read on after the break.

Big Sean Arrested for Sexual Assault

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I've been asked by numerous of people to begin blogging about Big Sean and I said that I would. What better way to kick it off with an explosive post like this? The Detroit rapper was arrested for allegedly sexual assaulting a woman after one of his concerts Thursday night. Peep the report after the break.

Nicki Minaj Rocks GMA

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Hate her or love her, she doesn't care. Nicki Minaj is all over the place. Even after getting bussed in her face last month. Earlier today she took to the stage of Good Morning America as a part of their Summer Concert Series. She performed "Til The World Ends", "Where Dem Girls At", "Moment for Life" & "Super Bass". She did all of that amongst screaming fans while taking a big ass bite out of a turkey leg. Check it all out after the jump.

Kelly Rowland Visits "The Today Show"

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Kelly Rowland paid a friendly visit to "The Today Show" to promote her new album "Here I Am" The Boys & Girls Club of America. The foundation is a new movement in which Kelly is involved in to get more students to get in school and graduate with a high school diploma. Check out the pictures and video after the break.

Download Chris Brown's "Boy In Detention" Mixtape

The time has come, Chris Brown just dropped his new mixtape "Boy In Detention". The tape consists of 21 tracks of Breezy showing off his rapping skills it also features guests like features Wiz Khalifa, Big K.R.I.T., Tyga, Swizz Beatz, Justin Bieber showing what he can in the rap game. Download the mixtape below.

I'ma download it and see how I like it...After you download it, share your thoughts on it!

Michelle Williams Talks New Album, Destiny's Child & More

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The Boombox had the privilege of speaking with Michelle Williams in a recent interview. Inside she dished on her upcoming album, the leaked single, reuniting with Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland, collaborating with other artists and more. Check out the interview after the jump.

Amy Winehouse's Final Recording Will Be Released Through Columbia Records

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Before her death, Amy Winehouse had been writing and recording material for her third album. While doing so she managed to collaborate with Tony Bennett on a on called "Body & Soul" which is being deemed by Columba Records has her "final recording". The label is preparing to release it as a single next month with all proceeds going to charity to benefit individuals suffering from what Amy suffered from. Check out the report after the jump.

The-Dream Prepares Free Album

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If you are a fan of free music, then get a load of this....The-Dream is dropping a free album via the internet. It's called "Terius Nash Est. 1977". Still expect his new album "The Love, IV: Diary of a Madman" to follow towards the end of the year, but in the interim, he's blessing his fans with this free album. Regarding the situation, he released the following statement...
“LP4 is Underway I THE-DREAM have decided to go forward with Diary Of A Madman LP it almost didnt happen. So ill be in my DefJam uniform for atleast one More Season!” he tweeted.

“Also a free 10 song Internet album will be released by Aug 31st. LP 4 because of the Contract negotiations does not have a date but it will be released 4th quarter but i will give a 10 song Internet LP while you guys wait!!!! LOVE YOU.”

Oddly though, the release of this LP will go under his real name "Terius Nash" instead of his stage name The-Dream. I don't know what the deal with that is. Above is the official album artwork. He's also not reciveing support from the Def Jam label because they're tying to put a stop to the entire thing...but oh well. Make sure you download it. I'll have the link ready.

Nicki Minaj's 911 Phone Call Released

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Remember a few weeks ago I reported that Nicki Minaj got popped in the lip by her rumored boyfriend/hypeman SB and then shortly after they both denied anything ever happened. They both took to twitter to vent their frustrations with the media and the public. Well the police have just released the audio of the phone call made that night by the hotel manager in regards to the situation.

You can clearly hear what went down, who was hit, who was talking inside of this 7 minute audio clip. On the 5 minute mark, you hear Nicki screaming and yelling at someone followed by her saying

“Look at what he did to my face! What do you take me for?! What do you take me for?! Do you see my face?!”

The manager went on to say

“This is a celebrity profile group. This is Nicki Minaj…she got hit in the face by somebody, too. I’m sure you got that on tape. She got hit.”. Listen to if below.

I just don't see why they denied it in the beginning. The proof is there. The audio is there. So Nicki's tweet about sending someone to the hostipal in a stretcher with their balls hanging off is CLEARLY a hallucination of her imagination. Because from the sounds of this, someone did something to her face and she wasn't too happy about it. 

The Best You've Never Heard: Rihanna

Little Miss Sunshine was what she was called during the recording sessions of this track. It was a leftover from the recordings of "Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded". But it leaked shortly before Rihanna had her infamous incident with Chris Brown in early 2009. The Best Thing You've Never Heard is called "Hatin' On The Club". It was written and produced by The-Dream. I fell in love with the song when I first heard it. It was a different sound for Rihanna and I wanted her to take off with it, but that didn't happen. Anywho, listen to it and share your thoughts below.

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Katy Perry Makes Billboard History

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Katy Perry is continuing to make history with her album "Teenage Dream". She has set the record for the first album from the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 chart to have five #1 singles. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Perry's Teenage Dream album is the first in the nearly 19-year history of the chart to achieve the feat, thanks to "Friday Night" bumping up one spot to #1 this week.

She's moving closer to tying the record held by the king of pop Michael Jackson for having 5 singles from a single album reach the number one spot on Billboard's hot 100. Katy's "Last Friday Night (TGIF)" moved from number 3 to 2 on this weeks chart. Her pervious hits were "California Girls", "Teenage Dream", "Firework" & "E.T." It's very possible to happen and when it does, it will be BUGGER than LIFE! Congrattz Katy!! I've loved the album from day one.

Fresh Music: 50 Cent - "I'm On It"

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Well, just last week 50 Cent said that he was calling it quits, but it looks like there's been a change of plans with the leak of this single "I'm On It". On the track he simply raps about his swag, money, jewelry, multi-million dollar cars and what not. All of that s plastered over washed down beat that does not scream "listen to me". Check it out below.

This song just sounds like he wants to be releaant again, and it's just not going to happen. This is a perfect example of someone who's career slipped out of his hands. What happened? How did he fall off? EVERYONE use to be on his jock. But he can't even score a proper song. This sounds an utter mess. "I'm on it, I'm I'm I'm on it!" Like he had nothing else to rap or talk about. It's pitiful and embarrassing. I'm sorry 50, but YOU'VE FAILED!

Mariah Carey Shows off New Body

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After having "dem babies", Mariah Carey has been hard at work to get her body back. Above is a new muscular pic of the diva enjoying the water on the beach. She has that she's been working hard and has a  lot more work to day. An album is supposed to follow before the years end. What do you think of the pic and her new body?

She has more muscles that Nick Cannon. I think that she will look like this if she keeps it up...


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