BREAKING! R. Kelly Rushed to the Hospital

R&B singer R. Kelly was rushed to the hospital yesterday to undergo emergency throat surgery. The operation took place at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Earlier in the day, Kelly saw a specialist with a severe sore throat, and he was rushed to the hospital after the exam to have an abscess on one of his tonsils drained. As of now, his publicist says that "he will be laid up indefinitely. He's fresh off his "Love Letter" tour for the U.S. and was supposed to embark on an International tour which is been postponed until further notice.

Here's to a speedy recovery R. Kelly, wishing you nothing but the best.


  1. He needs to get better QUICK so he can make that money to pay his damn bills

  2. I can't believe my husband is going through this shit.I pray you get better babe.I love you and wish the best.


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