Beyoncé Says She'll Have Kids Before Turning 40

Beyoncé has finally put a time frame on when she's going to have children. She poke to Access Hollywood where she gave an exclusive interview and dished on her future, when she'll have kids, her love for music, what makes her happy and how awkward she felt while filming her video for "The Best Thing I Never Had". The picture above is a never before seen promo pic that was shot while photographing for her new album packaging for "4". There is another never before seen picture ater the jump, a behind the scenes looks at the photo shoot as well as the interview with Access Hollywood.

Wow! Not before the age of 40? She's pushing the envelope. That's nearly 10 years from now and Jay-Z is already 40. Ten years from now he'll be 50. Word on the street is that he's already popping pills to please B. Can he even perform at that age? And I don't see what the rush is, he already has a son, so he probably don't even damn care. Who knows. No one has ever asked him if he wanted kids during an interview. They provably are afraid to. But whatever, that's her life. I don't care if she has kids or not, I'm not rushing her. She just needs to keep giving me music.

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