B. Scott Premieres Video for "Kiss Kiss"

Yesterday B. Scott dropped a video for his single "Kiss Kiss". The flick pretty much shows B dancing and posing it up for the camera looking glamorous, sexy, and androgynous all at the same time. The fan was blowing that hair in all the right places and his love interest was a hot shot. Check out the video below.

This is why he hasn't posted a youtube video. The man has been working on bigger projects. This video, I'm sure he has some segment for television rolled up his sleeve. B. Scott is on his grind and business. He went from doing what I do, to just BOOM everything. He has been featured on numerous of television shows, hosts tons and tons of parties, his bff's with Mariah Carey all within the course of 2 years. That's how you do it. Nuff said. The video is surprisingly pleasurable, the song not so much but I don't dislike it. All in all,  he was giving it to me in this video!! Just throwing it ALL in my face! And I was catching it!

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