"VH1's Behind the Music" Returns: Missy Elliott

I know yall remember VH1's Behind the Music right? Well the television station is rebooting show and has decided to launch it with hip-hop mogul Missy Elliott. Inside, vieweres get to take a look at her rise to stardom, her highs and lows, being molested, witnessing her father trying to kill her mother, losing Aaliyah and her fight against Graves disease plus apperances from the likes of Timbaland, Magoo, Snoop Dogg, Ciara, & Mary J Blige. 

She star talks about being shunned from a video for a song that she produced for a tender Raven Symone in 1992 because she didn't fit the image that they were looking for. She chatted aobut what is was like working with Aaliyah and Sean Combs (Diddy). She reminences on getting phone calls from Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson whom all wanted to work with her on their albums. After it all is said and done, nothing is going to stop or slow her down. She's looking to the skies and is going to release a new album soon and will still produce hits by your favs. Check out "Behind the Music" below.

She has been through so much and yet remains so strong. She's still living her life the way she wants to and that's the way to do it. It's been 5 years in the making for her new album and she is ready to hit hard. Her story is very inspiring and uplifting. It just goes to show that you can over come ANYTHING that is thrown your way. Stay tuned for the next episode of VH1's Behind the Music.

Watch Beyoncé's Documentary "Year of 4"

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Earlier today, the special "Year of 4", a documentary, aired on televisions across the nation. The 30 minute clip gave fans a look inside of the world of Beyoncé's journey over the past year while preparing and recording her new album "4" which hit stores earlier this week. Inside you will see footage of her interacting with fans, vacationing, hitting the studio, practicing the dance choreography and a lot more. Check out the video below.

I find it fulfilling knowing that she knows that she took risks with her choices for this album. She admitted it. Showing that humility is all I need from her and she does it all the time. I just don't see why people are so hard on her and her persona saying that she's fake and phoney when I have yet to see it. She said that she told herself "What was I thinking? Why did I record "Run the World (Girls)". She gets it, she knows and I love that. But she took it and rolled with it without caring what anyone had to say about it. And for the people who are claiming that she never took a break, clearly the footage shows otherwise. Yes she used the some of the same clips from her "I Am..." tour DVD but guess what, it was recorded when she took her break. So get off her jock.

Jill Scott Nabs #1 Spot on Billboard Charts & Cover

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Jill Scott has much to celebrate. Her album "The Light of the Sun" has topped the Billboard 200 Albums chart. Pushing out 137K copies has landed her on top. This is a career first for her as she's never had an album go number one on the 200 chart.. The songstress also covers the July issue of Billboard magazine. Congratz to her. 

What do you think about the cover? I think she looks GREAT! I think her chart position is well deserved. She is such a talented singer and actress and she is getting the shine that she's deserved for years. Her album is a winner as well, it's not number one for nothing so make sure to grab a copy!

Kelly Rowland Drops Deluxe Edition Cover of "Here I Am"

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Yesterday, miss Kelly Rowland unveiled the cover for "Here I Am". Today we get the deluxe edition of it and it shows a softer side of the diva. The album drops July 26th via Motown Records. It's preceded by the singles "Motivation" feat. Lil Wayne and "Lay It On Me" feat. Big Sean.

Which cover do you like best? The standard or the deluxe?

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Fresh Music: Beyoncé - "Dreaming"

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Today saw the release of Beyoncé's new album "4". The project has shot to the number one spot on itunes in mere hours and was certified Gold in Poland in less than 12 hours of it's release. The album is getting mixed reviews from critics but positive reviews from celebrities. But only one thing matters, and that is Beyoncé's happiness and she's happier than ever before. But I digress. Target received the deluxe edition of her  album with 6 additional tracks. Except for one which was saved for Japan. This song is called "Dreaming". Another Babyface produced track. Check it out below.

I love it. I wish it was included on the regular edition. Her vocals are so grunty. She is singing it to make you feel it! Not in just this song but all of the other ones as well. This could have easily blended in with the album. Your thoughts?

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Kelly Rowland Unveils "Here I Am" Cover

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Kelly Rowland dropped the official cover for her new album "Here I Am". The project is set to hit stores July 26th via Motown Records.

The cover does not scream "here I am". It really doesn't. I do like it, however it just doesn't appeal to the title of the album. It looks like it was apart of the "Motivation" shoot. The sweat, the dark hue and hair. Looks good though. I'm excited. Will you be buying?

Ashanti Dropping New Single

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Ashanti has been quietly hitting the studio putting the finishing touches on her new album. The songstress made an appearance at the BET Awards last night showing that she still looks amazing. She adressed her new music saying that a new single will drop in 2-3 weeks. She talks about her own record label Written Entertainment and other things that hse has been working on. Check out the video below.

This should be interesting. It's been 3 years since we last had music from her...and I didn't like it. So I'm hoping that she can get it right with this new album. She has her own label. I wonder what she has been working on, what it sounds like and all that good stuff. I'm going to give her a chance this time around. I can't wait to hear the first single. She still looks good. LEts go Ashanti, I'm ready to post more about you on the blog!

Kelly Rowland Covers "Monarch" Magazine

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Kelly Rowland graces the cover of the new summer issue of "Monarch" magazine. Inside she talks about taking control of her music, new album and being sultry. The new project called "Here I Am" is set to be released on July 26th. Last night she performed at the BET Awards and received nothing but rave reviews and comments from her celebrity friends via Twitter as well as the crowd there.

Kelly Rowland is finally at the top of her game. The magazine covers are about to role in, more performances are about to come about, and the new album. I'm patiently awaiting a cover for the project. It will drop very very soon.

2011 BET Awards Arrivals, Performances, & Winners

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If you missed the BET Awards last night like I did, here's your recap. You can check out the red carpet arrivals, the performances as well as the list of winners from last night's ceremony. Get into it after the jump.

Jennifer Hudson Drops "No One Gonna Love You" Video

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The brand new video from Jennifer Hudson dropped this morning for her second single "No One Gonna Love You". The Diane Martel video shows J-Hud getting down to the mid-tempo cut. Check it out below.

The video is cute, I still don't too much care for the song being chosen as a single. There were so many other choices that they could have ran with.

Raven Symone Covers Rolling Out Magazine

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Raven Symone covers this month's issue of "Rolling Out" magazine. Inside she talks about her new show, advice to actress trying to make it, shows off her new figure & how she got it. Check out more after the break.

Britney Spears Premieres "I Wanna Go" Video

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Earlier today, Britney Spears dropped the video for her third single "I Wanna Go" which is lifted from her platinum certified album "Femme Fatal". The video shows a rocked out Britney taking questions in the beginning from media outlets, grabbing on a fan's ass, flashing a father & son, getting frisked by an officer and beating on cyber paparazzi members. It's an interesting clip. Check it out after the jump.

The Word...on Ciara

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Popular urban music blog That Grape Juice just launched a new website to add to it's ever growing brand. The new site features three new segments; The Splash,The Word, & The Rundown. I'm bringing you The Word...on Ciara. The team from the web-series took to the street of Los Angeles and got the word on what people thought about Ci-Ci. If you care to watch, check out the video after the jump. It gets pretty interesting as the Beyoncé and Rihanna comparisons hit their mouths.

Tina Knowles Shows Her Inner Diva on the Set of Beyoncé's New Video

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Word on the street is that Beyoncé's mother Tina Knowles threw a "diva" fit on the set of Beyoncé's video for her latest single "Best Thing I Never Had". The song is lifted from Bey's upcoming album "4" which hits stores on June 28th. Sources say that Tina was on set DEMANDING that people refer to her as "Miss Tina" when she's addressed. She also was said to have yelled at the cameramen for having Beyoncé near the extras for too long because they we're talking to her daughter. If you care to read more peep the full article below.

Jennifer Hudson Shoots "No Ones Gonna Love You" Video

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For those of you who don't know. Jennifer Hudson's second single from her gold certified album "I Remember Me" is called "No Ones Gonna Love You" and the video has been shot and wrapped with a premiere date of June 24th on VEVO as well as BET's 106th & Park. After the jump, you can check out more snaps of the video shoot.

50 Cents Comes for Lady Gaga's Wig!

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50 Cent has reached into testy waters. The rapper has made a comment about Lady Gaga and her little monsters aren't too pleased about it. He claims that she has it "easy" and that he has to "work harder" than her to get his records played on the radio. He went on to SLAM his label (Interscope Records which is also home to Gaga) via Twitter about the process and the delay of his new album "Black Magic". Peep the article after the jump. 

Second Batch of Bees

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 Here's a second batch of new promo photos from Beyoncé's album "4"...the train is coming and it's not gonna stop. Peep pics after the jump.

Fresh Music: Skylar Grey - "Invisible"

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This is the woman behind the hits (Diddy's "Coming Home" & Eminem & Rihanna's "Love The Way You Lie") and she's out to become a star in her own right. She premiered her new song "Invisible" and it was produced by Alex Da Kid. The track will be featured on her debut album set to drop sometime later this year. In the meantime, check out the song below.

Very uplfting, kind of...I think. What ever it is I can dig it. She's bringing different things to the table when it comes to what's currently playing on the radio. I don't think that this will fare to well on the radio and charts but I like it.

Beyoncé Drops New Promo Pic + E.T. Video + Pulse Perfume

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Above is the latest offering from Beyoncé's new album era. This looks to have been snagged from the album packaging itself. Bey dangles from ropes, drenched in the color red, topless with her hair covering the puppies and wearing her signature high heels. The new album "4" drops June 28th.

The album suffered a leakage a few weeks back, and there have been mixed reviews about the project, so we'll see how she does with the numbers once it hits stores. Will King B snag the number one spot? Last night, the starlet was also featured on Entertainment Tonight & kicked off promotion for her new perfume Pulse. Peep it all below.

Chris Brown & Justin Bieber Drops "Next 2 You" Video

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A few weeks back, a version of Chris Brown & Justin Bieber's new video, "Next 2 You" hit the web, but it wasn't the final version. The clip surfaced hours ago and you can check it out below.

Chris Brown is definitely a good entertainer. So far, I've liked every video that he's dropped this time around from his album. Though, I'm starting to wonder if he doesn't like black women. In all of his videos, even in the one from his "Exclusive" era, the main girls in his video were not black, they were either biracial or of another ethnicity. Hell I don't even consider Cassie black and she was in his video for "Crawl". I'm starting to question his love for the "African American" girl, because Rihanna was not it. Justin Bieber has grown up! I see why Selena Gomez is all over that because hell I would be too. The video is very dramatic and cinema like. All of the destruction in it was just perfect! Towards the end, Chris's dance moves were getting kind of "queen-ish". I wonder who does is choreography because sometimes it looks down right gay. but all in all, I like the clip, a lot better than the one I posted before this one!

Lady Gaga Premieres "The Edge of Glory" Video

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Yesterday, Lady Gaga premiered the video her highly anticipated for her single "The Edge of Glory". She directed the clip herself along with the Haus of Gaga. The original director, Joseph Kahn  was axed from the project due to creative differences on the set o the video..Nevertheless, he video was created and you can check it out below.

I absolutely hate the video. It shows that this video was directed by Gaga herself because it's trashy. I LOVE the hell out of the song and envisioned something totally different and elegant. This mess was no where near my vision. She pretty much strutted around that back of someone's new york apartment complex and licked the ground  few times. I mean,come on! We deserve more. Her damn Google chrome commercial was better that this hot ass mess. Her make up was too dark and scary for this song, as well as her outfit. It was all too over the top for a song that was so damn simple. This is what happens when you over do stuff Gaga, you disappoint people!  

Beyoncé Will Perform at the BET Awards

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It has just been announced by BET that Beyoncé will be performing at the 11th Annual BET Awards. Beyoncé will be joining the likes of Kelly Rowland, Trey Songz, Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown and more that will take to the astage. But there's a twist with B...find out what that twist is when you read on.

Jennifer Hudson Brings Soul to The Letterman Show

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Jennifer Hudson took to the stage at New York’s Ed Sullivan Theater wearing a skin tight dress for a 50 minute performance. J-Hud is fresh from the hospital after suffering from food poisoning a few days ago, but many people are arguing that it was due to complications of the surgery she had to lose weight, which is another story....But anywho, she performed a string of hits from her new album "I Remember Me". Check out the 50 minute performances below.

Back to the topic of the surgery thing, I think people need to STOP! I've been hearing people say that she has had surgery and blah blah blah, I don't think she has and if she did, why do you care? She looks good! Plus, she's a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers. She's inspiring people from all across the nation and I'm sure they wouldn't have snagged her had she got surgery. There would be lawsuits up the ass crack! I'm proud of her because she lost the weight with dedication and drive and discipline. Now, onto the performances, they were GREAT. If you've never seen Jennifer dance or due coregraphy, then you need to watch this performance of "No One's Gonna Love You". Nuff said!

Fresh Music: Kelly Rowland - "Lay It On Me" feat. Big Sean

Kelly Rowland has finally dropped her official second single for her new album "Here I Am" which drops July 26th. This song features rapper Big Sean and it's called "Lay It On Me". Kelly Rowland serves up a fresh uptempo track, catchy hook and a very radio friend hit. Check out the cut below which was produced by Hit Boy.

It's about time, I've been waiting for this for so long. The second single and I absolutely love it! I love the pop sound and Kelly's voice over this track is pretty tight. Yes, it's safe for Kelly, not her R&B driven music, but this takes me back to a Destiny's Child era. I'm liking it. #Downloading...It took long enough to drop the second single but what does this mean for "Motivation" I mean the song still hasn't really been promoted. It's just HOT and people love it! She hasn't performed on any television shows, no television interviews or anything and I've been wanting to see it. So since the new single is here, does this mean no more promo for Motivation other than the video? I'm sure she will EVENTUALLY get around to performing it, but I want it while it's HOTT! What do you think??

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Katy Perry Drops "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" Video

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Katy Perry dropped the official music video for her latest single "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" which was lifted from her platinum selling album "Teenage Dream". The video pretty much shows off exactly what the lyrics to the song says. It also feature cameos from Rebecca Black & Kevil McHale from the hit T.V. show "Glee". Check out the retro 70's inspired clip below.

Very comical! But I can already see the backlash from girls around the world who are actually in that predicament (wearing braces and feeling ashamed of their looks and what not. And to them, I say F OFF! Because it was STILL FUNNY! This has always been one of my favorite tracks from the album, if this goes number one (which I'm sure it will) it will mark 5 number one singles in a row for the starlet which will go down in record books everywhere! Your thoughts?

Beyoncé Drops Deluxe Edition Album Cover

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Above is the official deluxe edition cover for Beyoncé's new album "4" which will drop on June 28th. It's not in HQ, but hey, it's worth seeing.

I like it a lot more than the standard edition cover. I mean, it seems that a lot of things have went down hill since her axing her father as manager. I mean, normally, she would be EVERYWHERE on EVER television show, on EVERY magazine cover. Everyone knew that she was dropping an album. But now, that steam engine has slowed down. Not as much promotion as she used to have. I guess this is the change she as been looking for. Her fans on the other hand aren't. But I guess we'll see how it all rolls into play for the star.

Kelly Rowland Switches Album Release Date

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Things are looking up for Kelly Rowland. The success of her single "Motivation" has forced her camp to push her album UP! Yes, not backward. UP!! The project "Here I Am" has been moved from September, to July 26th. The news comes exclusively from Rap-Up and I think it's the smartest move her team has made over the past few years. 

This is exactly what Ciara should have done, when her song "Ride" was going strong, but her album was continuously pushed BACK. Kelly means business. I'm happy for her. After the jump, you can check out a few new promo pictures that have just been released by Kelly. I think they're OLD promo pics, but they still look good.

Fresh Music: The-Dream - "Body Work" & "F**K My Brains Out"

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The-Dream has been laying low on the music front, instead he's been writing new music for your fav artist. Now that they all are out the way, he's ready to hit the radio airwaves again. He's releasing a new album called "L.IV: Diary of a Madman" which is said to drop this fall. Take a listen to "Body Work" & "F**K My Brains Out" below.

I'm usually a fan of The-Dreams music. But it seems as if he's "stuck". Like his music starts to sound the same. This could have easily been on his last album "Love King". But hey, I guess he likes it, and that's all that matters.

Fresh Music: Beyoncé - "Countdown"

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Tracks are surfacing left and right from Beyoncé's new album "4". This one is called "Countdown" which samples a song from R&B legends Boyz II Men. Take a listen before it's removed. Because I'm sure it will be. So hurry and listen.

Love it! I also love the fact that she doesn't say the word "Countdown" not once during the song, but uses Boyz II Men's voices to actually sing the countdown. Pretty decent, the beat is very island like and Beyoncé lays her flawless vocals over the song. It's a winner for me. Better than the song "Party". Your thoughts?

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Fresh Music: Beyoncé - "Party" feat. Andre 3000

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Beyoncé's album was rumored to leak yesterday, but I didn't have any luck finding it. But here's a new track from the album produced by Kanye West and it features Andre 3000. The name of it is "Party". The song if lifted from her upcoming album "4" which drops June 28th. It samples Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh’s 1985 classic “La Di Da Di.” Check out the cut below.

Everyone, including me, thought that this song was gonna be a booty shaking hit. Boy was I wrong. It's a groovy cut with Beyoncé singing an harmonizing over the funky beat. Kanye West really took it back with this production, too far back if you ask me. So far out of all the leaked tracks from the album, this has to be my least favorite. Last week  it was confirmed that Beyoncé was releasing a deluxe edition which will feature an aditional 6 songs. Check out the track listing after the jump. But before you do that, rate the song.

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Britney Spears Drops OFFICIAL "I Wanna Go" Cover

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Above is the official cover art for Britney Spears' latest single "I Wanna Go" from her platinum certified album "Femme Fatal".

Very bubbly eeh?

B. Scott Premieres Video for "Kiss Kiss"

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Yesterday B. Scott dropped a video for his single "Kiss Kiss". The flick pretty much shows B dancing and posing it up for the camera looking glamorous, sexy, and androgynous all at the same time. The fan was blowing that hair in all the right places and his love interest was a hot shot. Check out the video below.

This is why he hasn't posted a youtube video. The man has been working on bigger projects. This video, I'm sure he has some segment for television rolled up his sleeve. B. Scott is on his grind and business. He went from doing what I do, to just BOOM everything. He has been featured on numerous of television shows, hosts tons and tons of parties, his bff's with Mariah Carey all within the course of 2 years. That's how you do it. Nuff said. The video is surprisingly pleasurable, the song not so much but I don't dislike it. All in all,  he was giving it to me in this video!! Just throwing it ALL in my face! And I was catching it!

Rihanna Responds to "Man Down" Video Controversy

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It seems as if every video release from Rihanna this album era has some type of issue behind it. From her "S&M" video to the the "Man Down". The starlet came under fire after her new video which shows visuals of guns, abuse and violence. The Parent Teacher Counsil stated that the video is ‘cold, calculated execution of murder’, and further stated that, “If Chris Brown shot a woman in his new video and BET premiered it, the world would stop. Rihanna should not get a pass”. Knowing Rihanna, she could hold back. Check out her tweets after the jump below.

Lady Gaga Sets The Record Straight About Album Sales

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Lady Gaga has spoke exclusively to The Wall Street Journal about the criticism and controversy surrounding her "Born This Way" album sales and the fact that Amazon sold it for only one dollar which contributed to more than 400,000 of the 1.11 million that she sold in the U.S. alone and 2 million worldwide. Well everyone has an opinion and so does she and she thinks that the online giant was very smart with making that decision and she applauds them for that decision, stating that the company paid the difference of the amounts that the album was selling for. So basically Lady Gaga got all of her money. Check out the interview after the jump.

Fresh Music: Beyoncé - "Best Thing I Never Had"

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As promised, today Beyoncé premiered her official second single from her album "4" that drops on June 28th. The Babyface penned and Symbolyc One produced track is called "Best Thing I Never Had" and showcases B's vocal ability, yet again, by digging deep and singing over a mid-tempo pop ballad production about someone not knowing what they had until she was gone. It's definitely a song that millions can relate to because it's a break-up song, but a good one. Above is the official single art. Check out the power house song below.


Wow. So far, it's the best I've heard from the album. I love Babyface penned track and Beyoncé's delivery in this song is oh so strong. Like I said above everyone can relate to the lyrics because it's your typical breakup song, but B has that sass that no one else has while singing a song like this which is what makes it stand out. Her vocal chops have definitely got better over the few years. She's always trying new things with her voice that I love. This song will be on repeat for the next few days. As well as radio stations. The track is so radio appealing that I bet it will easily reach the top 10. Just you watch. Your thoughts?

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