Keri Hilson & Nelly Shoot "Lose Control" Video

What's that you asked? Didn't Keri Hilson just put out a video with Chris Brown for "One Night Stand"? She sure did! And she isn't stopping. The next single is called "Lose Control" and it features Nelly. This will be the fifth single released from the album. Check out a few more pics after the jump.

I thought she would have called it quits for this album by now. But she's a hustler. She has to bring it twice as hard to make an impact in the music world because with people like Beyoncé, Rihanna and Lady Gaga aren't making it easy. Five singles, none of which reached the top 10 on Billboard, but instead we get raunchy videos and more wig changes from the blonde bombshell. She's pulling in the features, this was the same tatic tha she used on the last album which secured her a few top 10 hits on the Bilboard chart. This song isn't even all that bad either, it's a flavorful tune. I always said it could have been featured on a Rihanna album but hey, what do I know. Take a listen below.

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  1. the song has a nice beat but the lyrics are a fail.


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