Beyoncé to Release New Single in April

We all know that Beyoncé has been hard at work on her new album. Now word has it that her first single from the new album is HUGE and is rumored to be released at the end of April. Check out the report below.

One of the Beyonce World visitors had a chance to talk with music producer Robert ‘Shea’ Taylor, who previously worked with Beyonce during B’Day. Apparently he also signed up for Beyonce’s upcoming album and he had a few interesting things to share:

  • Her music is pop with a little bit of rnb, but more “musical”.
  • It has an 80s feel to it but made modern.
  • It’s like michael jacksons music during his prime (thats what the album is gonna be like).
  • She has a song with Kanye West that’s suppose to be Amazing.
  • Her first single is huge and will premiere at the end of April. Source

I'm ready for it!! Everyone else has been coming out with new music and ripping up the airwaves. As always, the best is saved for last. The big talk this year was Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Gaga and Brit both has had phenomenal success with their first singles, now lets see what Beyoncé will do! Think she can dominate the charts all around the world and break the records of Gaga? We'll see!!

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