Lady Gaga Premieres "Born This Way" Video

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As promised, Lady Gaga has premiered the video for her bigger than life single "Born This Way". The video was described as "birthing a new race" and is supposed to be the most amazing thing that has ever hit the world (side eye). Thei video was directed by fashion photographer Nick Knight and is the first of two different versions. Watch it below.

Well, we all know that she is VERY theatrical, with everything, so I expect this much with the video. She looks very pretty in the dance scenes, her make up was flawless and her body looked very very nice in that bikini. The intro started off elegant, but soon became disturbing after I saw the birth scenes. My mouth dropped to the floor. The video as a whole was decent, nothing that will change the world or anything. I just wish that they stop hyping up EVERYTHING she does and touches because it doesn't live up to it in the end. But regardless, I'm sure that people will eat it up. Enjoy and vote below.

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Another Look at a Blonde Chris Brown


Here's another look at a very blonde Chris Brown. I honestly think its hot. I hope he keeps it. It beings swag to his side of the pond. What do you all think?

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Fresh Music: Willow - "21st Century Girl"


Since taking music by storm last year, Willow is back with the follow up to her smash hit "Whip My Hair". She premiered this song on the radio today and will perform it FIRST on Oprah tomorrow morning. "21st Century Girl" is the name of the track and it's lifted from her untitled debut album under Jay-Z's label Roc nation. Take a listen below.

If this isn't a mini Rihanna I don't know what is. I guess they are trying to make her out to be an urban-pop star. We know that DEFINITELY the urban side works for her, now lets see how well she grabs pop listeners with this song. I mean, it's not all that catchy as "Whip My Hair" but it can probably stand on it's own. I personally think that this song drives her away from her age group. The will probably listen to it and think "What's she talking about?" Whereas "Whip My Hair" said just that. She ha them kids whippin into a frenzy. So I don't dislike the song, it's definitely catchy and it fits her as well as her voice, but since she's 10, I feel that she should still appeal and sing to her age group. But hey, with the Smiths, you'll never know.

Chris Brown Shows off Blond Hair

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Yesterday Chris Brown tweeted a picture of his new due, now a professional photo has been released. It looks to be a promotional shoot for his new album "F.A.M.E." due out March 22nd. I like it. I think it's hott! Much better than the Sisqo look. What do you think?

Jennifer Hudson Storms the Red Carpet at The Oscars

Jennifer Hudson made her appearance at The Oscars earlier tonight looking magnificent. New body, new look, and a new her! The album "I Remember Me" is due out March 22nd. The video for "Where You At" has premiered last week and we're just patiently awaiting on the next move from J-Hud.

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Kelly Rowland Readies New Single & Album


Miss Kelly Rowland has been hard at work on her new album. After the unsuccessful attempts of releasing a few singles and videos last year, she went back to the drawing board where she has worked with hit makers Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins, Tricky Stewart, The-Dream, Jermaine Dupri, Ester Dean and Andre Merritt. The title of the new single and album is called "Motivation" and it features Lil Wayne. The album will be released later this year. She will also be shooting a video for the single as early as next week. Peep what she had to say below.

“I start shooting in L.A. in a week. I’m aiming for a very sexy, feminine video and I’m looking for womanly, sexy designs,” said Rowland. She went on to say that ‘Motivation’ would be “a mix of dance and mash-up”.

So lets hope that the song grabs attention. I mean ALL of the songs last time around were favorites of mine. I couldn't get enough of the releases and I was READY album. But it was pushed back. Sometimes it takes just that to deliver a great album. She has been working so hard to give us some great music and I'm sure she won't let us down. One thing I am disappointed about is the title of the album! That, I just can't sugar coat. I just find it uncreative when people name an album after a single, UNLESS it speaks for the entire album and not just the song. So I'm sure she will shed light on this she start promotions and all so I'll be patient and hear her reasoning before I unleash my thoughts.

The title of the new album is NOT "Motivation". But the new single is definitely titled just that. Click here for more info.
-Thanks Anonymous

Ciara & Rihanna's Twitter Beef

A few days ago Rihanna & Ciara exchanged a few words via twitter and they were NOT pretty. The confrontation came about after Ciara was featured on The Fashion Police with Joan Rivers where she publically revealed, on national tv, that she encountered a nasty Rihanna at a party that they both attended. That some how offended Rihanna and that's where it all began.

The two of them has been seen on numerous occasions together. It is weird to see the argue about something so pettey, and then for Rihanna to take shots at Ciara like that wasn't right. Sure Rihanna is on top of her game at the moment, she's hot stuff, booking stages here and there
but what happens when it stops? Because it will. It has happened to the greatest of the greatest. Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and others. Now it's happening to Ciara at a younger age, but shee still has lead-way to pull through. Rihanna is young as well, the only thing she has going for herself is her looks and her team. She isn't the best singer or performer and that where Ciara has the upper leg. She can entertain the hell out of a crowd and I believe that if Ciara had Rihanna's team on her end, she would be unstoppable. But I'm guessing that they made up but it didn't seem sincere, kind of messy still if you ask me.

Chris Brown Goes Blonde

Yesterday, Chris Brown tweeted the picture above. He has went platinum blonde. No word on if it's a new look for his album or video or if he will even keep it. But I guess it fits him. Look out for his new album "F.A.M.E." which is due out on March 22nd.

Do you like the blonde bombshell?

Britney Spears Set to Perform on Good Morning America

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Britney Spears has finally came out of hiding. She announced, with her own voice, her performance on "Good Morning America". The pop princess will take to the stage on March 29th. Check out the video below.

She sounded sick, and looked sick. Poor girl is being worked too hard. But nevertheless, it's good to actually SEE and HEAR from her. This is the very first time she has said ANYTHING to ANYONE regarding this album and promotions. I bet her camp has been reading the blogs and decided to make a change. When this day does come, she will be the center of attention, so lets hope she gives her ALL in this performance, unlike the video. Gosh it was a nightmare.

Lady Gaga to Premiere "Born This Way" Video Monday Morning

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Lady Gaga exclusively revealed to Kevin (The Skorpion Show) that she will be debuting the video for "Born This Way" online this Monday morning. They also spoke about the inspirations of hew album, singles and more. Peep it below.

Nice job Kevin. I watch his videos from time to time. Good to see that he had the chance to meet Lady Gaga and interview her. He looked nervous. The more I watch Lady Gaga in interviews, the more I get to like her. I don't know, it's like a hypnotic spell or something. I think I'm looking forward to the album.

Jennifer Hudson Premieres "Where You At" Video

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Above is the official single cover for Jennifer Hudson's single "Where You At" and below you can peep the new video that was shot right here in Chicago for the song; directed by Anthony Mandler. The song is the first single from her sophomore album "I Remember Me", hitting stores March 22nd.

Jennifer looks refreshingly stunning. I didn't think she would like right with her weight loss but it fits her. The hair and make-up is just glamorous. The video is simple, I was expecting something more dramatic but it was good for what it was. won't complain about that.

Bobby V. & Bobby Brown Perform "Rock Wit'cha" on 'Lopez Tonight'

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As reported a few weeks back, Bobby V and Bobby Brown took to the stage to perform "Rock Wit'cha" on Lopez Tonight, in support of his new album "Fly on the Wall" due out March 22nd. Check out the performance and interview below.

Bobby Brown sounded at HOTT ASS MESS!! I'm sorry, Bobby V could have done this alone. Brown doesn't have it anymore. And to think he has a new album coming out, and did he REALLY say "Download it from youtube." Just a old ass mess! He sounded like he needed to clear his throat. Bobby V on the other hand nailed it! Every note. He had the crow going wild. Next time he performs this, he needs to it without Brown. I'm curious to see how his new album will sell. What do you think about the performance?

Ciara Chats With Rap-Up TV

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Over the weekend, the NBA All Star Game took place and you know that TONS of celebrities were in attendance. The after party was even bigger when the sports teams and show big entertainers collided. Rap-Up had the privilege of speaking with Ciara where she shed light on her upcoming projects, her Facebook letter and more.

Well it's good to know that she's on her grind and that she's doing okay about the whole situation. she's being very optimistic. she revealed that she's working on a few projects that she's excited about, sounds like a few of them will be acting gigs. She also revealed that the video for "Turn It Up" will not be happening. I'm wishing her the best and all of the success. I can't wait for her musical comeback!

Bobby V. Premieres "Rock Wit'cha" Video

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I don't know how I missed this, but a few days ago, Bobby V premiered the video for his single "Rock Wit'cha". The song is lifted from his new album "Fly On The Wall" which is due out March 22nd. Check it out below.

I can't wait to see this get performed live! I just think he is gonna slay this song. I hope he does because I love it. Next week, you can catch him and Bobby Brown on the "Lopez Tonight' show performing this song as a duet. The video is nice, Bobby looks good as always. While watching it, I was wondering why no one ever really uses dark skinned video girls. They are always light with long hair...that was just a random thought.

Jennifer Hudson on the set of "Where You At" Video

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A very glamorous Jennifer Hudson was snapped on the set of her new video "Where You At" which was shot in her hometown Chicago. The single is lifted from her upcoming album "I Remember Me" which will hit stores March 22nd. The clip was directed by Anthony Mandler and will see a premiere on February 24th. Check out other shots below.

I love the song, I love the performances, I love the way she looks and I think I just may love the album. I think she did a good with choosing this song as a first single. Lets go J-Hud!

Britney Spears "Hold It Against Me" Video

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Last night saw the premiere of the highly anticipated video from Britney Spears for her single "Hold It Against Me" which is lifted from her new album "Femme Fatal" due out March 29th. The clip was directed by Jonas Akerlund. Check it out below.

Once again, a team of people that HYPES the HELL out of something, and it does NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT live up to the hype. Just like the album cover, the video looks very cheap and Britney wasn't dancing like she used to. She looked like she wasn't giving it her all. The concept,....I couldn't even tell you what it was because I'm all confused. I mean, what's with the fight scene? Why not just shoot a simply club video that showcased a more sensual side of Britney because that's the vibe I get from the song. Not this crazy, psycho Britney with dilating pupils and what not. I'm still not a HUGE fan of the song. I don't dislike it but I wasn't all amped and hyped about it like this guy.....

...and never will be. It's like now-a-days people are just blabbering everything they can think of just to build up hype for someone and promote their project. While the artist sit back and say nothing. How does Britney feel about the video? No one knows, hell what does she even think about the song? Does she even like the video? Does she like her album? What will the album sound like? Why wasn't she at the Grammy's? Why didn't she perform there since her song was one of the hottest? until word comes from her mouth, we'll never know. Lady Gaga premiered her single last Friday and already has started promotion for it, video is shot, Grammy performance and two interviews are under her belt. We have yet to see Britney say, promote, or DO anything. No guest appearances, no features, NOTHING. We've only see it come from her team. Which kind of sucks. With this lackluster video, I can EASILY see her falling from her once good graces as far as music goes. Granted the song did debut at #1 on the Billboard Charts, but I bet it won't reach that spot again.

Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne on the Set of "Look At Me Now"

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Chris Brown is currently shooting the music video for his single "Look At Me Now" which features Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne. The song is lifted from Breezy's upcoming album "F.A.M.E." which is hitting stores March 22nd. The clip is being directed by Colin Tilley. Check out a few other shots below.

Also pictured id Kevin McCall who is featured on Chris Brown's mixtapes. If you have yet to hear the song listen to it below. Definitely worth it. It showcases Chris Brown's rapping skills, but Busta Rhymes STEALS the track with his flow.

Alicia Keys' New Album Coming This Year

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Reported exclusively on Rap-Up, it has been confirmed that a new Alicia Keys album will be hitting stores this year. Check out the video below.

“We do got a release coming this year, but I can’t speak on it yet,” said Krucial at last weekend’s ASCAP 2nd Annual Grammy Brunch at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood.

“Last week we was in the studio working on stuff,” he continued, sharing that the collaborators will once again be working hand in hand on the follow-up to 2009’s The Element of Freedom. “Don’t fix it if it’s not broke.”

While their chemistry in the studio hasn’t changed, one thing has following the birth of Alicia’s son Egypt. “The writing is the same. The only thing changed is the schedule. We leave earlier now. No more to-the-crack-of-dawn stuff—at least not for now.”

That comes as good news because I was one of the people waiting on another single to be released from "The Element of Freedom". What happened to the Beyonce assisted "Put It In A Love Song". The video had been shot several months ago, and was just put to rest. Maybe she will include it on the deluxe edition on the new album. Who knows, but I really wanted to see the video for that. New album, new material, new things to write about, I'm excited about this one.

Madonna DENIES Emailing Lady Gaga

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As posted below, Lady Gaga mentioned on the Jay Leno show, that she received an email from Madonna's people giving their support for her new single "Born This Way" and it's success. But Madonna's camp is DENYING that they sent anything. Check it below

Earlier this week, the singer told Jay Leno that the Material Girl approved her new single, which some critics called a rip-off of Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” "I got an e-mail from her people and her, sending me their love and complete support on behalf of the single and if the queen says it shall be, then it shall be,” Gaga said.

But Madonna's rep has told CNN’s Headline News Entertainment that she is unaware of any email that Madonna has sent.

She was just trying to save face. Or maybe she did receive an email. But it probably was from a poser. Oh well, lets see what unfolds from here.

Lady Gaga Storms The Billboard Chart & Covers Their Magazine + Jay Leno Interview

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Lady Gaga reign will never let up. The pop phenomenon's song "Born This Way" topped the Billboard Hot 100 this week. Not only that but it is now the 1000th song to top the chart as well as shattering other radio records. For more info on that click here.

A few days ago, she was featured on the Jay Leno show where she spoke briefly about the Madonna comparisons, meeting Willow Smith, her new album and other things. Check it out below.

On the Madonna controversy: “There is really no one that is a more adoring and loving Madonna fan than me. I am the hugest fan, personally and professionally. Well the good news is that I got an email from her people and her, sending me their love and complete support on behalf of the single. And if the queen says it shall be, then it shall be.”
On meeting Willow Smith at the Grammys: “I love Willow. I told her that she inspired me to whip my hair back and forth onstage.”

On her new album Born This Way, due May 23: “The rest of the songs on the album are quite different from ‘Born This Way.’” Gaga is shooting an HBO special from “The Monster Ball” and has completed the video for “Born This Way” with director Nick Knight.
Congratulations on her success. Something about her though, just seems so FAKE.. I'm sorry, I don't know. She doesn't come off as "humble" as she trying to make herself out to be. I just don't believe it. She can't fool me with this mess! I like her as an artist and performer, but I think I dislike her attempts at being humble and this and that. But anywho, read the next post. Pay attention to the Madonna comment on this post.

Fresh Artist: H. Wood City

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A new artist is on the rise. He goes by the name of H. Wood City. Who is he? "Music's blue collar bad boy." This guy has worked with big named artists like Soulja Boy, Lil Kim, Master P, & Romeo. Now he's out on his own and is currently preparing to break into this industry. His music is described as "a nice blend of pop and hip hop fused with a colorful doo-wop feel". The single "Like An 808" is his first and it is making rounds. Hopefully it makes it's way to you."

His singing, rapping skills & lyrical content are very tasteful and DEFINITELY worth a listen. Below you can take a listen to it as well as check out an interview that will fill you in on who he is as an artist as well as his musical influences and tastes..

"Like An 808" is...what can I say? Very damn catchy. It's very radio friendly! Drake better watch out, he's not the only one who can sing and rap. H. Wood City could easily secure himself a spot in this industry. This song reminds me of a production by The-Dream, as well as the vocals and arrangement. His rapping is pretty decent, reminds me of Lil Wayne's flow. I'm already dumping this song onto my iPod, hopefully you guys will do the same.

H. Wood City will also star in the new reality show "The Real Teens of Hollywood" which is produced by Dick Clark Productions (Shaq Vs / So You Thi
nk You Can Dance) and will be airing on network television this fall.

This guy is on his GRIND!!!! Watch out for him in 2011! For more info on this artist check out the links below..

Fresh Artsit: Natalia Kills

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Time for a Fresh Artist post. This new comer is from from the U.K. and currently resides in Los Angeles. She's 24 years old and she has her eyes set on success in the U.S. The is a singer & songwriter and is currently signed to Interscope Records, which is the same label that Lady Gaga is signed under. Her music is described as dark pop. Last year saw the release of two buzz singles "Activate My Heart" & "Zombies". She also released a series of webisodes "Love Kills xx". Her debut album, "Perfectionist", is set to hit stores later this year, April 22nd to be exact. Check out a few of her music videos below as well as an interview of her telling the people who she is, what's she's about and where she came from.


Activate My Heart



Tyree just told me to listen to her and blog about her. In my opinion, like she stated in the interview, she is very similar to Lady Gaga in so many ways. As far as their music goes. Is the world ready for another Lady Gaga? Would she be able to excel in the industry being that their is already someone like her in the game? Those are the exact questions that people will ask. i think that her music is pretty catchy. It will definitely make you stop and listen. Her visuals are...hmmm how can I say this....They are very DARK. Darker than Lady Gaga's. Since she has being a director and producer under her belt, she is responsible for most of her visuals and they come out the way she wants them to. As you all know, when she does debut with her album, people will be QUICK to say that she's coping Lady Gaga's style and what not, but as you can see, she has been signed to her label since 2008 and released her buzz single in 2009, which was before Gaga crossed over to the dark side. Lady Gaga's dark image came in at the end 2009. So it's safe for me to say that Natalia was doing this type of music and style long before Gaga. I will not sit here and say, she copied Gaga. Get a load of her. She will be making her mark in the industry this year and hopefully it will set her up for future releases and what not. If you wish to know more about Natalia Kills, visit the sites below. Hopefully this blog will be seeing more posts about her.

Jennifer Hudson Performs "Where You At" on Ellen


Pretty lady Jennifer Hudson made a promotional stop onto the Ellen show today. She sat down and chatted about her dramatic weight loss, clothes, her baby and her new album. She also performed her new song "Where You At" which is lifted from her new album "I Remember Me" due out March 22nd. Check it below.

She KILLED this performance. Better than the Oprah gig. She slayed the last few seconds on this performance, whereas on the Oprah show, she didn't hit that note that I wanted her to hit, but she did the damn thing this time around. I smiled :-)

Destiny's Child Together Again

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Yesterday, the members of Destiny's Child was spotted leaving a lunch date along with Solange & Angela Beyince. Word has it that they were celebrating Kelly Rowland's birthday. Check out the clip below.

It's nice to see that they all are together and friends. Regaurdless of what's being said about their friendships with one another. Lets hope they get together for an album soon!

Lil Kim Drops "Black Friday" Mixtape


Today, Lil Kim released her "Black Friday" mixtape, which is supposed to be an entire diss to Nicki Minaj. The cover above is just taking things to the extreme. I dislike it, starting to fully dislike Lil Kim because this "beef" is just so old and not called for.

Nicki is sitting at the top of the charts, I'm sure she wont give in to this mess Lil Kim is trying to keep up. If you want to download Lil Kim's mixtape click the link below....oh yeah, she is charging $9.99 for it.

Lady Gaga's "60 Miinutes" Interview

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Last night after The Grammy Award Ceremony, 60 Minutes aired with an interview featuring Lady Gaga with John Hamlin. He followed the singer in-between her world tour from London to Milan providing an in-dept interview about the star, her rise to and the studying of fame, if she's REAL and her loyalty to her fans. Check it out below.

I just don't think she has always been this way. Just in 2006 she had long dark hair. Now she is doing EVERYTHING with her hair. I understand NOW that her life itself is art and a performance. When she steps outside, she's performing. Everything that she does is art and she's putting on a show. I did find it interesting that she said being open, honest and loyal to her fans gives her a sense of privacy to a certain extent. She said her fans know everything that she wants them to know and that her fashion and fame gives her control because she is making them pay attention to what SHE wants them to pay attention to and not other things like her personal life and what not. I think that is the smartest thing that I ever heard her say. I guess it's the study of "art and fame". Now her goal is to maintain her high level of success. Lets see if she can do just that.

Ciara: "My Time to Speak"

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Last week, I posted the rumor about Ciara being dropped from her label. Well, apparently it is just that, a RUMOR. She posted a letter to her fans telling expressing her fustrations with her label and how she wishes to be dropped. Check it below.

To my fans:

This week the net has been a buzz of the rumor that I have been dropped from my label. At this point that rumor is false.. It is true that I have asked and I pray that my label will release me. I have had some great times and success with my label, but sometimes like all great things, it's at that point where I feel we don't share the same views on who I am as an artist. The past two albums have been very frustrating for me. At times there were songs I chose to lead a project and I was ignored! This project, I even tried to get "Gimmie Dat" started I spent tens of thousands of my own money only to hear the radio PDs tell me my label didn't want the song played. I even spent more than one hundred thousand dollars out of my pocket on the video to bring my vision to it and still no label support. I do understand that some labels are not financially supporting their artists and I have become one of them. You, my fans, know that I strive to do my best to deliver to my you the best songs and creative vision I possibly can. I'm dedicated to my music, performance and to my fans! I've tried to be a team player with the label only to have compromised what I truly believed and was not given the right opportunity to promote and inform my fans of the release of this album. I have so much of me as an artist I still want to give to the world and my fans. A release would allow me to go be creative with people who care and understand me as an artist. In a short time, I will be able to bring to you a new music energy and a visual excitement! Thank you so much for standing by me through the good, bad, and the confusion. I love you all.
Love Ciara

Before yall hack down my throat, I did say that it was a rumor. Even though she said at this point, that accusation is false. I still believe that it's either coming, or has already happened. I ust feel that she needs to get a better team to support her. In her case, I don't see it to be embarrassing to be dropped from a label giving all that she has been through. So hopefully they drop her, or as she calls it "release" her from the label. When that time comes, expect a whole new crunk Ci-Ci.

Chris Brown Unveils "F.A.M.E." Album Cover

Earlier today Chris Brown revealed his album cover. His new album called "F.A.M.E." is due out March 22nd. The album will feature the singles "Look At Me Now", "Yeah 3X" & "Beautiful People", it also will feature Asher Roth, Benny Benassi, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber and more.

"Fall In Love With RichGirl" Mixtape Download

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Soon to be bigger than EVERYTHING, girl-group RichGirl has released their first official mixtape today. It's called "Fall In Love With RichGirl". For those of you who don't know, this girl group was formed nearly 3 years ago by super producer Rich Harrion who's crafted hits for the likes of Beyonce (Crazy in Love) and Ameriie (One Thing). The group features four pretty young ladies; Lyndriette, SeVen, Audra & Brave.

The mixtape takes you to an intimate side of the group with them re-creating hits like Keri Hilson's "Pretty Girl Rock", Lloyd's "Lay It Down", Beyonce's "Roc", Kanye West's "All of the Lights", Usher's "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love" & Bruno Mars' "Grenade".

It also features a few originals from the quartette and a feature from Chris Brown. Support this awesome and sexy group, download their mixtape here.

2011 Grammy Awards Pictures; Backstage & During Breaks

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Check out your favorite celebrities during the award ceremony last night having fun on t he floor and backstage. Above is a picture of Beyonce and her good friend soon to be country star Gwyenth Paltrow. She took to the stage with Cee-Lo Green to perform "Forget You" last night on the show. Check out more pics of your favorites below.

Jaden, Willow, Drake, Dr. Dre & Lady Gaga

Eminem & Dr. Dre

Jada Pinkett, Will & Jaden Smith

B.O.B., Drake & Rihanna

Gwyneth Paltrow, Janelle Monae & John Legend

Lady Gaga & Jaden Smith

Justin Bieber & Cee-Lo Green

Jennifer Hudson & Dr. Dre

Lil Wayne &

Lady Gaga & Jennifer Lopez

Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber & Usher

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony,Jjohn Mayer & Drake

Florence Welch, Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera, Martina McBride, Yolanda Adams, Willow & Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, Beyonce & Usher

Willow, Lady Gaga, Diddy & Kim Kardashian

Fun times! Tune in next year for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. Hope you enjoyed this one because I DIDN'T!
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