Fresh Music: Kelly Rowland - "Get Back"

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Kelly Rowland has been clocking studio time to re-record her newly re-vamped as of yet titled album. The original album was set to hit stores back in Setptember and spawned the singles "Commander", "Rose Colored Glasses", "Grown Ass Woman" and "Forever and a Day". All which failed to make an impact on the charts. So she went back to the drawing board. Here's a newly leaked track called "Get Back". Check it out below.

There's no word on if this is an old cut from the previous sessions or if it's a fresh one. I'm hoping old because it's simply not striking me. Especially not for her new album. But according to producer Soundz, Kelly's first single will be dropping next month and it's called "Make Believe". Hopefully that will set in stone and impact the world.

Jennifer Lopez Releases "Love?" Album Cover

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Above is the official album cover of Jennifer Lopez's new album called "Love?" The album is due out early next year, around the same time as American Idol hits televisions, which she will be judging on for this upcoming season.

Pretty smart move to have an album and music come out the same time as America's favorite show that you will be judging on. Question is, how will it be promoted and will it cut into her schedule? Probably not, but I sure can bet that she will be promoting the hell out of the album on the show.

Janet Jackson Will Kick Off World Tour in Hong Kong

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Last month, it was announced that Janet Jackson was preparing to go on her largerst World Tour EVER, hitting 35 cities all over the world. A few weeks ago, fans had a chance to vote and decided what city should be the first stop for her tour. The winning city is Hong Kong and will take place on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2011. Janet expressed her joy, check out what she had to say below.

“The fans really reached out and voted for Hong Kong to be the Valentine's Day city of our Number Ones tour. I am thrilled to receive your votes and I will be performing in Hong Kong Feb 14, 2011!”

I'm sure the fans of Hong Kong are thrilled to know. I wonder if she will be stopping in Chicago? I'm sure that the tour dates will be extended from the mere number of 35. People are gonna wanna see their Janet!

Keri Hilson Releases Promo Shots for "No Boys Allowed"

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Keri Hilson is hot hot hot with her sexy new image, but I just think it's a tad bit TOO DAMN sexy and raunchy. Any who, Ms. KeriBaby released brand new promo shots for her new album, "No Boys Allowed" that's hitting stores on December 21st. Peep a few more pics below.

She has been getting more promotion than Ciara has seen in DECADES. Keri has already been on a bunch of television shows, released a mini porno and received praise for a cute and well thought out video. Ciara, has seen NOTHING! Keri also has her single charted on the Hot 100, now that's progress!

Ciara's "Basic Instinct" Promo Shots

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I know a lot of you forgot that Ciara's album was hitting stores next Tuesday without me here to remind you all. But "Basic Instinct" is about to come full force, at least I hope it does. It's been 9 months since her single "Ride" feat. Ludacris was released. It generated buzz but nothing followed it except for push back after push back. Back in October she released the singles "Gimmie Dat" & "Speechless" which aren't doing anything. She has a bunch of scheduled television appearances lined up during the week of her album release, but who knows if that will help sales. Check out another pic below..
I feel sorry for her, I think I smell funky business. She could easily be dropped from her label if this album doesn't deliver. That will mark 2 flop albums in a row if this one does. That's sad, but it's the way of the business. I have the album, it's pretty solid, it's just that no one has been promoting it. People don't know that it's coming out on Tuesday, along with Michael Jackson and Diddy Dirty Money and others, so I know her first week sales will suffer!

Rihanna Performs on "X-Factor" Finale

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I honestly think that Rihanna has been taking notes about enhancing her performaning skills. She no longer stands and gives us dryness. Her vocals have dramatically improved. She took to the stage of "X-Factor" to perform her hit "What's My Name" along with a duet of "Unfaithful" with one of the final contestants. Check out both performances below.

"What's My Name"


I'm impressed. So damn impressed that I had to post it to the blog. I haven't blogged in a while due to work, but I'm coming back. Go head Rihanna!
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