RUMOR ALERT! Trey Songz Has a Boyfriend?!?

This here is some juicy gossip. I'm sure some of you will hate and and some will LOVE IT! A lot of people believe that Trey Songz is gay and this latest rumor does nothing but confirms it. Trey Songz is allegedly dating a male employee of Jay-Z record label Roc Nation. He goes by the name of Brandin Deida. He’s described as being a 6’4 lightskinned young man who sports waves and a few tattoos. Check out the article below..

Bossip sources tell us there is a new man in Trey’s life: 24-year-old Brandin Deida, an employee of RocNation.

Our source tells us that Brandin is an NYU graduate who worked at Sony in their A&R department before getting his gig at RocNation. From what we hear he’s quite a looker. He’s described as being a 6’4 lightskinned young man who sports waves and a few tattoos.

According to a Bossip inside source, Trey and Brandin met in Los Angeles on September 12 — a day before the MTV Video Music Awards.

“They’ve been inseparable ever since,” says the source, “but everything is very lowkey.”

Our source tells us the two have avoided being photographed together thus far, but Trey is always visiting Brandin at the 1411 Roc building in NYC where he works since Trey has spent a great deal of time in New York since finishing his Beacon Theater dates on 10/14 and 10/15 when his tour with Monica wrapped up.

“Trey is in Seattle right now preparing for the OMG Tour which starts tomorrow,” the insider tells Bossip, “and Brandin is there also, presumably on “business”.”

Apparently Trey and Brandin have been trying hard to cover their tracks and have a set routine for the hotel stays. The pair are currently staying at the same Seattle hotel where Brandin has a room to himself and Trey does as well. Our source tells us that despite the separate rooms, Trey and Brandin often end up being together for the night.

“Everything they do is very elaborate,” the source says of their attempt to cover up.”They don’t ride in the same cars either.”

Check out a few pictures of Brandin below..

I knew it all along! If it's true, which I'm sure it is...a lot of women would be so broken hearted. It's easy to believe because all he does it talks and sing about sex with a woman. Trying to get the attention away from his REAL intentions. We know the deal Trey, sounds like he's a good ole BOTTOM! Dating someone thats 6'4. Sorry ladies, he's taken by another man!


  1. if this is true well i always knew and thought it about him but hell trey is still sexy lol know but he got a man and so do i lol i mean i still like him the same but he got a mate

  2. um firstly AND lastly RUMORS dont CONFIRM anything..

    a RUMOR is any unconfirmed statement.
    i hope he is gay..and i hope he comes out if he is.
    but honestly i don't care..but if
    he is..he should be proud about it and not hide it.

  3. Americans need to get over the gay thing. If Trey is gay, that's his damn business, and no one else's. That's the problem with most of us, we put too much emphasis on someone else's life, and our own is all f---ed up. Before we all pass judgement, we all need to clean our own closet. Enuff said.

  4. Everyone calm down. Trey is NOT and I repeat is NOT gay. He has dismissed this crazy rumor in December 2010. He is also NOT bi-sexual either. He said: He Loves The Ladies! So, this rumor like the rest of him from last year has been put to rest. Now, I don`t know bout the other guy, but Trey is 100% Straight :D

  5. hell if trey want sum good dick aint nothing wrong with that, he prob juss keep it on the low cause of his career and the fucked up stuff ppl say

  6. This is so stupid.... Its crazy that women or l should say little girls tend to hold grudges on men that dont want anything to do with them anymore. Whomever posted these pics need help. I know that man in the pic and he is far from being trey songz bitch.

  7. Ok ive heard so many rumors about trey and this man and that the other person said RUMORS are just that RUMORS im a gay man myself and i know how hungry a gay man can be to probably put this out HONESTLY i feel there are tons of DL dudes in the industry who's to know who is and who isnt just let ppl live gay str8 bi transgender black yellow or blue and if you wanna know a honest gay man's view my gaydar desnt go off for trey ask me about some others thro i might be ableto insight


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