Fresh Music: Ke$ha - "The Harold Song"

The release of her EP is right around the corner. Check out this fresh track from Ke$ha called "The Harold Song". For a lot of you who says that she CAN'T sing, listen to this song. Check it out below..

Blew you away didn't she? It like the track. Her voice is pretty nice. The EP as a whole is pretty solid. I'm listening to it now and it just has me grooving and moving. I can't pick a favorite because I like them all!

Beyonce Looking to Create a New GENRE of Music on Her New Album

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It's no secret that Beyonce is working in a new album for the fans. At first the producers couldn't stop talking about working with her, now she has spilled some of the beans herself. Check out what the diva had to say about her new album below. She was interviewed while on the set of her new Vizio commercial.

Sounds like she will POSSIBLY be revisiting the B'Day era since that album has a mixture of live instruments. I wasn't all that BIG of a fan of the B'Day album. But whatever. I Can't wait to see the commercial. It sounds funny!

Nicki Minaj Performs "Right Through Me" on The Wendy Williams Show

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With the release of her album "Pink Friday" less than a week away, Nic
ki Minaj took to the stage of Wendy Williams show and performed her song "Right Through Me". Check it out below.

Darn! I wanted to her her actually sing live! No doubt she can rap, but I'm starting to question those vocals. She always uses auto-tune in the studio. Maybe she will deliver on a future performance. Be sure to pick up the album on Tuesday!

RUMOR ALERT! Trey Songz Has a Boyfriend?!?


This here is some juicy gossip. I'm sure some of you will hate and and some will LOVE IT! A lot of people believe that Trey Songz is gay and this latest rumor does nothing but confirms it. Trey Songz is allegedly dating a male employee of Jay-Z record label Roc Nation. He goes by the name of Brandin Deida. He’s described as being a 6’4 lightskinned young man who sports waves and a few tattoos. Check out the article below..

Bossip sources tell us there is a new man in Trey’s life: 24-year-old Brandin Deida, an employee of RocNation.

Our source tells us that Brandin is an NYU graduate who worked at Sony in their A&R department before getting his gig at RocNation. From what we hear he’s quite a looker. He’s described as being a 6’4 lightskinned young man who sports waves and a few tattoos.

According to a Bossip inside source, Trey and Brandin met in Los Angeles on September 12 — a day before the MTV Video Music Awards.

“They’ve been inseparable ever since,” says the source, “but everything is very lowkey.”

Our source tells us the two have avoided being photographed together thus far, but Trey is always visiting Brandin at the 1411 Roc building in NYC where he works since Trey has spent a great deal of time in New York since finishing his Beacon Theater dates on 10/14 and 10/15 when his tour with Monica wrapped up.

“Trey is in Seattle right now preparing for the OMG Tour which starts tomorrow,” the insider tells Bossip, “and Brandin is there also, presumably on “business”.”

Apparently Trey and Brandin have been trying hard to cover their tracks and have a set routine for the hotel stays. The pair are currently staying at the same Seattle hotel where Brandin has a room to himself and Trey does as well. Our source tells us that despite the separate rooms, Trey and Brandin often end up being together for the night.

“Everything they do is very elaborate,” the source says of their attempt to cover up.”They don’t ride in the same cars either.”

Check out a few pictures of Brandin below..

I knew it all along! If it's true, which I'm sure it is...a lot of women would be so broken hearted. It's easy to believe because all he does it talks and sing about sex with a woman. Trying to get the attention away from his REAL intentions. We know the deal Trey, sounds like he's a good ole BOTTOM! Dating someone thats 6'4. Sorry ladies, he's taken by another man!

New Black Eyed Peas Promo Shots

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This unstoppable force known as The Black Eyed Peas are gearing up to take the airwaves by storm with the release of their 6th studio album called "The Beginning" due out November 30th. The album is preceded by the lead single "The Time (The Dirty Bit)". Check out another promo shot below.

The groups looks good! Fergie is hot as ever. Lets bring on the album! I'm ready!!

NEW VIDEO! Keri Hilson - "Pretty Girl Rock"

"Pretty Girl Rock" one of the singles lifted from Keri Hilson's album "No Boys Allowed" which will be hitting stores on December 21st. Earlier today she released the video for the single in which you can see her paying homage and tribute to some of the BIGGEST female artists in history like Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, TLC, Donna Summer, Josephine Baker, and Dorothy Dandridge with songs images dating as far back as 1930 to the present day. Check out the Joseph Kahn directed clip below.

LOVED IT! I love the song, I love the concept! Keri looks FABULOUS! See the TLC scene brought nothing but a joyful smile to my face. I'm sure she had fun re-living and re-creating some portion of videos and performances that has shaped the industry today. Love it! I'm down for "Pretty Girl Rock"!

SNEAK PEAK! Rihanna & Drake "What's My Name" Video

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Perfect timing to release a sneak peak for their song that just topped the Billboard Hot 100. Rihanna and Drake have much to celebrate. "What's My Name" is the second single lifted from her album "Loud" which will hit stores everywhere next Tuesday. Below you can check out some footage of the video shoot.

Cute and colorful, just like the song. The fans, I'm sure were excited to hang out with the pop princess as well to be featured in the video. I damn near fell dead hearing her say hello as "ELLO"! So funny. That's that Barbadian accent! Gotta love it. The full video should be premiering pretty soon.

Music Video: Steph Jones - "BEAutiful"

Back in July, Steph Jones premiered his new single "BEAutiful". Recently a video for the single was shot. Check it out below.

I'm upset! No one told me about a Steph Jones video!! I'm just now finding out about it! Well...I was upset, but the video made me feel better. Steph chopped off some of his lock. It looks nice. As for the video, I think I saw a familiar face in there. This barbie boy, at least that's what I call him. Steph!! Does Jordin know that your laying in a pool of women? I only kid. Must've been nice though. Kinds] of hot & steamy, women of all colors, shapes and sizes...I approve 100%!

Preview Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday" Album

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Nicki Minaj's album "Pink Friday" is just a few weeks away. If you can't wait to get a hold of it, now is your chance to check out a few snippets of the album. The 13 track LP features Eminem, Rihanna, Drake, Kanye West, Natasha Bedingfield, and Listen to it below.

1. “I’m the Best”

2. “Roman’s Revenge” feat. Eminem
3. “Did It On’em”
4. “Right Thru Me”
5. “Fly” feat. Rihanna
6. “Save Me”
7. “Moment 4 Life” feat. Drake
8. “Check It Out” feat.
9. “Blazin’” feat. Kanye West
10. “Here I Am”
11. “Dear Old Nicki”
12. “Your Love”
13. “Last Chance” feat. Natasha Bedingfield

I figured that her album would be filled with more mid-tempo, R&B flavored productions, with the exception of a few tracks. It sounds like it will be a hot album! Will she come out on top of Ne-Yo & Kanye West? Listening to this....maybe...just maybe. The track "Save Me" & "Fly" sounds like it will be the BEST track! I think she's fully singing on there. A full song of Nicki Minaj singing? I've been waiting for that for so long! This needs to hurry and leak."Last Chance" & "Here I Am" sounds pretty good as well and so does "Dear Old Nicki". Can't WAIT!!! Oh, "Check It Out" made the album as well.

SNEAK PEEK! Beyonce Performs "Say My Name"

The hype continues around Beyonce and her highly anticipated concert DVD. Hitting stores just in time for the holidays, this DVD would make the perfect gift. For those of you who can't wait, here's a sneak peek of what's to come. Check out the footage Queen B performing her Destiny's Child hit "Say My Name" as well as making the crowd go wild.

I would like to know exactly how many times it took her to say that in Chinese or Japanese. She just said it so flawlessly. And that black kid was just too amped. "Cual es tu nombre?" She hit that Spanish, she did say that she always wanted to be of the Latina decent. She can fit right in. I can't wait for this DVD! Who;s gonna buy it for me?

Christina Milian & The-Dream Reaches Peaceful Divorce Settlement

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The-Dream & Christina Milian has come to a peace treaty regarding their divorce. Christina is said to be "pleased" with the settlement deal that she struck with her soon to be ex-husband. Check out the report below.

"Ms. Milian strongly believes that peaceful resolution is better for their child and she is very pleased with the settlement and that it was accomplished out of court," Christina's attorney Randy Kessler told TMZ.

The terms of the settlement are being kept confidential but lawyers for each party are expected to submit the paperwork to a judge in Fulton County, Georgia in the near future.

I wonder what she's getting? Of course custody of the child, child support, she's probably set for life! Or at least until Violet turns 18. Hopefully the two of them can move on and gt past this. I've said it once, and I'll say it again, who didn't see this coming. I sure did!!

Rihanna Performs "Only Girl (In the World)" on X-Factor

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Yesterday, Rihanna took to the stage over seas and performed on X-Factor in Italy. The Billboard queen performed her hit "Only Girl (In the World)". Check it out below..

Not bad. This is a terrible quality video so she seems out of sync. But if you can look past that, Rihanna actually did a good job. She showcased stage presence for once. I'm proud.

Chris Brown's "In My Zone 2" Mixtape Cover

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November 26th is the day that you all can enter Chris Brown's zone....again. His mixtape with DJ Drama & DJ Babey Drew called "In My Zone 2" will be dropping then and above is the official cover art for the project. Make sure you grab the free music while you can...its FREEE!! NOVEMBER 26TH!!

Alicia Keys Poses for Vogue

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Alicia Keys will be featured in the December issue of Vogue magazine. Looking stunning as usual, check out a few more pics from the shoot below.

Very pretty right? I wonder when these photos were snapped? I couldn't he been like within the past few weeks, or months. She just gave birth to her baby so i can't see her heading back to work so soon. The past several months she has been bumping around with that belly so it definitely wasn't taken during those times..if it was, photoshop works wonders.

Fresh Music: Chris Brown - "Boing"

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Chris Brown is releasing his "In My Zone 2" mixtape on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). This song "Boing" is featured on the tape. Check it out below..

That's R&B Chris Brown, though I don't too much like this song. That "BOING" is really annoying! But on this track, he's following Trey Songz footsteps and singing bout some hot steamy sex. I'll pass.

Ciara Poses for VMAN Magazine

Ciara gets pretty and jazzy in the photo above snapped for the December issue of VMAN magazine. This is just a glimpse of what's to come from the shoot. As of late, there hasn't been too much Ciara news to go around. She's been on 106th & Park hosting the show for the past few days, no major performances, no television appearances...nothing.

With the album drawing closer to a release, the promotion hasn't been going so well. I honestly believe that there will be another push back now that Michael Jackson's new album is hitting stores that same day (December 14th). Ciara won't stand a chance. Sorry to say this but she doesn't.

Rihanna & Drake SOAR to #1 with "What's My Name"

What comes off as NOT to be a shocker, to me at least, the Rihanna reign just won't let up. The starlet has secured yet another number one on Billboard's Hot 100 chart with Drake for their song "What's My Name". The song jumped from #6o to #1 in just under a week. It also is sitting on top of the digital download charts after selling a massive 235,000 copies.

This marks Drake's FIRST number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 so he has much to celebrate. Who would have thought he would score his first number one with a girl who rejected him? The song is DEFINITELY a hot one, it deserves to be on top.

According to Billboard, this is Rihanna's 8th number one single and her 3rd chart topper this year. The first being "Rude Boy", then "Love The Way You Lie" and now this hit! It's no surprise that Rihanna can sell singles, we all know that, lets see if this album has what it takes to make it to the number one spot.

Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Spotted in NYC

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Newly weds Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz made their very first public appearance together since giving birth to their baby boy. The two was snapped arriving at the GQ event last night in New York City. Peep a few more pics below...

They look very happy. Happy indeed and Alicia post pregnancy body looks great. She's rocking that skirt and boots. Swizz didn't have her fire ALL of her glam squad after all. Pretty lady. Who's watching her dayum baby?!

Keri Hilson Releases "No Boys Allowed" Cover

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Earlier today, Keri Hilson unveiled her official album cover for her new album "No Boys Allowed" due out on December 21st. The album is preceded with the singles "Breaking Point" & "Pretty Girl Rock".

What are your thoughts?

Fresh Music: Chrisette Michele - "So In Love" feat. Rick Ross

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With the release of Chrisette Michele's album "Let Freedom Reign" just a few weeks away, another song leaks from the project. It features Rick Ross and it's called "So In Love". Listen to it here.

I love the arrangement of the chorus in this song. Rick Ross is appearing on all of these R&B tunes..I smell a cross over coming soon!

Fresh Music: Keri Hilson - "The Way You Love Me" feat. Rick Ross

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Keri Hilson goes x-rated on this new leak called "The Way You Love" which features Rick Ross. The song is said to be featured on her new album "No Boys Allowed" which is due out December 21st. Listen to the song below.

Wow! I honestly dislike this song. The beat is tight, but I don't like this Keri. I think she's trying to pick a direction because so far, four songs have leaked from her recording session, with all four being of different genres. The first was "Breaking Point" which was nothing but pure R&B receiving mixed reviews. Second was "Still A Girl" which was a soft mid-tempo pop ballad which was my favorite from these leaks. Third was her official second "Pretty Girl Rock" which was geared toward more urban listeners and now this which to me sounds like urban trash! There I said it. I hope this doesn't make the album. I doubt it will be featured because the title of the album is No Boys Allowed and this song is simply allowing ALL the boys in!

Keyshia Cole & Nicki Minaj Preps "I Ain't Thru" Video

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Here's a behind the scenes look at Keyshia Cole & Nicki Minaj on the set of the video for their song "I Ain't Thru" which will be featured on Keyshia's album titled "Keyshia" due in stores next month. Watch the footage below.

I was hoping that another single was released for Keyshia's album but I guess they are going with this. I just don't think that it will make any noise what so ever. I'm not feeling it nor the looks of the video.

Beyonce's Extended "I Am...World Tour" Trailer

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It's no secret that Beyonce will be hitting stores with her "I Am...World Tour" DVD/CD at the end of this month, no is it a secret that she will be invading our living rooms for Thanksgiving this year. Below you can check out an extended promo trailer of her upcoming tour DVD.

This is how you brand someone's name. She's aiming for ICON status. Some think that she has already reached such status, other feel that she has a long way to go. What do you think? IS Beyonce an icon?

Fresh Music: Michael Jackson - "Breaking News"

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Over the past few days, a lot of controversy has surrounded this new Michael Jackson song "Breaking News". Family, friends and critics argue that this IS NOT the real Michael Jackson on this track, saying that it is one of his million of impersonators. You be the judge. Listen to it here.

Sony are sticking to their claims that this is indeed the real deal, indicating that Michael Jackson recorded the vocals in New Jersey back in 2007. The song will serve as the first single from the new album "Michael" which will hit stores on December 14th.

LaTavia Talks About Being AXED From Destiny's Child

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LaTavia (formally of Destiny's Child) dropped by "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" and opened up about being fired from Destiny's Child. She said someone from the group told her that.. "You don’t do enough in this group to even have an opinion…". She also opened up about what happened to her after being axed from the group. Watch below.

Everyone has their story. No one knows what happened with the ORIGINAL group. Hell even Michelle Williams probably don't know the full story. Everyone talks about it except for Kelly Rowland and Beyonce. You've heard LeToya and LaTavia open up,. But it's sad to hear that being fired drove her to drinking and almost losing her life. I'm still waiting on a reunion!!

Faith Evans Covers Jet Magazine

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Faith Evans covers this week's issue of Jet magazine. It's to help promote her latest effort "Something About Faith". Inside the singer talks about owning your own voice. What do you think about the cover?

Fresh Music: Nelly - "Gone" feat. Kelly Rowland

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For the LONGEST, Nelly & Kelly Rowland has been talking about creating a follow-up to their career defining hit "Dilemma" back in 2002. That song was inked one of Billboard's Hot 100 songs of the decade. The two recently teamed up for a duet on his new album "Nelly 5.0" which is due out November 16th. Check it out below.

This new Nelly, the one that sings instead of rapping, I kind of like. Only his singing on this song just sounds so underground. It doesn't sound like "Just A Dream" but it'll do. Kelly delivers those R&B vocals that we know she's been suppressing these past few years due to her dance music fever. The song overall is nice, but it's no "Dilemma". Nice try though. I wonder if it will get the single treatment.

Fresh Music: Rihanna - "California King Bed"

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Yes, the album has sprang a leak online. I knew it had to be soon, so for those of you who can't wait to get your hands on must wait!! HAHAHA! In the meantime, here's a fresh track from Rihanna's album Loud, which is due out November 16th. which is one of my absolute favorites and it's the LOUDEST track on the album. It's called "California King Bed" which was produced by The Runners. Check it out below.

For one, I'm glad that her whole album isn't filled with the dance music. Thank god! The album is pretty solid, lets see if she can grab the number one spot. This song however is my favorite Rihanna song at the moment. The acoustic, heavy guitar bass driven number speaks on it's on, it showcases her vocal ability (in the studio at least) and has a wide range and a nice set of dynamics to the song. The Runners pushed her to the limit on producing this track. It should be released as a single or at least push out a video for it. I love it.

Chrisette Michele Premieres "Im A Star" Video

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Check out the video from Chrisette Michele and her single "I'm A Star" lifted from her new album "Let Freedom Reign". The Armen Djerrahian directed clip shows off Chrisette looking through tabloid papers and having a few drinks during the day before heading off to a big time movie premiere. See how she explains the video below..

“This is a video about a star girl who decides I don’t have to love another star to be cool or to be famous, I can love whoever I want,” Chrisette previously told “Access Hollywood” on set. “This is about the freedom to love whoever it is you decide. And I love, in this video, my driver.”

Great video. Your thoughts?

SNEAK PEEK! Michael Jackson - "Breaking News"

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Michael Jackson's untimely death still has the music world on edge. His new single "Breaking News" will officially premiere on November 8th and his new album "Michael" will hit stores on December 14th. This song was recorded back in 2007 and mastered this year to serve as the lead single for this album. Check out the preview below.

There clips is more over about his lawsuits throughout his lifetime and just breaking news about him, I wonder if the song is the same? You only pretty much hear about 11 seconds of the actual song towards the end but this is a good promo video to have us anticipating the premiere.

Preview Rihanna's "Loud" Album

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With only 11 days away for the release of Rihanna's album "Loud" on November 16th, the previews have made their way to the net. It's sounds as if it's a pretty solid album. Check out the snippets below.

1. “S&M”
2. “What’s My Name?” feat. Drake
3. “Cheers (Drink to That)”
4. “Fading”
5. “Only Girl (In the World)”
6. “California King Bed”
7. “Man Down”
8. “Raining Men” feat. Nicki Minaj
9. “Complicated”
10. “Skin”
11. “Love the Way You Lie (Part II)” feat. Eminem

All of these songs sound HOTT, except for "Man Down", I probably won't be listening to that at all. But the rest of these, "California King Bed", "Fading", "Cheers (Drink to That)" & Raining Men" has my ears written all over it. Can't wait!!

Fresh Music: Chris Brown - "Between The Lines" feat. Kevin McCall

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Check out the fresh track from Chris Brown called "Between the Lines". It features Kevin McCall. The mid-tempo R&B track sounds like it will be featured on an upcoming mixtape. Listen to it below..

Gotta love Chris and his R&B flavored songs. He's good at it. This song is perfect for the winter time. I've never heard of this Kevin character but he can sing...though I wish it was Chris throughout the entire track. Love it. He's still hard at work on the upcoming album "F.A.M.E." which is due out next year.

Top 5 Songs of the Moment

Sup folks!! Thought I'd share the top 5 songs that I'm constantly rotating at the moment!

1) Katy Perry - "Firework"
2) Ke$ha - "Sleazy"
3) Willow - "Whip My Hair"
4) Mariah Carey - "Oh Santa!"
5) Glee Cast - "True Colors"

What songs are you currently jamming to? Let me know, maybe I'll listen!
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