New Video: Ciara - "Speechless"

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The wait is over. Ciara just premiered her video for "Speechless" moments ago. It will serve as the 2nd single from her upcoming album Basic Instinct which is set to drop late in November. Check out the Colin Tilley directed clip below.

WOW! WOW! Ciara didn't disappoint! This video is just sexy for no reason. She looks good, and the style is off the chain this time around. It's casual, rugged and sexy all at the same time. The silhouette parts of the video captures the sensual meanings of the song which I feel tops the video. There wasn't any hard poppin and grindin in this video because it simply wasn't needed. Good job Ciara. It makes me more excited for the album all over again.

Fresh Artist & Music: Solomon - "Backseat of my Car"

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This guy right here, I went to elementary & middle school with. We were in the choir together and he got to sing the lead for a song we performed during the holiday season. I remember it like it was yesterday. His name is Solomon and it looks as if he's trying to make his impact in the music business and with a song like this.....he's not far from scoring! It was written, produced and sung by him and it sounds like something you could hear on the radio. The song is up for sale. Check it out below.

Listening to this production, I hear some influences of The-Dream and Timbaland. Maybe it's just me. It's a good track. Vocally, I can easily hear Trey Songz or Usher nailing this track, but Solomon's vocals does it for me. I don't think it should be sold to anyone. He should keep it and try to make it on his own. It's very radio friendly, I can't stress that enough..if this gets across the right set of ears, (and hopefully it does) I can bet that this guy will get picked up by someone in the industry to write music for them or become an artist himself! Ne-Yo you betta watch yo dayum back!!!!

Fresh Music: Chris Brown - "Yeah 3x"

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Chris Brown is ready to hit the scene again. His new album is called "F.A.M.E. (Forgiving All My Enimies)" and his two new lead singles are "Yeah 3x" & "Calypso". We haven't heard the release date for the new album as of yet but we do have a single from Breezy already lighting up the charts. The album is set to drop early next year. Check out the song below.

LOVE IT!!! Chris Brown makes some damn good ass music!! He just releases it at the wrong time. Last year he did the same thing, released his material around the same time as Rihanna and it wasn't a good look. She went on to outshine him. I wonder if it will happen this time. Both are following the dance trend, except last year Chris Brown was already doing it with his album "Graffiti". Rihanna has hopped on the band wagon and is seeing success, lets hope Chris gets a taste of it because I'm digging this track. I wonder what "Calypso" sounds like. Your thoughts?

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Rihanna Unveils "Loud" Album Cover

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Check out the official album artwork for Rihanna's new album "Loud" which will hit stores on November 16th. The lead single "Only Girl (In the World)" is currently sitting at no. 3 on the Billboard's Hot 100. It will be followed by "What's My Name" which will be released shortly after the album drops. Two videos have already been shot for the songs and will soon receive a premiere date.

As for this cover, I LOVE it! I think I've grown used to this red wig that she's wearing. The cover looks good. It popping and it's LOUD. The music on the album is LOUD. Nice concept this time around RiRi. Your team is standing behind you full force. Lets see if this will hit the number one spot come Nov 16th. I think I'll be rooting for you!! And you're ROCKING that lipstick! NICE!!

Beyonce Crashes Local Block Party

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What would you do if Beyonce was on your block dancing at your block club party? This group of girls did what anyone else would do, enjoyed that party and the time with Beyonce. She looks so humble dancing with the girls. This is something you don't see everyday. 10 days ago she was in Jay-Z's hometown. The two was visiting his mom and a block club party was taking place in the neighborhood and she decided to crash it. Check it out below..

You can't tell me that she isn't humble. I don't care what anyone says about her. She's REAL and she is the DEAL. You don't see this stuff on a daily basis where celebrity interacts with their fans on a more personal level like this. Makes me happy.

Ciara Talks Keri Hilson Comparisons

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XXL magazine caught up with Ciara recently and ask quesitons about her well-known rival Keri Hilson. She insists that her spot in the game hasn't been snatched from under her feet. Check it out below.

"There's a very, very strong difference between myself and Keri. So I'm not even in that space to go there. I'm way past that mentally and creatively... It's best that I give my fans what they want," Ciara told XXL in their October issue when asked if Hilson had jacked her swag. "It would be crazy to say I haven't heard that question before, but mentally I'm not even there..."

"I honestly don't feel like my spot has ever been taken. If you place Rihanna and Beyoncé aside of each other, you would be able to see clearly that there's a difference...I'm just pushing to be the best in my own world.'

I can't compare the two. Ciara is a completely different artist from Keri. Ciara bumps and grinds and put on a show. Keri stands, waves her arms and sing. It's like the two of them are lacking something each other has. Keri has the voice but doens't have the moves, whereas Ciara has the moves bu not the best voice. I say smash them together and give is a Kiara.

Sneak Peek! Shontelle's "Perfect Nightmare" Video

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Moments ago, a sneak peak of Shontelle's new music video surfaced for "Perfect Nightmare" which is lifted from her new album "No Gravity" which was released a few days ago. The full video is said to debut on Vevo on October 1st. Check it out below.

The clip looks nice and Shontelle looks bright and vibrant. I think she's piecing together a look that works for her, the long hair and exotic dresses. She looks good. The video looks like it will be a very good one. I wonder if there will be any dancing in it since it's kind of a dance song. Be looking out for the full video later this week.

New Beyonce Song Due in WEEKS?!

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Hold on to your wigs people, word has it that a new Beyonce single will hit us within the next few weeks?! That's sooner than we thought. Everyone thought it would be sometime next year when we heard new music from her but according to these tweets below by producer Los Da Mystro, her first single was written by The-Dream and it will be yet another hit! Check out the tweets below..

With the exception of his spelling and grammer, those tweets look GREAT to my eyes. Nothing is confirmed yet but know how people are quick to take down tweets or delete the for what ever reason, but here's PROOF! If this is indeed true, life will suck for the other people who are prepping to release singles and what not *cough cough* Ciara, Keri Hilson, Keyshia Cole, Kelly Rowland, Ameriie and others...but I wonder what this will sound like? She has Ne-Yo, Jim Johnson, Darkchild, Tricky Stewert & The-Dream on the album....I can't wait. Now I'm all excited for this!!! If a single is coming this early, the album could possible drop in December, having her to comptete with the likes of Rihanna & Ciara which would be a breeze. It makes sense because if she waits until 2011 to drop it, she has to worry about Britney Spears and Lady Gaga' reign. So maybe her team will shock the hell out of us by releasing the album at the smack dead end of the year. Get ready, the Beyonce Adrenaline is building!!

BLAST from the PAST: Raven Symone - "Some Call It Magic"

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Hey guys, this BLAST from the PAST is brought to you by Raven Symone with her song called "Some Call It Magic" from the soundtrack of her television show That's So Raven Too. She may not have had the best luck in music but this is definitely a favorite song of mine. The song didn't chart or anything, a video was made to air as a commercial on the Disney Channel. Check it out below.

Love it right?!! Raven was recently on The Wendy Williams Show last week looking FABULOUS! Wearing 32'' weave and a tight hugging dress making the puppies pop across the top! I digress....but check out the interview below. She was promoting her newest movie with Disney.

Good stuff huh?

Keri Hilson Premieres "Breaking Point" Video

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Earlier today, Keri Hilson premiered the music video for "Breaking Point" which is the first single from her upcoming album "No Boys Allowed" which is due out later this year. Peep it below..

Very nice, I see she's re-using Rihanna look from last year. The video is nice, with the woman empowerment and everything. I saw a little choreography going there. The song is still under performing, it's a great song but isn't getting the success that it needs. She should have scrapped this because it will only lead to an album push back. Mark those words!!

Ne-Yo Dishes the Goods on Beyonce's New Album

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Ne-Yo has yet again spilled some juicy details about Beyonce's new album saying that she has an agenda and knows what direction she wants to go in. Check it out below.

"The thing about working with Beyoncé is that she definitely has her own agenda," the "Irreplaceable" songwriter told MTV News about the hush-hush song (or songs) the pair worked on together. "She's an artist that knows exactly what she wants to do."

So how does it go down when you walk into a studio to find Beyoncé sitting there ready to work? "She's going to give you directions [like] 'Here's where I'm going, so here's where I need you to be,' " Ne-Yo explained. "And, you know, I'm a person that follows direction well. [And she'll be like], 'So this is the sound, this is the vibe; make it happen.' And I write and she likes it or she doesn't. And in this case she did, and there you have it."

Ne-Yo just cant keep that mouth closed. But I'm happy to hear about the progress! New album, new sound, keep it coming!!!!

Faith Evans Premieres "Gone Already" Video

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Afew days ago, Faith Evans premiered the video for her single "Gone Already" lifted from the new album "Something About Faith" which hit stores in October. Peep the video below

WOW! She looks AMAZING. Like she looks really good. This is a classy video. Flawless Ms. Evans, keep it up. The video grasped the meaning of the song perfectly.

Monica Starts Work on New Album

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After seeing success with her last album "Still Standing" and a successful tour with Trey Songz, Monica has already began working on her new album. Check out the interview below via Rap-Up. She also talks Ciara, Nicki Minaj and Whiteny Houston.

Monica has been through so much over the years and I'm happy to see how she overcame everything and she's still on track, holding on strong and is still keeping it going. It's good to see that she's began working on the new album, but she still has work left to go for the next album. Maybe a few more songs. She praised Ciara and Nicki Minaj and I agree with her 100% with her comments about Nicki Minaj. STRONGLY AGREE.

Fresh Music: Nicki Minaj - "Right Through Me"

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Rumored to be the 3rd single from her upcoming album Pink Friday which hits stores in November, "Right Through Me" has hit the internet. Below you can hear Nicki Minaj rapping and singing over a nice, sensual production.

It seems as if she has taken a more serous approach to this music thing. This song doesn't feature her many personalities nor does it feature the hardcore rapping that she normally does, it's a sensual flow of music and less auto tune. I think this will do well on the charts.

Glee: Season 2; Episode 1

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If you missed the premiere of Fox's hit show Glee last night, then look no further. Check out the first episode of the 2nd season below. Charice guest stars..

The premiere was good, not as funny as the previous episodes from the past season. Also, this episode had a lot of less singing and more dialog. You can see an appearance from teen singer Charice. I think the whole football coach thing is hilarious, having him as a lady this season...I wonder how this story line will play out. Tune in next week on Fox to watch the episode which will feature Britney Spears, or catch it here in the zone.

New Video: Kelly Rowland - "Forever and A Day

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A few moments ago, Kelly Rowland premiered another new music video "Forever and A Day". This one of the international singles for her upcoming album which is now due out next year. Check out the clip below.

That's two videos in one week from Ms. Kelly. "Rose Colored Glasses" and now "Forever and a Day". It's good to see the stuff is still being released even though the album has been pushed back until next year. People are wonder if she's starting all over with the album, but who knows. I've decided that I will just enjoy what she is putting out at the moment. Nice video.

Beyonce Will Party on New Album

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According to producer Sean Garrett, he will be working on Beyonce's new album and says that the two will be working on party tracks for her upcoming album. Check out the article below.

“I am going in the studio with Beyoncé this week to work on her next record,” Garrett told the Music Mix at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards.
“I think we are doing a lot of up-tempo records for this one. She’s in such a good place right now in life that she is interested in making party music, definitely.”

B is known for her rump shaking club bangers. I just hope that when he says "party" that it doesn't mean the dance/pop party music. There is so much of it going on now and it's polluting the charts. I mean, she can give us one or two dance/pop tracks, but lets bring it back down a bit. I'm sure we'll hear news pretty soon on a release date and what not, I'm thinking maybe next Spring or Summer.

Kelly Rowland Premieres "Rose Colored Glasses" Video

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Today saw the premiere of Kelly Rowland's music video for the song "Rose Colored Glasses" which was to supposed to be a single from her album, which has now been pushed back to next year of 2011. Check out the video below.

The video is visually stunning and I've always loved the song. I can only image what this would look like in 3D, you can actually picture everything coming your way. As for the album push back, who didn't see that coming? I sure did. I said it in a bunch of my posts. So I guess it's back to the drawing board with a completely different album. It's kind of upsetting but hey, you can't put out something that's not being received by the public very well. Keep it coming Kelly, I'm bitter but I know it's for a good cause.

Fresh Music: Ahmaad - "Can I Call You"

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For those of you who don't know, Ahmaad a.k.a. "Brooklyn Nigga", he is a R&B singer from New York. Last year, he released a mixtape called "Amazin'" which was received pretty well. It featured a few of my favorites song "Twitter Crush", "Throw it in the Bag", and "Bad Girl" just to name a few. Now he's back with a new single called "Can I Call You" which will be featured on an upcoming mixtape. Take a listen to the SamTrax produced track below...

If you are one of the many people that says "R&B is dead", then you're clearly not listening to the right music, because this song here is nothing but R&B. It's nice and smooth. In this mid-tempo joint you can definitely hear the Michael Jackson influences in this song. The production is easy on the ears and it sounds like something people can just relax and groove to. The lyrics aren't that of sexual nature, just simply mature and appropriate lyrical content about getting to know a girl. Ahmaad has an amazing voice, he could even give your favs a run for their money (Trey Songz, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown..) If this material gets in the right hands, hopefully we can see him escalate even further in this business. Great talent shouldn't go to waste. Show Ahmaad some love on twitter.

Was Nicki Minaj Really a Stud?

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Over the holiday weekend, my big bro Dedrick showed me this video. He said that it is of Nicki Minaj before the music, before the mixtapes, record deal, glitz & glamor. Peep the video below.

You see younger, rougher and hood individual that looks and sounds just like our Harajuku Barbie. She's acting like a hardcore stud in this video. She is puffing on a cigarette and talks about how she knows Remy Ma had a thing. She referred to Remy Ma as "baby" saying they chilled, smoked together. Nicki said "she ate the box", meaning the two of them had relations. She even goes as far as calling Remy on the phone for the camera. I mean, it sounds just like Nicki Minaj, looks just like her. The makeup is gone nor is the feminineness there. I wonder what made her change and what made her bring out the feminine side of her? Because she looks damn good right now. None of this matters now because Nicki did come out and say that she was bi. She now has the fame, the looks and the body and she can get whoever she wants, man or woman. Everyone wants her. She's hott!!

Ne-Yo's "One in a Million" Video

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Check out the official video for Ne-Yo's third single "One in a Million" which is lifted from his new album "Libra Scale" which will be hitting stores on October 19th. Peep it below.

This video is VERY Michael Jackson influenced, as well as his other videos. Good stuff.

Willow Smith Stops by Ryan Seacrest's Radio Show

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Willow Smith stopped by Ryan Seacrest's radio show earlier today and gave one of her first interviews about her music career. They talked about her life as a kid and student as far as doing multiplication tables and other students, her musical influences and who she listens to, her fashion, new music, and her family. Jay-Z later joined the interview via phone where he says he heard the song and was surprised to find out that it was done by a 9 year old, afterwards, it lead her to get signed with Roc Nation. Check it out below..

She sounds so smart and sophisticated to be a 9 year old. She is so mature to be her age and is receiving praises from EVERYONE about her song. I hope nothing changes about her personality. I think Will and Jada did a damn good job raising her. She's not your typical 9 year old, she's well mannered and gives a good interview. Be expecting more from this little one in the time to come. A Video is scheduled to be shot for the song towards the end of the month, definitely giving the other girls a run for their money.

Fresh Music: Tank - "Foreplay" feat. Chris Brown

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R&B crooners Tank & Chris Brown have teamed up once again for another love song. This one is called "Foreplay". The track will appear on the new Tapemaster's Inc .'s mixtape "The Future of R&B 36. Listen to it below.

I think this song would be hot if Chris Brown could keep his voice down and stop trying to hit these high notes because it really doesn't work in his favor.

Fresh Music: Keri Hilson - "Still A Girl"

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A track leaked this morning from Keri Hilson called "Still A Girl". The song was reportedly recored during the sessions of her new album so it's a fresh track. It's defintely a lot better than the previous released "Breaking Point". Listen to it below.

Yes! I think this should be the first single from Keri. It definitely mainstream appeal and potential to hit the top 40. Too bad it's just a leak and it probably won't even be featured on the album. So just enjoy the tune. I know I am.

Is Nelly Singing on "Just A Dream"?

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Yall better wake up and smell Nelly's coffee. He's making is comeback with his new album "Nelly 5.0" and his hit "Just A Dream" which currently sits at number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100. I just finally listened to the song today after seeing that it reached number 9, and I can see why because it's a pop/rap song. It almost sounds as if he's singing on the track instead of rapping...and it WORKS for him. Listen to it below.

I just thought this was going to be a usual rap song about rapping about this and that, but no no, this song is completely different and not what I expected. Nelly has done this before on his previous hit albums giving up the more pop-ish sounding songs and less urban ones, he just simply went back to his roots and it's working for him. More power to you Nelly! Welcome back to the charts.

Fresh Music: Chrisette Michele - "I'm A Star"

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Chrisette Michele is back with a new look, new album and new single. This song is called "Im A Star". The track will be featured on her as of yet untitled thrid album. Take a listen to the inspirational song below...I think you'll like it.

This is a very different song from Chrisette. Well, at least different from the type of music she's done before. I love it. It's R&B with a mixture of soft pop. It really has crossover appeal. The song is just refreshing. Mid-tempo beat to it, fresh vocals and her delivery is just hot and on point! It sounds as if Ne-Yo gave a hand with the vocals for the bridge at the 2:40 mark. So it can probably be safe to say that it was penned by Ne-Yo and sounds like a Stargate produced track. Correct me if I'm wrong. I can't wait to hear more.

Willow Smith Signs With Roc Nation

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Just two days after her song "Whip My Hair" leaked, word has it that the youngest clan of the Smith family has inked a deal with Jay-Z's Roc Nation.Welcome Willow as a new artist. Word comes from Jay himself. Check it out below.

“We at Roc Nation are excited to work with Willow,” said Jay in a statement.

“She has an energy and enthusiasm about her music that is truly infectious. It’s rare to find an artist with such innate talent and creativity at such a young age.

Willow is about to embark on an incredible journey and we look forward to joining her as she grows in all aspects of her career.”

And of course Will & Jada are proud of their little girl. Check out their statement below.

“After meeting with several record companies, it was clear that Jay-Z, Ty Ty, Jay Brown, and the Roc Nation staff was the unquestionable choice,” stated the Hollywood power couple.

“Their passion for Willow combined with their boundless vision and artistic integrity made Roc Nation the perfect home for our little girl.”

I should have known something was up after I started to see pictures of them all together (Beyonce, Jada, Jay & Will). This is what they were up to. Mapping out Willow's career with Roc Nation. I think that this is awesome news. For such a young giril to have a song that some people are deeming BETTER than Rihanna's music as well as receiving love from stars like Solange and Ciara via twitter saying how much they like the music is amazing. She has a lot to be proud about. It's great that she has well trained parents who has been in this business for nearly 20 years so she has a good team behind her. Now, things will only get better from this point on. Congratz Willow!

JoJo Premieres "In the Dark" Video

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Today, JoJo premiered the official video for her song "In the Dark" lifted from her mixtape "Can't Take That Away From Me" which dropped a few days ago. Check out the semi-raunchy viral video below.

JoJo ditched the glitz and glamor for a more sexy and sophisticated look this time around. She all grown up and she's taking it to the next level with this video. At first, I couldn't get with her and the dark hair, but she looks stunning in this video with it. If you haven't already downloaded the mixtape, please do so here. It's a hot one.

Michelle Williams "Strictly Come Dancing" Promo Photo

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Michelle Williams has been announced as the STAR name for the show Strictly Come Dancing. The Destiny's Child alumi is the topped paid judge for the show.

I see she got that hair back! I remember her saying on her ustream that she cut it off and some people had bad things to say, like she lost a few deals and what not because her hair wasn't long, but I see she threw them track up in that head. It looks good though.

Chris Brown Snapped on Miami Beach

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Earlier this week, Chris Brown was snapped getting wet and wild in Miami on the beach. She was seen dancing in the sand and showing off his newly obtained beach body, as well as being friendly with a few of the ladies. Peep a few more pics below.

It looks as if he's enjoying life once a again. He has a hit song, a hit movie, and currently working on new material...he even tweeted his happiness and said he said that he hadn't smiled in such a long time. How cute.

Rihanna's "Only Girl (In The World)" Cover

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Earlier today, Rap-Up unveiled the official cover art for Rihanna's new song "Only Girl (In The World)". The Stargate produced track will officially be available to purchase on itunes on September 21st and her fifth album which is called "LOUD!" is due out in November.

Will this be Rihanna's break? Does it really take 5 albums to prove that you can sell one? I guess so. Maybe after she gets her number one album she'll sit it down.

Lady Gaga Covers Vogue Hommes Japan RAW MEAT!

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Just when you thought she couldn't get any weirder...Lady Gaga graces the cover of the September issue of Vogue Hommes Japan magazine, covered in RAW MEAT! Yes, those are pork chops covering her va-gie-gie.

What's next? Will P.E.T.A. attack her for wearing the INSIDES of an animal? GOSH GAGA!

Fresh Music: R. Kelly - "Fireworks"

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R. Kelly just released an album last year, and plans on release 3 more before THIS YEAR is over with. ("Zodiac," "Love Letter" & "Epic") The album Epic is set to hit stores September 21st and this song "Fireworks", produced by Polow Da Don, will serve as the lead single. Check out the up lifting tune below.

I'm loving it, simply becuase he's actually singing about SOMETHING and no about sex or monkey making love in the jungle and other mess. This is the R. Kelly that I miss. Makes me look forward to the album. I wonder what the other two will sound like? Is it just me, or does the cover above look cheap? I'm just sayin...

Download JoJo's Mixtape "Can't Take That Away From Me"

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There's nothing like free music right?! As you all may know JoJo has a mixtape called "Can't Take That Away From Me" that saw the release today via Rap-Up. The mixtape features a 11 new tracks mostly written by JoJo herself. Get your free copy by clicking on Rap-Up above. Mine is downloading as I type..hehehe. Peep the track listing below.

1. “Can’t Take That Away From Me”
Producer: Theron “Neff-U” Feemster – Writers: Joanna “JoJo” Levesque, Mischke

2. “Running on Empty”
Producer: Theron “Neff-U” Feemster – Writers: Joanna “JoJo” Levesque, Mischke

3. “Pretty Please”
Producers: Chad Hugo, Kenna – Writers: Joanna “JoJo” Levesque, Jim Beanz, Kenna

4. “Why Didn’t You Call”
Producer: State of Emergency – Writer: Joanna “JoJo” Levesque

5. “Just a Dream”
Producer: Jeremiah McConico – Writer: Joanna “JoJo” Levesque

6. “When Does It Go Away” featuring Travis Garland
Producer: Beau Dozier – Writers: Travis Garland, Beau Dozier

7. “My Time Is Money”
Producer: Oak – Writers: Joanna “JoJo” Levesque, Nasri Atweh, Luke James

8. “What You Like” featuring Jordan Gatsby
Producer: Jordan Gatsby – Writers: Joanna “JoJo” Levesque, Jordan Gatsby

9. “In the Dark”
Producer: Jordan Gatsby – Writer: Joanna “JoJo” Levesque

10. “Boy Without a Heart”
Producer: The Messengers – Writers: Joanna “JoJo” Levesque, Nasri Atweh

11. “All I Want Is Everything”
Producer: Jordan Gatsby – Writer: Joanna “JoJo” Levesque

Still no word yet on a release on an actual album from JoJo but this mixtape should keep the fans who've been waiting since 2006 to hear some fresh music from her satisfied.
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