Keri Hilson's "Breaking Point" Cover

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A few weeks ago, Keri Hilson released the first single for her new album "No Boys Allowed". The song is called "Breaking Point" which is a down right R&B song to the fullest. Now above you can see the official artwork for the single.

The song has yet to impact any charts as of yet and I don't think it will. Maybe...just maybe she should release a different single if she's trying to do the whole cross over thing. This song is a nice one but it doesn't have that crossover appeal that she's looking for.

Fresh Music: Will.I.Am & Nicki Minaj - "Check It Out"

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Alrighty, "Your Love" has been on the charts for sometime now, so it's time for another single from Nicki Minaj along with Will.I.Am. The song is called "Check It Out" and it will hit radio airwaves on September 14th. There's no word yet on if this track will be featured on Nicki's album "Pink Friday", which will hit stores on November 24th. It's also noted that it's a joint song rather than either of the two being listed as features. But any who, check out the song below.

Certified HIT!! Nicki is definitely doing the damn thing. Her auto-tuned singing fits this track perfectly as well as her rapping towards the end. She just adds flavor to the track. Will.I.Am is a hit-making master. This is guaranteed to at least make it to the top 10 on Billboard's Hot 100. Mark my words.

Rihanna's New Single Gets an Official Premiere Date

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Now, all of the rumors can be laid to rest, The rumors about the name of Rihanna's new single and the release date all have been FALSE reports....until this evening. According to All Access, the name of her new single is called "Only Girl (In The World)" with an impacting date for mainstream radios on September 14th. "Cheers", which is another new song produced by The Runners, was rumored to be the single but it's a totally different song and will not serve as the first single from her new album.

Rihanna confirmed the news herself with a tweet to radio host Ryan Seacrest after he asked her when will he get some new music from her. She replied...

"Soon! In less than 10 dayz ima send u sumn special, and ur gonna play it OVER and OVER, like I'm the only girl in the world!"

Well this is splendid. Rihanna is about to be back on her grind. Fresh from her tour, she is now in Hawaii for two weeks filming her part for the upcoming movie "Battleship". The movie supposedly has a $2 million budget and is set to be an action packed flick. Rihanna will then return to start promotion for the new single and album. She's working very very hard. I hope that they aren't hyping this up for nothing like they did last year. They hyped up so much stuff and left me disappointed. So I'm hoping that this album does the job.

Faith Evans Stops by Sirius XM in New York

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Earlier today, Faith Evans stopped by Sirius XM Studios Radio station to do a little promo for her new album "Something About Faith" hitting stores October 5th. Peep a few more pics below and a statment made about where she stands today.

“2010 is shaping up to be an amazing year for me!” stated Faith. “To be in a place where I have grown from an entertainer to an entrepreneur is truly a blessing. I am excited to share this incredible experience with my fans and the world.”

I knew it! I knew the picture used for her album cover was an old one. She looks so young on the cover and in these fresh pics above u can clearly see the age difference. But she still looks good, I'm not knocking her in any type of way. I was just curious as to what she looked like from the last time I saw a public picture of her in June of 2009 which you can see here. She didn't look too flattering back then, maybe it was the dress. But now, she looks good.

Katy Perry & Fantasia Numbers Are In!!!

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The first week numbers are in for 2 big album releases last week.

According to HITS Daily Double, Katy Perry owns the number one spot on the Billboard's 200 Albums with her album "Teenage Dream" selling a disappointing 194,233 copies. Her camp were expecting HUGE numbers from Katy. They were expecting her to blow Eminem out of the water being that he has the highest first week sales this year. Katy didn't come close to that. Even after having the a song holding the number one spot for five weeks straight and the fact that she has two songs in the top five of Billboard's Hot 100 didn't help. The team went all out packaging underwear with the album and making it smell like cotton candy. Maybe she's just like Rihanna, they both are given big budgeted videos and promotional campaigns, lots of television appearances, promotions and all but she can't push album sales. Her team must be disappointed.

Fantasia, on the other hand, has much to celebrate with people predicting her to see between 80 - 95,000 copies during her first week but managed to push out 122,056 copies giving her the number 2 spot on the albums chart. That's huge! People are saying that her suicide attempted helped with album sales, but I think otherwise, it's just a good album. She's been out promoting it, doing interviews, performances and it's helped in the long run giving her strong numbers for her first week.

Usher along with his EP "Versus" landed in number four on the charts selling 48,370 copies. EP's never really sell well, but it's a good effort. But his album "Raymond vs. Raymond shot from number 30 to number 14 pushing out 21,070 copies, up 71% from last week. I'm assuming it's the deluxe edition which contained the Versus and R.V.R. Good stuff.

Eminem and his "Recovery" album sits at number three selling another 98,689 copies.

I guess I expected Katy to sell a lot more being that her whole album is a winner. Song after song. But like I said before, every album that I tend to like never does well or what it's expected to do. *Sigh*

Ne-Yo Talks Gay Rumors, Baby, Music and More

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Ne-Yo dropped by Hello Beautiful and gave an interview. He talked about his heroes, inspirations, new album, singles, his first child on the way, engagement. and of course, the gay rumors which he can't seem to escape. Check out the interview below.

Well, the fact that this lady who he is supposedly having a baby by is his BEST FRIEND, makes it believable to more people that he is gay. I would have a baby by their best friend on the face of the earth? Who does that? Who has sex with their best friend and has a baby? He said they aren't engaged, never was and don't plan to be. So I can easily see this as being an artificial incineration. He can just be still trying to hide it. Just come out the closet already. If you having this baby is supposed to clear up the gay rumors...think again, because you just made it a LOT worse for yourself by saying that this chick is your best friend. SMH..

Fresh Music: JoJo - "In The Dark" + MIxtape Cover

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The wait is finally over. I know you JoJo fans knew that she was dropping a mixtape before her actual album "All I Want Is Everything" which is on the way. But in the meantime, you can enjoy new music from JoJo and her mixtape, "Can't Take That Away From Me", which will premiere EXCLUSIVELY to Rap-Up on September 7th for download. Above is the official artwork for the mixtape and check out this track called "In The Dark" below.

JoJo then goes on to explain the track and how it's very different from anything she's done before. Peep it below.

“I think ‘In the Dark’ is different than anything people have heard from me before,” JoJo says of the song, which was produced by Jordan Gatsby and co-written by JoJo and Gatsby. “It’s a very sensual record and there’s an undertone of sadness to it.”

The track’s experimental sound does not necessarily reflect the material on her upcoming third studio album All I Want Is Everything. Instead, it’s a thank you to her loyal fans who’ve stuck by her throughout the years.

It's very different for JoJo, but it WORKS! She can do so much with her voice, even if it's auto-tuned up. I love it. I'm definitely looking forward to the mixtape next week. This song is hot.

Trey Songz "Can't Be Friends" Video

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Check out the official video for Trey Songz other single "Can't Be Freinds" below.

I'm not a big fan of this song, nor of the video. It just looks so low budget. The theme is cool, I just wish there we're more settings in it. The effects are cool and I can see where he was going with it. But meh.. I think he's releasing the wrong singles this time around. I'm not a big fan of the "Bottoms Up" song either. I'm sure there are better song choices on the album. Neither song has yet to crack the Hot 100 charts yet, that could mean an epic failure prediction for the album. We'll see come Sept. 14th.

Lady Gaga Performs New Song "Living on the Radio"

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Last night in St. Paul, Minnesota, Lady Gaga performed a new song at her Monster's Ball tour. It's called "Living on the Radio". It's said to be featured on the new album which will drop next year. It's pretty similar to her other piano ballads like "Brown Eyes" * "Speechless". Check out the song and the performance below.

She shouts out her little monsters in the song and they are appreciative of the new music which is good. Most people dislike going to concerts hearing music from the artist that they've never heard before. But the monsters are eating it up, loving every moment. The song it's self is nice. I can see myself listening to it.

Kelly Rowland on the Today Show

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Kelly Rowland stopped by the Today Show to promote the 40th Year Anniversary of the television show Soul Train. She talked about growing up watching the show and going on there for the very first time at around the age of 14 or 15. She also talks about her inspirations in music.

Kelly also shedded some light on the new album which is still currently untitled. She's still seeking help from the fans to help name the title. She mentioned that she is fresh out of the studio with The-Dream and Tricky. Check it out below..

This interview wasn't to promote any of her up coming things as you can see which sucks. She should have had a FULL interview about her album, where she's going with it, talk about the 2 differnet albums that's supposed to be coming out, not sitting here babbling about Soul Train. Who cares. Kelly, we're ready for that yesterday! I uust think it's time to stop with the delays, all the hold ups, the album should have been wrapped up now. The album still doesn't have a title, it's lik we're starting from scratch all over again. Smh..

Faith Evans Unveils Album Cover

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Above you can check out the official album artwork of Faith Evans' new album "Something About Faith" due in stores October 5th.

I wonder how new or old this picture is. Last I remember Faith she wasn't looking this up to par. Meh...the up coming video will be the judge. That should be premiering within the next few weeks.

Katy Perry Performs "Firework" & "Peacock"

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Yesterday Katy Perry did a special concert in New York at the Ed Sullivan Theater where she performed "Firework" and "fan favorite "Peacock". Check them out below.



Make sure you guys pay attention the the black back-up singer and how she messes up on the 2:15 mark in the "Firework" performance. Katy looked back like "which one of you bitches messing up my song"?! The camera went back to the girl and she was just smiling like everything was okay, knowing that she got fired right afterwards. Both performances were okay, Katy just need more practicing while single live becuase her voice is so shaky. Especially in the "Firework" performance, her voice was every where and it was not cool. But good effort.

Kelly Rowland & LeToya Interview

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Destiny's Child alumni's Kelly Rowland & LeToya are getting along extremely well. The two recently sat down for a joint interview that hasn't aired yet, but camera's was still rolling for LeToya's website and was posted to ustream for everyone to see. The two of them seems to get along just great, they've been spending a lot of time with each other along with Michelle Williams. Beyonce hasn't been in the picture but hopefully she will. It's addressed in the interview which you can check out below.

I love the laugher. I loved how it got silent when asked about the Destiny's Child reunion. I'm definitely excited that the two of them are together. Though it would be better to see them ALL together. Beyonce, Kelly, Letoya, Michelle and the others. Just to see them all together, under one roof would bring a smile to my face. Last I seen them all together was at the BET Awards in 2007 when they all performed. Beyonce attened lots of Michelle Williams events and vice versa. So they all do hang out with eachother, just aren't all seen together. It all jsut kind of makes Beyonce looks a little sour because everyone is in the picture except for her. I love how Kelly was callling for Toya so they could go and eat lunch and LMAO at the 2 guys at the end and their comments. Watch this.

Tamia Prepping New Album

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Following her massive performance a few weeks ago in New York, Tamia is on the grind preparing her new album which is set to hit stores next year. She spoke with Kempire Radio a few days back about her new album, The Queen Project, new single , who she's listening to and more. Check it out below.

It's kind of low quality, so you can read some of the interview parts below.

The singer says that she's about 7 songs deep into the album, she's hoping to release her single before the end of the yea and bring out the album early next year.

As far as producers go, she's worked with Chuck Harmony (Chrisette Michele, Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette”), The Runners (Mario, Usher), Claude Kelly (Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera) and Carvin & Ivan (Jill Scott, Keyshia Cole).

The Queen Project, which was a female powerhouse R&B group consisting of herself Kelly Price and Doborah Cox, has been put on the back burner due to scheduling, time restrictions and other conflicts. So now each of the ladies are now doing their own things.

Her last album was out in 2006. It's been four long years since we've heard her voice. Tamia is definitely one of the BEST vocalists in the industry but is SO underrated. Hopefully this album will get her the shine that she deserves.

Beyonce Hits the Studio With Ne-Yo

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According to Ne-Yo himself, he should be in the studio working with Beyonce on her new album as I type this very moment. He tweeted earlier today that he's hitting the studio with Beyonce tonight.

The two last worked together on Beyonce's "B'Day" album with her smash "Irreplaceable". It was rumored that there was controversy between the two after Beyonce "ALLEGEDLY" said the she wrote "Irreplaceable". Then Ne-Yo came out of the woodworks saying that Beyonce only wrote some of the harmonies and insisted that he did the lyrics. People think that's the reason the two didn't work together on her "I Am...Sasha Fierce" album but whatever. I still to this day haven't seen the footage of Beyonce saying that she wrote the song. I've seen countless of interviews though of her saying that Ne-Yo wrote the song. Hopefully it'll be a smash. I'm glad to see them working together again.

Rihanna Update: New Look, Album & Single

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Time for a Rihanna update. The singer has been buzzing the blogs for the past week, with a rumored new single and album on the way. She has officially taken over her twitter account and has a new look for the album. Check it all out below as well as a few pictures of her new look.
Rihanna's New Album + Single

's not-yet-titled studio album reportedly has got a release date. According to Evous, the follow-up to 2009 "" is going to be made available for purchase on November 2 and will have brighter moods.

Previously, reports suggestedRihanna will treat fans with a dance track called "Only Girl" for the lead single. The fresh material reportedly is scheduled to make its radio debut in United Kingdom at the end of this month, August 31.

All of those rumors haven't been confirmed by Rihanna's camp. The "Umbrella" hitmaker herself seems to get ready for a promotion as she already took over her Twitter which was previously run by her label.

She posted her first self-written message on the micro-blogging site, "So now that i finally took over my Twitter page no more corny label! whaaasssuupppp ppl!!!!!" In the future, big news might be broken by Rihanna herself then.

Word has it now that the name of the new single has been changed to "Cheers". There is a little confusion about whether it's an entirely different track or if the name of the song has changed. If her new album is indeed dropping on November 2nd, then where does that leave Kelly Rowland and Ciara? The album is supposed to be more bubbly, more popish and fun. So that probably means some dancing and choreography is expected from her. She knows that she sure can drop these album from left to right. This is her second album just under a year! Rated R dropped on November 24th of last year. Good for her, lets see if this will be her 1st number one album.

Remembering Aaliyah 9 Years Later

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It's been a whole 9 years since the music industry lost one of the best entertainers. Aaliyah tragically died in a plane crash August 25, 2001 along with 8 others just hours after shooting the video for her second single at the time "Rock The Boat".

Aaliyah started out in 1994 (I was just 6 years old) and made her impact into mainstream music at the tender age of 15 with her album "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number", peaking at number 18 on Billboard's 200 Albums chart and certified 2x's platinum. The album spawned the singles "Back & Forth"; peaked at no. 5, "At Your Best (You Are Loved)"; peaked at no. 6, and "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number"; peaked at no. 75 on Billboard's Hot 100. Singer R. Kelly was then Aaliyah's producer but the two shortly parted ways after making headlines about a rumored marriage between the two.

In 1996, she followed up with her sophomore effort "One In A Million" which saw productions from Timbaland & Missy Elliot under "Blackground Records". Just like her first effort, the album peaked at no. 18 on the charts and was certified double platinum. The album offered hits like "If Your Girl Only Knew", "One In A Million", "4 Page Letter", "The One I Gave My Heart To" and many others. Shortly after Aaliyah also recorded music for a few movies, one being Dr. Doolittle with the song called "Are You That Somebody" and another for the "Anastasia" soundtrack called "Journey To The Past".

A few years later in 2000, Aaliyah reappeared to the limelight, not with an album though. This time she was giving acting a shot. She appeared in the movie "Romeo Must Die" along with Jet Li. Along with the movies came hit singles for the young starlet was just 20 years old. Her hit song "Try Again" which shot to no. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 as well as earning her an MTV award. That song became her biggest hit to date gaining her worldwide success. After wrapping up the film's promotion, Aaliyah started work on a new movie called "Queen of the Dammed" where she starred as an ancient vampire. It saw a release shortly after her death and her voice overs we're completed by her brother Rashaad so that Aaliyah work wouldn't go to waste.

In 2001, Aaliyah was back and ready to show the world that she was a grown woman. She dressed sexier, and was more lady like. Her third album "Aaliyah" was released on July 17, 2001. It made it's way to the number one spot making it her first no. 1 album on the charts. It featured the hit songs "We Need A Resolution", the sensual "Rock The Boat", & "More Than A Woman". Unfortunately she was only able to see her album in stores for just a little over a month before her tragic death.

On Aug 25, 2001, Aaliyah and her crew went to the Bahamas to shoot the music video for "Rock The Boat". Video footage was made public of Aaliyah just hours before her life ended. She was seen joking, dancing and just having fun with her team. Being the angelic person that she was. Shortly after filming wrapped up, Aaliyah and her team was just ready to get back home to be with friends and family. So the packed up everything, all of the equipment and luggage and loaded it onto a small twin engine plane.

Shortly after take off, one of the engines on the plane failed due to the excessive weight causing the plane to nose dive directly into the ground, killing Aaliyah instantly. Shortly after the crash word began to spread across the island, making it's way back to the radio stations, news reporters and blogs. The industry had just lost a great soul. It was a very tragic day causing pain to many many people.

A few weeks after her death, her "Rock The Boat" video was released and it gained world wide attention, making it one of the BEST videos of 2001. The next year saw the release of a compilation album called "I Care 4 U" which featured 6 unheard songs from Aaliyah. "Miss You" was released as a single and it peaked at no. 3 on Billboard's Hot 100. A video for the song was shot as well which featured appearances from celebrities from all aspects of the entertainment industry as well as unseen clips and pictures of Aaliyah herself.

May you Rest In Peace BabyGirl, We miss you down here. Your music goes on and on and on. We hear you and always and forever will. Miss You.

Everything in blue above, I wrote from my own personal perspective without any reasearch. I've been following her since i was just 6 years old. Listening to all of her music and with her every step of the way. I was, still is and always and forever will be a fan of Aaliyah. She was on the verge to stardom with movie roles lined up, and a chart topping album. She was well on her way. Why did she have to get on that plane? I always tell people about the dream that I had the day after she died. I dreamed about seeing her in an all white outfit, standing in front of an orange background with a long pony tail. It was like a glimpse of her. Next thing you know, the "More Than A Woman" video premiered and I told my sister that THAT is what I dreamed about. I foresaw a glimpse of her video before I knew anything about it. It was very weird but I also felted touch by the fact that I dreamed about that. Either her spirit was connected with me in some type of way, shape or form, she gave me a glimpse of her video. It made me feel special. Now she's amongst other great artists and her legacy will live on through her family, her fans and definitely her music.

Ciara's Album Pushed Back AGAIN!

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Ok yall, I think I'm about to throw in a dayum towel. I'm done. Ciara's album has been pushed back AGAIN, making it a 4th time which is not a good look. The date now is October 19th, but her label is even looking to release it on Oct. 26th. Just release it already!!

Once it keeps getting pushed back it loses interest. The singles die down, now one is looking for it anymore. I had people come in today at my Best Buy store asking for her album and I was like "bbbbbbbbuuuuhahahahaha!!! It's been pushed back so many times it that it doens't have a release date anymore." Someone replied "I see this will be another "Fantasy Ride". I funny as it was, I disagreed with the comment because songs from the album still really haven't been leaking left and right. She's been dropping singles but no leaks. I just think this album will be an epic failure with all these push backs. Once Rihanna announces her album release date, then EXPECT another push back. Hell, expect it to be shelfed and locked away because at this point, I don't care anymore. Beyonce, Rihanna, or Britney Spears never have to deal with album push backs......GOSH!!!

"One Girl" is the Name of Rihanna's New Dance Single

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Rihanna's dark and gloomy days are over and done with. The news about her new single "One Girl" has surfaced and it's rumored to be a dance song. Peep the report below.

Def Pen Radio has exclusively learned the lead single from Rihanna‘s yet to be titled album will be calledOnly Girl. The record is a dance record.

“Looks like no more dark music, back to Umbrella Rihanna” from our source who heard the dance track. There is no set date for when Only Girl will be released, but information on Rihanna’s new album is coming in rapidly here to us at Def Pen Radio, stay tuned for updates.

Well, we should hear something pretty soon. Rihanna label SRP has been tweeting that the song is coming soon so I'll keep my eyes and ears peeled. If the album is indeed on the way, this will mean DANGEROUS NEWS for Kelly Rowland and Ciara who keep pushing back their album. With Ciara being the latest, which I will post in just a second so you can read it.

Britney Spears Covers Pop Magazine

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Peep Britney Spears on the covers of Pop Magazine. It's set to hit stores on September 1st. The photos were shot by Takashi Murakami.

Check out what she had to say about working with the photographer.

“I loved working with Takashi,” said Britney. “I especially liked how he took high-end fashion and incorporated it with Japanese Manga.

We took a lot of characters and art before we shot, so I could get a feel of what he was looking for. I was in Japan on my last promo tour, and I loved it.”

She posted a lot of this info on her twitter and facebook page, and people went crazy.... don't see why.

Ciara & Keri Hilson Encounter Backstage?

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According to my good friends over at Rap-Up, Ciara and Keri Hilson was involved in a "spat" backstage at the"Power Live" concert in New York. The two apperently crossed paths back stage and and verbal blows began to flow causing Keri to withdraw and canceling her performance. Check out the article below.

The Atlanta songstresses were both scheduled to perform at the concert, which featured such acts as J. Cole, Diddy-Dirty Money, Fat Joe, and Rick Ross. According to the New York Daily News’ Gatecrasher gossip column, Hilson backed out of her time slot after she and the “Ride” singer were involved in a minor tiff backstage.

Sources for the newspaper then changed their stories when both artists’ publicists stepped in to do damage control. Reps for Hilson claim the ATL native wasn’t even present at the concert. Unfortunately, it seems one of the camps is withholding information. A set list sent to the publication by the publicity firm handling the “Power Live” event had Keri Hilson scheduled to perform from 8:55 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. and Ciara to go on-stage from 10:05 p.m. to 10:35 p.m.

Keri has denied beef with Ciara in a previous radio interview. When asked by Rap-Up TV in May whether her song “Basic Instinct (U Got Me)” was taking shots at her peer, Ciara simply responded, “That record right there is a song that I dedicated to my haters, and I also dedicate it to my fans though.”

The show's organizers released this statement below...

"Keri Hilson had been booked to perform at the Power Live Show On NYC’s Governor’s Island Sunday, August 22nd but was unable to perform due to matters out of her own control. Hilson, a professional who has always been a pleasure to work with, and her management, gave Power Live fair warning that she would be unable to perform. Power Live looks forward to having Keri Hilson on our bill at future events. Any statements or stories made toward issues backstage with any of our performers are false and without merit."

Well if you ask me, I think it's true. Why else would she cancel? Ciara probably hurt her damn feelings. Can't hide from each other forever. It's about time yall face one another. I feel this is all true because Keri's camp lied and said she was never scheduled to perform, when CLEARLY she's listed as an act, so why lie? They're trying to save face for Keri, cause as you can see, Ciara still did her thang and performed. All these wars, first Keyshia Coles & Nicki Minaj, now Keri Hilson & Ciara. I say lets put them in a ring and let the go at it!

Fantasia on Good Morning America

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Today saw the release of Fantasia's album "Back to Me". She stopped by Good Morning America for an interview where she talks about her suicide attempt and why she did it and a lot of other stuff and a performance of her single "Bittersweet". Check out the clips below.


"Bittersweet" Performance

She said she felt like she was overload. It's sad. She mentioned that the good things aren't never blown up like her getting her high school diploma. But as soon as the bad starts it gets blown up. She talks about life before idol, not having the diploma, being a young, single mom, and how she received criticism for everything and she just wanted it all to stop. It's good hearing it all from her mouth and saying that Antwon Cook was NOT the reason why she did what she did. She's VERY strong no matter what she says. Tearful watch. She said that the doctors and nurses treated her like "TASIA" and not "FANTASIA" which is exactly what she needed and gave her the strength to get up and get back out there. The performance was the business. Love you Fanny!!

Kelly Rowland Talks Friendship With LaLa

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In a recent interview with Vibe magazine, Kelly Rowland talked about her friendship with LaLa. Check out the article below.

“LaLa is just real, period, and I think that’s why so many people fall in love with her. She doesn’t feed you any bullshit. She’s very straightforward and a sweetheart.

I trust her with anything, be it personal or professional. La is so motherly. That’s one of the reasons we click. If I need someone to talk to I know she’s always there.

Doesn’t matter if it’s 3 in the morning, if Kiyan is screaming. I just want a great friend. It’s not about what they do or what industry they’re in.”

It's good to see that Kelly has found a close group of friends. She's always seen with Brandy, LaLa, and Serena Williams on numerous of occasions. She says that her Beyonce, and Michelle still have a close relationship, but I doubt it. They haven't been seen together since god knows when. They all might still be friends, but not as close as they we're when Destiny's Child was together. Now that I think about it, Beyonce is rarly seen with anyone beside Jay-Z, her mom, security guard, Solange or Juelz. I haven't seen her with anyone else doing anything else. But who knows, once I see pictures of them and they talk about each otherm then I'll beleive that they still have a VERY CLOSE friendship.

Fantasia Thinks Chris Brown Deserves a Second Chance

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Fantasia is a supporter of Chris Brown, and she beleives he deserves a second chance after seeing his performance on the BET Awards back in June. She and a few others believes that he's sorry for what he's done and has been through enough since that tragic night. Check out the video below.

Some people thought the tears were fake, some felt they were real...who dayum cares. We all know that Chris Brown makes good music and people are simply missing his breath-taking performances. He hasn't been featured on a major awards show since god knows when (BET AWARDS DOESN'T COUNT) and his last album tanked, radio staions wouldn't play his music, he lashed out on twitter, and countless of other things. Everyone deserves a second chance. What happened....happened, can't change that. I'm sure Rihanna forgave him, now it's time that the public does the same.
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