Teairra Mari Talks Re-Recording Her Album, Rihanna, & Her New Single

Teairra Mari sat down recently with Honey Mag and gave an interview about her album, why it's being re-produced & re-recorded, Rihanna comparisons. Peep it below.

So basically, Teairra is scrapping "At That Point". Simply because all the tracks leaked and the ones that didn't is being released on her EP which will be dropping next month. So I guess starting from scratch is the best way to go. As for the Rihanna comparisons, she's not getting compared to her anymore because she's not on te same level as Rihanna as far as the music and looks portion goes. Rihanna is all dark and edgy where as Teairra is more pure and classy. Same with the music, Teairra SINGS and Rihanna....you know. I like watching her interviews because she just seems so real. She keeps it REAL and doesn't cover up anything.

Your Thoughts?

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