Shontelle Unveils "No Gravity" Album Cover

Literally minutes ago,
Shontelle gave us all what we've been waiting for. The album cover for her sophomore effort "No Gravity". Peep it above.

This new album will feature her smash hit "Impossible" & another radio friendly tune called "Licky (Under The Covers)". There still no official release date but this picture was tweeted by Ms. Layne herself! If you haven't heard either of the songs yet, check them out below.


Licky (Under The Covers)

I'm glad to see that thing are moving forward with this album. I can easily see her song hitting the top 10 next week on Billboard's Hot 100. It's sitting at number 13 which is awesomeness! Her coffee is brewing and some of yall need to wake up and smell it because we're about to float in the air once "No Gravity" hits stores. Thanks Shontelle for the tweet :-)

Your Thoughts?

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