New Kelly Rowland Promo Pic + Interview With Power 98

Even with the album pushed back to mid fall of 2010, Kelly Rowland is still on the road promoting her singles and album. The promo picture above was just released and is said to be from the album packaging her the new LP.

With the latest being "Grown Woman", she stopped by Power 98 radio station to share her thoughts on the single, her album title troubles and more. Peep the video below.

The promo pic above his GORGEOUS! I said her team is pulling out all the strings this time around. I hope she continues with this looks for the rest of this album becuase it's a good look. I don't really like the whole bang thing that she has in the interview. She should ditch that look quickly and give us that GLAM GLAM GLAMOR & GLITTER like in the picture above. She STILL recording the album!!! She said that she just finished a song with Tricky Stewart and Ester Dean 2 WEEKS AGO! Why won't she just released the album with what she has, and use the other tracks for something like a re-release? Stop constantly recording and changing things because the album will never be PERFECT with the PERFECT song, just give it to us and add more sometime down the line. I'm really happy that she is retitling the album because the title "Kelly Rowland" wasn't hitting it at all. Still no Destiny's Child reunion according to Kelly so STOP ASKING! I know she gets tired of it!

Your Thoughts?

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