More Rihanna Pics on the Set of Live The Way You Lie

More pics of Rihanna have surfaced to the net from the set of Eminem's video "Live The Way You Lie". Rihanna is seen standing in front of a burning house singing her part in the song. Billboard reported that this song has offically hit the #1 spot on the Hot 100 making this Eminem's fourth #1 single & Rihanna's seventh #1 single on the Hot 100 Chart. Peep more pics below..

I still don't consider a FEATURE to be a #1 hit for the FEATURED artist. They really need to change that rule. This shouldn't be counted as a number 1 single for Rihanna because it's NOT her song. Granted she may be the reason why the song reached number 1 but since it's NOT her song, it shouldn't go under her belt for being a number 1 hit. I'm just saying....

Randomness: Does anyone think that this song will be bigger that her and T.I.'s collaboration "Live Your Life"?

Your Thoughts?

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