Lady Gaga's BLOODY & VOMITING Interlude for the "Monster's Ball" Tour

Lady Gaga is currently on her "Monster's Ball" tour and this is the video that plays before every concert. Check it out below..

I think I'm just lost for words. Notice that in the pic above, her legs aren't in the same direction as hr upper body. I just don't know. Does she think that she's a vampire or something? She needs to be casted on "True Blood" because she CLEARLY wants to be a vampire!! What was she eating?! Was that supposed to be a heart? WHY IS SOMEONE VOMITING ON HER!? The girl stuck damn near her entire hand down her throat and vomited all over Lady Gaga. This isn't 2 Girls 1 Cup. I guess this is what her and her little monsters call "ART".

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