Keri Hilson Stops by the "Today Show"

Keri Hilson payed a brief visit to the "Today Show" where she chatted about her upcoming album and being the new spokeswoman for the Cosmetic GIANT "Avon". Peep the video below.

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Hmmmmm, must be nice to add some endorsements to her paycheck. Avon is a big company so thats a good thing for Keri. She just completed a photo shoot whih should be available within the next few days. As for the new album, I'm ready for it. The 1st one was a hit, even though it took forever for it to get released and after most of the album leaked on line, it still did pretty good because it was solid. Hopefully the new one will be just as good being that she's kept it under wraps. I hope she doen't try to give us crossover appeal with this one. Just stick to the basics. I wonder will she be pushing for an October release date? You know, to compete with the likes of Ciara...her newly found rival? Ciara took a few jabs at Keri in her buzz single.

Randomness: I really dislike her hair style! It's too blonde and short....#changenow!

Your Thoughts?

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