Jennifer Hudson & Terrance Howard on the Set of New Movie

People have been wondering where is Jennifer Hudson, when is the new album dropping, etc... Well, this is why! The Oscar winner is working on a new movie for us to enjoy. Her and Terrance Howard were casted to play Winnie & Nelson Mandela for an upcoming movie which is being filmed in South Africa. This is the first pic to surface from the set. The movie is expected to hit theaters sometime next year.

For those of you who may not know this, Jennifer Hudson recently recorded new music and submitted it to her label, but they turned her away telling her to re-record some tracks. It was rumored that she submitted a bunch of pop/dance heavy tracks for the album which the label felt didn't fit her. They wanted more soul and R&B. So J-Hud is still in the recording process and we won't see an album until probably sometime next year. source

As for the pic...I think Jennifer Hudson looks a hot ass MESS! That makeup makes her look OLD and UGLY....of course I'm sure that was the intention but GOSH!!

Your Thoughts?

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