Fresh Music: Rihanna - "Wait Your Turn (The Wait Is Ova)"

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Single number 2 has dropped from Rihanna's higly anticipated album "Rated R" due out less than a month from now. The song was produced by Chase 'N' Status and it's called "Wait Your Turn (The Wait Is Ova". Peep it below..

ALrighty, I have once again, been let down. I'm simply not impressed. At all! I'm sorry, I'm starting to think that Rihanna is not gonna prevail this time around. Hate to say this but I think "Good Girl Gone Bad" could possibly have been the PEAK of her career. I'm jus sayin....unless she pull a Beyonce and her 3rd single shoots the album into the sky. On Beyonce's "B'Day" album it climbed the charts after "Irreplaceable" was released. "Russian Roulette" NOR this song has what it takes to compete on the charts. I'm sorry, simply not feeling this at all. Its like, seriously? I know that they're not tryna re-create an "Umbrella" song or anything, but at least give us a HIT! But a friend of mine said that Rihanna's camp knows what they are doing, he said they're releasing the slow boring songs so that her 3rd or 4th single will be a nice up-tempo dance heavy song. He said with the release of these songs she can only go up from there. I hope he's right about this lol because these 2 songs WILL NOT sell her album! If you want the song, head to the "Dimpsette Lounge", it's there.

Dimpsettes, your thoughts?
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"Wait Your Turn (The Wait Is Ova)" it HOTT or NOTT?
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Billboard News!

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Alrighty, it's time for some Billboard Chart News! Check out my lil review below...

Rihanna debuted her new single "Russian Roulette" last week and it debuted at #100 on the Hot 100. The reception of that was was very luke warm, it received mixed reviews, people, even ME, expected something totally different from Rihanna but whatever.

Ke$ha has climbed her way to #22 on the Hot 100 all the way from #55 last week with her song "TiK ToK" which is pretty dayum good. I knew people and radio stations would eat up this song. It's very hot. She even surpassed Chris Brown with his song "I Can Transform Ya" which is only a few spots below her, sitting at #24 which features Lil Wayne & Swiss Beatz. That song moved up from #27 last week.

Beyonce has made it to the Top 10 with her song "Sweet Dreams" sitting at #10. I knew it could do it. lol. Alicia Keys sits at #60 with "Doesn't Mean Anything". Leona Lewis has re-entered the charts with her song "Happy" coming in at #98. I'm sure that was due to the newly released video, because the video made me love the song.

LeToya is slowing seeing airplay gain with her song "Regret" feat. Ludacris, moving from #96 to #91 within the week on the Hot 100. She has surpassed Mariah Carey who is at a HALT with "I Want To Know What Love Is" coming at #97.

Well, I figured Rihanna would hit it hard with a single of this nature. It won't become a hit, I don't even see it hitting the Top 10. Ke$ha on the other hand, has the possibility to hitting the Top 10 with her song "TiK ToK", when I first heard it I listened to it FAITHFULLY! I just took a liking to Chris Brown's "I Can Transform Ya" after watching the video. I'm glad to see it's doing well. "Sweet Dreams" is still pushing it. I remember when it was at number 62 on the charts, now it's bumped up to #10, I wonder if it'll make it to #1 lol. Alicia Keys, I hoped that "Doesn't Mean Anything" would do good on the charts, but it's only receiving moderate airplay. I love the song and the video. Hopefully her new song will do justice. Leona Lewis & "Happy" I honestly hated the song in the beginning. Then I watched the video and I was just wowed, then I liked the song, obviously everyone was wowed being that it has re-entered the charts. LeToya has been doing good with NO PROMO for this song. So I'm happy. With the release of her video all she can do is move up from there. Poor Mariah Carey, I predicted this from her album. I like the album from start to finish, but I knew that it would see success. What ever happened to the video for the song? She needs to release another single QUICKLY before this album TANKS if it already hasn't.
Dimpsettes, your thoughts?
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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

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Dimpsettes, if you missed Mondays episode of Gossip Girl, peep the recap here!

This Halloween episode is full of Blair’s tricks, but kind of missing the treats for us viewers.

Chuck’s hotel opening is a total bust and he’s super-stressed. He wants to turn a profit by 21 since his dad did it by 22. Blair says to open the hotel’s club for a big Halloween bash. In a city full of big time publicists, Chuck calls Serena and asks her to get a party organized for the following night. She is, after all, super experienced since she’s been on the job for, like, three weeks. One caveat for opening night: Chuck wants Blair nowhere near the bash.

Like she’d listen, Chuck. In fact, Blair goes behind Chuck’s back to help speed up his liquor license by calling -– oh NO you didn’t –- Jack Bass. Chuck finds out and gets angry for the tenth time in 10 minutes and has the whole ‘I can’t trust you and it’s over’ speech with Blair. The license does arrive, and so does Blair after she realizes Jack double-crossed Chuck and sent over a fake license. Chuck and Blair have a simul-thought in the middle of the soiree and call the cops themselves to make sure a proper raid ensues. The party turns into a media frenzy. Since the only thing worse than being talked about is NOT being talked about, the press makes hotel bookings soar.
Dan and Olivia go public during the raid, despite Olivia’s publicist (Serena’s boss) wanting her to get back with her ex on camera because it was good for his career. Serena saves the day (like we didn’t see this one coming) by faking like she’s the ex’s girl with a huge on-cam smooch. Dan and Olivia have a special night together, even though Dan was feeling shy after watching Olivia and her ex do a love scene in her vampire movie.

Once the party fallout dies down, Chuck decides he’ll open a speakeasy, key-only club, which triggers the greatest line of the show, from Blair of course. She asks Serena to do publicity for a club so hot it will make the Soho House “look like one of those dirty public schools with numbers.” Serena turns her down because no episode of “Gossip Girl” is complete without Serena being at war with somebody –- this week she’s angry with Blair.

Most of the show is peppered with Jenny’s angst over being the queen or being who she really is -– a poor girl from Brooklyn. She saves face with the ding-dongs she calls friends by allowing them to dump yogurt on Eric’s head because he sat higher than her on the steps of the Met. But even queens get in trouble from mom, so Jenny is forced to apologize to Eric. This seems to make her even more evil. She plans an egging of Eric’s beau, but gives herself an alibi by talking to Eric at the party. Eric sees through it all and tells her so. By the end of the show she’s throwing her sewing machine away along with all her old stuff. She’s angry and confused. We’re just confused. Looks like Jenny is embracing the elite life she once despised.

As for Lily and Rufus –- their trick or treating storyline is so insanely boring that enough words have already been wasted writing about it in this sentence. Okay I’ll tell you anyway. Rufus wants to hand out candy to trick or treaters so badly that Lily hires a few to keep coming back to the door with different costumes, all night long. Rufus confesses he knew all along.

This show is still lacking. No real juicy gossip has yet to happen. No one's cheating, no one's back stabbing, it's all blaand. I think the highlight of this show was with Jenny. I wonder if the writers are having a hard time to come up with material being that they're in college? I guess, they've grown up and matured? I don't know but they need to do something fast, QUICKLY!

Fresh Music: Alicia Keys - "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart"

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"Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart" is the name of the official second single from Alicia Keys 4th studio album called "The Element of Freedom" which has been pushed back by her to Dec. 15th. Her first single "Doesn't Mean Anything" has stalled at number 60 on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart so she pushing forard with single #2. Check it out below..

Did yal hear that?! I don't think I heard the piano being the leading melody in this song. That's hot shit! I love th way se's delivering the lyrics. So soft and fierce. It's like she saying it with remorse and as if she's keeping a positive and strong about the whole thing. She trying to find a way to make it. I'm digging it. So far, Alicia has impressed me with 2 singles, I'm digging it!
Dimpsettes, your thoughts?
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Dimpsettes, are you feeling "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart"?
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Fresh Video: Britney Spears - "3"

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1...2...3! Today, Britney's video for her single "3" premiered. It was directed by Diane Martel.

Can you say HOTT HOTT HOTT!!! Britney looks better than ever in this video. Rocking that leotard and them curves! Wow, as for the video it's self, I'm not really a fan of the song, that said, I'm not really feeling the video. But Britney definitely looked HOTT, as well as the girls working that pole with her.
Dimpsettes, your thoughts?
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Fresh Video: Jay-Z "Empire State of Mind" feat. Alicia Keys

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Check out the official music video for Jay-Z's 3rd single lifted from his album "The Blueprint 3" which features Alicia Keys. It's called "Empire State of Mind". Check it out above.

Oh my god I think I would have fell the hell out LAUGHING if Lil Mama popped up somewhere in this video. But the video was simply classy. Nothing too much, nothin too little. Though I don't feel that I was impressed. Alicia looked nice. Looks like everyone is jacking Ashanti's hair style that she debuted a few months back. lol. The black and white gave it the classy look. Then at the end we get the splash of color. I swear they should've put Lil Mama in this video, it would have made it soooo much beter LMAO!!

Dimpsettes, your thoughts?
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Fresh Music: Usher - "Daddy's Home" & "More"

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Usher tracks has been leaking left and right, all said to be lifted from his 6th studio album "Raymond vs Raymond" which is due out this December. Two songs of his leaked earlier today. One called "Daddy's Home" produced by The Runners and the other "More", produced by RedOne. Check them both out below..

Daddy's Home


I like them both. "Daddy's Home" is so smooth. It's the sensual Usher that everyone love with. He's coming back hard and strong. I think this is shaping up to be a good album. The other song "More" is is a straight club banger. I'm not knockin him onthose type of songs, but I think he should stick to the urban sounds of music and leave the dance side alone. The song is cool but I just don;t think it fits Usher. It's too popish for a guy like him.

Dimpsettes what do you think?
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Are you feeling "Daddy's Home" or "More?"
"Daddy's Home"
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Fresh Music: Adam Lamert - "For Your Entertainment"

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Check out the official first single from American Idol runner up Adam Lambert. It was produced by Dr. Luke and it's called "For Your Entertainment". Check it out below.

This is a very catchy pop tune. I'm starting to think that Dr. Luke reuses them beats, because this sounds quite similar to "Licky" by Shontelle & "Right Round" by Flo Rida. Never-the-less, I hear a hit! The only downfall about him is that he's releasing his album on the same day as Rihanna and the same week as other big name artist. I don't know if he'll get any shine...and the pic aobove is VERY Beyonceish..eer "SASHA FIERCE-ISH lol. (thanks angie)

Dimpsettes, yor thoughts?
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What do you think of "For Your Entertainment"?
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Vicky Nolan Performs Live in London

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The Cobden from vicky nolan on Vimeo.

Dimpsettes, check out my good friend Vicky Nolan performing live at The Cobden Club in London on Oct. 28th. She's been on myspace the past few weeks keeping her fans up-to-date on this gig and the time has finally arrived. Above is exclusive footage of this songstress singing 2 songs, including her hit "Toy". Check it out above.

Vicky has an amazing voice. Singing live is her thing as well as singing along the acoustic guitar. I wish I knew the name of the first song she sang, because I like it a lot! It really showcases her vocal abilities. It sounds like a nice pop/rock song. Her second song "Toy" is another one of my favz, and she nailed it acoustically. I love it.

Dimpsettes, your thoughts?
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Fresh Album Cover: Rihanna: "Rated R"

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Dimpsettes, above is the official album cover to Rihanna's new album "Rated R" which is set to hit stores Nov. 23rd.

I honestly hope that this will be changed, simply because I'm not feeling it. This doesn't look anything like the footage I saw a few weeks ago of her shooting her album cover. I don't see that white chinchilla fur lol. Plus is black & white. I'm kind of sick of that whole thing now that Beyonce did it. She gave us some color in her last few videos, so I hope Rihanna WON'T continue that. "Russian Roulette" is DARK and full of dark hues and colors, just like "Rated R". Something like that shouldn't be in black and white.

Dimpsettes, your thoughts?
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Fresh Video: Chris Brown - "I Can Transform Ya" feat. Lil Wayne & Swiss Beatz

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Today saw the release of Chris Brown's highly anticipated music video for "I Can Transform Ya". It's the one of the dual singles lifted from his new album "Graffiti" which now has a release date of December 15th. He other single "Crawl" just saw it's release a week ago and we will see the video in a few days, until then, check out the video above and love it.

Well well well, Chris didn't disappoint! I gotta say that I'm loving this video, I'm loving the look, I'm just lovin it! Hell, it feels like I'm at McDonalds. He's definitely got grown over the past 2 years. The special effects in this video are awesome, being that I just saw "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen". At first, I thought he was pullin' a Beyonce and was gonna use just 3 dancers throughout this video but I was wrong, they all doubled & tripled lol. The choreography is pretty dayum hot as well, I think one of his best as far as dancing goes. He know he can move. Looks like he has been hittin that gym & I aint mad at him! Go head Breezy. Swizz Beatz is gettin a lil rap name for himself. From being featured on Monica's to Jay-Z's, now Chris Breezy's. Lil Wayne, need I say more. He always lays it down with his lyrics. Pretty dayum good video.

Dimpsettes, your thoughts?
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Rihanna's "Russian Roulette" Producer FIRES BACK At TIffany Evans

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OK, Dimpsettes, I didn't post the thing about Tiffany Evans claiming that certain people behind the scenes in music sell themselvs to the devil for fame shanaza, but I am posting this. So here's the deal, shortly after Rihanna;s new song "Russian Roulette" made it's round on the airwaves, singer Tiffany Evans tweeted this..

Russian Roulette= Suicidal Rate gon sky rocket!

You gotta watch what u say. Because there are a lot of weak people in the world. They are susceptible to anything so anything you say or do some people actually do listen. So make sure its nothing bad. Its okay to be deep,but not murder deep.

Man! I really wish I could tell you guys what the industry really is and what stars are apart of destroying this world. The stars who worship satan,and those who have killed to get the respect they have now. You’d be verrrry surprise. Some of your favorite people pretend to worship God but they only do that to save face. Or seem innocent.

Satan was head of music in heaven. He uses influential people…to help influence the world. Think about that. Once u make a certain amount of money. Just know that that’s when they ask u to join. To get in you have accept the beast, worship. Once you join they assist u with ur career.make u huge.only if u agree and obey to destroy Gods word.and his children.

Ppl listen and pay attention. Its a war going on right now between Good and Evil. Evil will rule this world for a min. The people that have this power are the people that RULE the whole world. I’m done I won’t say anymore before I get in trouble.

Now my first thought after reading that was "girl you just mad because you're not selling any records"...those are STILL my thoughts. Now, the producer of the "Russian Roulette" song went HARD and STRONG on Tiffany via his twitrer, peep what he had to say below..

There are no satanic messages in the music. Maybe if we did a remake of ‘Promise Ring’ (Tiffany’s hit single), then Rihanna wouldn’t be a devil worshipper (sic).

People are so closed minded. The song is not literal. Like most provocative art, its symbolism. Grow up. I’m never going to defend my art…I create it and then it’s out of my hands. So reviews don’t hurt me, but Tiffany’s unrealistic take on the song really urked me because idiots breed idiots. Bottom line, she is in the music business so she understands that the song is not indicative of the artist views, but rather, it’s the brainchild and vision of the songwriter and producer.

With that being said, to use that song as a shining example of devil worship in the music business, you are saying that Ne-yo and Chuck Harmony are devil worshippers (sic). Thats stupid!! That’s beyond stupid it’s immature. Artist should understand art. So with Tiffany Evans rant, I can safely say that the title artist should not be part of her bio.

Bottom line, I couln't agree more. People are arguing with him saying that Tiffany didn't say Rihanna in general, but CLEARLY the first line says "Russian Roulete =Suicidal Rate Gon Skyrocket". Rihanna vocals are on the song so the comment was geared towards her and her team. I honestly don't believe not ONE word of this whole behind the music thing. Not ONE bit. I do believe there are people behind the scenes that can MAKE things happen, but they aren't DEVIL worshipers. People have POWER in this multi-BILLION dollar industry but aren't DEVIL worshipers. Like he said, Ne-Yo wrote the song...that makes him a devil worshiper? NO! Rihanna didn't write it, she just Sung the song, so why does she have to be a devil worshiper. Whatever, She needs to sit down some where and worry about why her career isn't going anywhere. Maybe she should take notes! Maybe she should sell herself to the devil for fame...................................ugh..Some people swear up and down that Beyonce did this for the whole Sasha Fierce thing, and saying that a bunch of the music we hear has subliminal messages within them. I'm pretty sure The-Dream wasn't thinking about ANYTHING DEVILISH when he wrote that song. Nothing at all, it's just the way things work sometimes. Poor child, she's probably just tryna get noticed. lol! J/k but I don't dislike her, I just think that state was uncalled for. Simply put.

Preview Leona Lewis's Album "Echo"

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Amazon has uploaded the snippets to Leona's highly anticipated album "Echo" which is set to hit stores Nov. 17th. Check out the snippets here.

Alright, here's the songs I like, "Happy", "I Got You", "Can't Breathe", "Brave", "My Hands", "Love Letter", "Broken", "Naked", "Alive", and "Stone Hearts & Hand Grenades". Now that is 11 out of the 14 songs on the album. Leona's last album I enjoyed EVERY son, except for one which was "Homeless". This album sounds pretty dayum good and I can't wait to put it on my ipod. Looks like Leona has pull it off again.

Rihanna Promo Pic & Confirmed Interview With GMA


Peep a new promo pic from Rihanna and her "Rated R" album. It surfaced yesterday and RiRi looks mighty FIERCE!

In other news, Rihanna's video for her new song "Russian Roulette" will premiere November 6th on ABC's "Primetime". Rihanna is also set to perform the new song on November 23rd on Good Morning America and is rumored to give a sit down interview.

I wonder how true this interview is?! I HAVE to watch it. I need to see if she'll answer any other the questions from the night of the incident. This will be her FIRST interview in almost a YEAR. She has to know that they're going to ask her those questions, and she can't like walk off the stage or anything. LOL. I'm definitely going to watch!

Chris Brown Speaks About Rihanna With Angie Martinez


Earlier today, Chris Brown stopped by New York to pay a visit to Angie Martinez at the Hot 97 radio station to debut his new dual single "Crawl" (which is HOTT by the way) and gave a lil interview about his feelings towards Rihanna & the entire situation back in Feb. Angie asked a few more questions than Larry King did, but Chris does indeed say that he still loves Rihanna. Listen to the interview below..




As always, this interview didn't get anywhere. But I'm sure ONE DAY, what went down in that car will definitely come to light. I wouldn't be surprised if Rihanna came out he dark and spoke on EXACTLY what went down. She probably will do so to help them album sales. lol. It's possible. Well Angie tried, she tried to get it out of him but Chris told her the same thing he told Larry, basically he don't wanna speak anything of it. Awww Maaan..well, he's right, the situation is OVER and DONE with. Though we still wanna know what's what and what really went down, it's all sad and done. All they can do is move on. I didn't know Will Smith called! He got the call from the man above and gave him guidance. That's good to know.

Whitney Houston Performs On X-Factor In Italy


Whitney Houston gave a hott performance of her song "Million Dollar Bill" in Italy on X-Factor. She's hot on the promo trail with this album over seas. Check it out above.

She definitely sounded and did A LOT better than the last performance! Her voice was so nice and strong. She looked good as well with that nice dress on. She had the whole crowd on their feet. I love the lil eruo techno beat that's going on in these performances. Pretty good Whit. That was a nice gift they gave her at the end! Hell she don't even need that, give it to me to put on my wall! LMAO @ the host tellin her to come back WHEN EVER SHE WANTS lmao. Too funny!

BLAST from the PAST: Leona Lewis - "Bleeding Love"

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This weeks BLAST from the PAST is brought to you by Leona Lewis. I've been listening to a lot of her lately being that her new album is on the way. I've recently feel in love with the song "Happy" after watching the beautiful video over and over again. Well anyway, this song introduced me to her. I first heard this song on Valentine's Day of 2008. I was in my room ironing my work clothes listening to the radio, then I heard this song. I was like who the fuck is this lady singing like this. I was just SOO impressed. So I was patiently waiting on the song to go off because I wanted to hear the name of the singer. With my bad luck, another song came on RIGHT afterwards. SO I ran to my Nintendo Wii for the internet, and just started googling "cut me open" "keep bleeding" lol and then I found it on youtube. I was like this girl can SANG! At first I thought it was Toni Braxton or something. Then the name was like Leona Lewis from the U.K. I was like oh really, and she's soundin like this?! So I read up info about her, found out about the whole X-Factor thing, then saw she actually had an album that was ALREADY out in the U.K. but not the U.S. So I got my hands on her album and fell in love with it! I spread the word, told all my friends that "Bleeding Love" was going to #1, and that it did. Enuff of my rambling, enjoy!

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

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Dimpsettes, in case you missed this past Monday's episode of Gossip Girl, check out a quick recap , and the full episode below via WSJ...

The most unlikely of rivals go head to head in this week’s show — Blair vs. Vanessa over who gets to do a toast at an NYU parents event. On a normal day, it wouldn’t be a fair fight –- but OMG, Vanessa stoops to new lows to make it a legit blowout. Didn’t know you had it in ya V!

The short-list for the speech has two people on it. Vanessa is one and Blair thinks she’s the other. It turns out Dan’s famous girlfriend Olivia (Hilary Duff) is the school’s speaker of choice. She only agrees to do the speech after Vanessa convinces Dan to invite her to the event to meet his parents.

Vanessa realizes her gesture has backfired and instead of pleading with Olivia honestly to let her do the speech (V invited her mom, which was a big deal) she goes all Blair on us.
The usually squeaky-clean Vanessa lies to Dan, telling him Olivia is nervous about meeting his parents and that he and Olivia should stay home and cook instead. Dan listens and Vanessa gets her speech back. Vanessa -– as naïve as always – is being played as part of Blair’s plot to get the speech.

Vanessa gets forced into taking the whole mess even further when Olivia asks why Dan changed his mind. She tells Olivia that Dan’s parents don’t like movie stars. Once Blair’s knocked Olivia out of the picture via Vanessa’s deceit, she calls in Chuck to finish off the plan and secure the speech for herself. She convinces him to play some a scene out with the NYU guy in charge of deciding who speaks. Chuck thinks it was part of their role-playing weirdness and complies. Turns out a kiss with Chuck Bass was on a scavenger hunt list and Blair sold the find to the speech guy and lied to Chuck to make it happen. Oh yes, Chuck kisses a guy and, apparently, it’s not the first time.

Meanwhile, Serena and Nate team up to help get Carter off the hook with Buckleys, which he is supposed to do by flying to Galveston to work on a Buckley oil field. So Nate gets Serena into a high stakes poker game with the brother of the jilted Buckley, and puts down the initial $25k to get things going. The hope is that she wins enough to buy Carter out of his forced labor stint. When Serena starts blowing it, Nate throws a picture of his cousin Trip, about to take a hit from a bong, in the pot as a ‘winner-take-all’ bet. Trip is running for public office. Nate figures Carter’s freedom is worth the gamble. And just as I’m asking myself for the 49th time “why does Nate care about Carter?” -– we see Nate on the phone with the real photo sans bong. Nate lied to Serena because he thought the real photo, which is bongless but beer filled, once revealed, would actually make the Buckleys look bad, and make Trip look good.

Serena isn’t happy and takes the real photo back to the Buckleys, which actually springs Carter from his trip to the Lone Star State. But of course, happiness must elude poor Serena. Carter, instead of being thrilled he doesn’t have to sweat pumping oil, tells Serena he’d rather prove himself than have her feel sorry for him. Then he gets in his chauffer-driven-limo (he’s so broke he has to go work in the oil fields to pay a debt, but he has a limo and driver?) and he leaves Serena…again. Lets hope for the last time, as this Carter-Serena no-mance is getting tedious.

No show would be complete without a little double-crossing. Vanessa is so steamed by Blair’s plot to get the speech, she confronts her. Blair tells Vanessa that she is better than her. Vanessa grabs a microphone and confronts Blair again just as she’s about to speak. Blair spews about how she’s totally better than Vanessa and how she even lied to Chuck to make this speech happen. The entire party hears the speech over the loudspeaker. Chuck leaves and Blair is devastated. She turns to Lily for some TLC and Lily tells her she messed up big time. Blair delivers the line of the show in response: “Where’d you learn to give a pep talk -– Guantanamo?” She races off to find Chuck, who isn’t interested in talking.

Vanessa fesses up to Dan and Olivia too, but not in time to save Olivia from making a moron of herself in front of Dan’s parents by playing up the Hollywood diva thing to make a point. Olivia gets called up to speak after all and Vanessa is left out in the cold, embarrassed that her private-school-hating mother showed up to hear her speak and she blew it by being a schemer.

And the show ends as bizarrely as it began -– with Vanessa and Blair bonding over a croissant and, well, a little side of crow.

Wow, in this episode, Vanessa was slowly but surly turning into Blaire! Chuck kissed a GUY!! Well, the guy kissed him! Only because Blaire wanted to give that toast! Shame shame shame. Chuck was pretty dayyum pissed and Blaire knew she messed up. Poor Sereena thought that she was getting her boo off the hook, little do she know, he wasn't havin it. He wanted to be the man that he is and own up to his debt. This was a pretty decent episode. It was funny to see how BOTH Vanessa and Blaire's plans backfired on them BOTH and neither of them gave the speech at the toast. Now, I didn't know Vanessa was an ethnic character. Her mom was BLACK! I was like OMG, that's where that ghettoness that she has come from lol. Pretty good episode. Tune in next week.

Fresh Album Cover: D. Woods - "The Gray Area"

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Former member of Danity Kane, D. Woods is gearing up for her solo release. The album is title "The Gray Area". She tweeted the photo above via her twitter account and there is a tentative release date of Dec. 8th. A few songs from her recording sessions has leaked already. "Legalize Me" was a favorite of mine. No word on if any of those will be included on the album or not. But peep the artwork above.

Now D. Woods is making progress. Where's Shannon and Aubrey? Andrea has done play boy, Dawn is going strong with this Dirty Money ensemble Diddy created, and..I think I'm missing one...meh..oh well. D. Woods album cover looks pretty decent, it looks like she will be the first to debut her solo album. Lets hope it does well. Someone of her status needs to drop a single ASAP to snag up ratings and promotion.

Fresh Music: Chris Brown - "Crawl"

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Lifted from his upcoming third studio album "Crawl" will be released as a dual single along with his already release "I Can Transform Ya". The album will be released sometime in December. A video has been shot and will feature singer Cassie as the leading lady in the video which will debut in a few weeks which was directed by Joseph Kahn. Check out the song below..

What can I say, I love it to death. It's definitely one of them relationship songs. Basically trying to mend a broken heart & relationship, longing to "Crawl" back to love. The beat is smooth, Chris sounds like a grown ass man which I LOVE! I'm glad he's not shooting to impress the teenage girls this time around, he's on his grown man tip and I like it. Going on my ipod right now as we speak.

Dimpsettes, your thoughts?
vote & comment below..
Dimpsettes, are you feeling Chris Brown's "Crawl"?

Fresh Music: RIhanna - "Russian Roulette" & Album Titled "Rated R"


"The wait is ova, the wait is ova" says Rihanna, and that it is being that her new song just premiered moments ago. The song is called "Russian Roulette" which was written and produced by singer Ne-Yo. It's lifted from her new album which is rumored to be titled "Rated R." and is set to hit stores November 23rd. The album has productions from Ne-Yo, The Dream, Tricky Stewart, Stargate & more. The video for this song will premiere on ABC's "Primtime" in a few weeks, and it was directed by Anthony Mandler. Check out the song below...

Now, where do I start? It took a few listens, but I do like the song. I just don't think that it lives up to the hype that everyone has thrown out there. Yes the song is new, different and extremely dark, but it's definitely not MONSTROUS like Tricky Stewart said. I feel like I've been left hanging. I was hoping for something more uptempo or just different. We heard this from her before. I know that gun shot at the end is VERY VERY chilling. Got me a little worried. Can't wait to see the video for this. She's basically comparing a love life to a game of Russian Roulette. I wonder if she felt that way the night Chris Brown beat her silly? Lol. The artwork looks pretty Rihannaish. She's always edgy & trendy. Who in their right mind would wear barbed wire? Though I'm sure it's not REAL but still, you can count on Rihanna to generate an idea of that caliber. Her voice in this song has definitely enhanced over the past few years, she sounds great. As stated before, I'm not too impressed, but I DO like the song.

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"Russian Roulette", Dimpsettes, are you feeling it?

Fresh Music: Lady Gaga - "Bad Romance"


This is the official single to Lady Gaga's re-release of her album "The Fame Monster" due out next month. The song is called "Bad Romance" & was produced by RedOne! Check it out below..

Meh...sounds pretty similar to "Poker Face" if you ask me. I'm not impressed, it's not a bad song, but I was hoping for something kinda different I guess. I love the picture though. Reminds me of bloody death!

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Dimpsettes, are you feeling "Bad Romance"?

New Pics of Rihanna's Video Shoot

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Here are a few more pics on the set of her new video. She's rocking a hott to death ass fur & her body looks AMAZING! Oh my god, peep another pic below..

Now, word is out that the song we heard in the clip I posted earlier singing "The Wait Is Ova, The Wait Is Ova" is said NOT TO BE her single. Reports are showing that it was just the intro to the video and is NOT the single that will be released tomorrow. According to Ryan Seacrest and a few other sources, the name of Rihanna's first single is called "Russian Roulette". Now recent reports indicate that Christina Agulera recorded a the same titled of a song with producer Tricky Stewart. According to Tricky himself, Rihanna's first or second single will be one that he produced. Could this be it? I hope so. I'm also glad that what we heard isn't the song, cause I was honestly disappointed. SERIOUSLY, I was like WTF is this? This isn't hat I wanted to hear. Greatly enough, tomorrow will mark the day. The countdown is still on, so we have to play the waiting game!

Destenee Interview: The Destenee Of Music!


Dimpsettes, my good friend and fellow blogger Brandan just recently interviewed singer, songwriter, & producer Destenee on his Blog: Excite Magazine. I've been hearing about her a lot lately, and never knew who she was or even how to pronounce her name. Destenee is pronounced "Destiny" lol I feel so slow. But anywho, inside the interview, you find out a lot about who Destenee is as a person & artist. We learn about her & her favorites, pictures of her, thoughts about people in the industry (as well as the infamous Kanye West & Taylor Swift moment), her debut album and a lot more. She's definitely an artist to look out for. To read the interview click here. Check out Destenee on Twitter, & her Myspace Page to support & learn more about her. Great interview Brandan!

Fresh Music: Rihanna - "The Wait Is Ova" (Snippet) Kind of..LOL


A few days ago, Rihanna was spotted shooting the music video for her highly anticipated debut. The album and single is deeded so "TOP SECRET" that no one knows or as really heard anything about the album or 1st single. Luckily for us, a by-stander recorded a few minutes of video of Rihanna on the set of the new music video and you can hear parts of the song and see her dancing to it. Check it out above.

Now, if this is indeed the song, or first single, from what I heard...You know what, I'll save my comments for tomorrow after I hear it ALL, in full & high quality. Lol. She gets spooked by the train coming past in the clip, you can see her jump & then laugh afterward.Yeah I wanna hear it in full, but my curiosity has been satisfied, now that I heard what the song SOOUNDS like..Tomorrow morning is the BIG day!! The Wait is OVA! LMAO at the very end of the video, the security gaurds come blocking her and flashing that dayum light...and the fans are screaming.."TOOO LATE BUDDY, WE GOT HER ALREADY, WE GOT HER ALREADY!!" I know that's right, they got a first look of what the video will look and sound like. Then comes the guard flashing that annoying ass light in the way, like Beyonce's body guard does! I hate that!

Fresh Video" Alicia Keys - "Doesn't Mean Anything"

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Check out the official video for Alicia Keys's first single "Doesn't Mean Anything" which premiered a few hours ago. This is the first single from her new album "The Element of Freedom" hitting stores on Dec. 1st. The vid was directed by P.R. Brown. Peep it above.

I love love love it! The entire scenario is perfect, Alicia looks stunning. The fact that the weather was rainy and gloomy in the beginning was PERFECT and she was all alone in that nice ass apartment as things started fading away slowly into smoke. Then after the second verse, the special effects were fantastic!! She was climbing that mountain at the very end, I thought her man or something was up there, but to my surprise...there was "no one, no one, noooo ooonnnneee" lol get it? The background looked very similar to Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams" background. But never-the-less this was a great video. Loved it!!

The Rihanna Countdown is On!

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This surfaced online a few hours ago. It's the countdown until Rihanna's new single drops! They're going all out for this release. This is why Mariah Carey, Amerie and the rest of Def Jam's artsits are lacking in promotion, because it is all being saved for Rihanna. Hype like this definitely sales album. She just needs to be ready for the hardcore interviews she will have to do and brace herself because she knows just as well as I know, that they WILL ask her about the whole Chris Brown incident. I'm sure it'll be a close door in her book, but just a door opener for the rest of the world because she hasn't gave NOT ONE interviw since it happened which was back in Feb. Hell it's almost Feb again. Be ready RiRi!!

Jay-Z Joins Alicia Keys for the American Music Awards

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Jay-Z & Alicia Keys will be performing the hit "Empire State of Mind" at the 2009 American Music Awards. The news comes after Alicia Keys was a confirmed performer and was rumored to be giving a performance of "Doesn't Mean Anything"...but it looks like those reports were false. Be sure to tune in.

LMAO, now they have a 2nd chance to perform this song, yall better keep an eye out for Lil Mama. Tie her lil ass down to the seat. LMAO

Rihanna's Single Will Be MONSTROUS!

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According to an exclusive interview with Tricky Stewart via Rap-Up, he said that info on Rihanna's album is SO TOP SECRET that HE doesn't even know what her first single will be! The hitmaker recorded songs with Rihanna within the last few weeks and he has spoken on the progress and is deeming his session with the songstress to be MONSTROUS! Peep the interview below..

RAP-UP: Rihanna’s fourth album has a release date of November 23.
TRICKY: Yes, yes.

RAP-UP: Last time we spoke, you hadn’t yet recorded with her. What became of your studio sessions?
TRICKY: I can’t talk about what happened, but it’s really good for me [laughs]. We delivered a very, very big record, but I can’t say what the name of it is or anything, just for the simple fact that it’s actually top secret. It’s definitely going to be a single. It’s either going to be the first or the second single. I do know that.

RAP-UP: So you produced the new song and The-Dream wrote it. Is anyone featured on it?
TRICKY: Yes. I can say it’s a rapper. I’m not gonna say who [laughs].

RAP-UP: Is the track uptempo?
TRICKY: Yes, it’s uptempo. It’s a club banger and it’s edgy.

RAP-UP: Would you say it’s bigger than “Umbrella”?
TRICKY: No, it’s different. It’s a superstar taking a step in a totally different direction. This album is different than her past works.

RAP-UP: How so?
TRICKY: It’s just an artist at work. This is Rihanna coming into her own and going from being a girl that has been singing big, huge hit records, and the artist is awake and alive and moving on this project. She knows exactly what she wants to say, she knows how she wants to feel. It was an amazing experience working with her and just really getting into her headspace of what she wanted to do.

RAP-UP: When will we be able to hear the first single?
TRICKY: Everything’s about to happen really fast, so it’s not gonna be long. It’s gonna be here in the next couple days.

RAP-UP: How many songs did you record with her?
TRICKY: Right now, it’s just the one, but it’s a monster song. And really when it’s all said and done, all we had was “Umbrella” on the last one, so if it’s like that, I’m cool with that. [Editor's note: Tricky and The-Dream also produced "Breakin' Dishes" off Good Girl Gone Bad.]

RAP-UP: Was it different working with her this time versus last time?
TRICKY: Yeah, it’s always different because once everyone gets bigger, it’s even harder just to get everybody in the room. We ended up going over to Paris and working over there, coming to New York—it’s been a lot of flying around for one song.

RAP-UP: What else can you tell us?
TRICKY: Her album is crazy and she’s really just stepped up her game as an artist—not stepped up, but there’s an artist at work.

RAP-UP: Do you know who else she collaborated with on the project?
TRICKY: I know she wrote some songs with Ne-Yo. Ne-Yo has some great songs on there. She’s even being secretive with the music of the other producers too.

RAP-UP: Is she writing anything herself?
TRICKY: I really don’t know. I think she probably did write on some of these songs. She’s definitely lending her leadership.

RAP-UP: Everyone knows Rihanna for her fearless fashion. Is that going to translate into her music?
TRICKY: Yeah, definitely. I could say that. The attitude of the fashion and the attitude of the music—that’s what she’s into. It’s gonna be a complete vision.

I...I say GOOD DAMMN!! I SAY GOD DAMN!! This is making me SOOOOOO ANXIOOUS! I cannot honestly wait to hear this Rihanna song. It is set to premiere this coming Tuesday afternoon! Oh my god. I swear it better not let me down. The way Tricky is talking, this is a top secret JOINT, nothing has leaked, hopefully other songs will surface as the release date draws near. Rihanna, I'm sure she will top the charts as far as album sales go, now this single on the other hand, it better be a DAYUM good one and not a let down. It better pull a Britney Spears and SOAR STRAIGHT TO NUMBER 1 on the Hot 100 within the first week of it's release. It better!! It better be the best dayum song I've heard in all of 2009. LMAO! Tricky just got my wheels rolling. I can't WAIT!

Ciara & Justin Timberlake Performs At His Charity Concert

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Ciara was another one of the many celebrities that contributed to Justin's charity concert. She performed "Love, Sex & Magic", "Goodies" & Goodies". Peep another photo below as well as the performance.

Awwwwww, she's still going around promoting that good ole album. I didn't really like "Love, Sex & Magic" it was alright. My favorite from that will is "Never Ever". She performed "Goodies" & "1,2 Step" oh my god those are classics. I love that WHOLE album of hers. I think it was the best to date. Hopefully more light will shed on her new album that The Dream & Tricky Stewart are working on. From what I hear, it's titled "Reinvention"!

TLC Performs At Justin Timberlake & Friends Concert

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T-Boz & Chilli, the remaining members of TLC, reunited at Justin Timberlake & Friends 2nd Annual Charity Concert. They performed "I Ain't To Proud To Beg" & "What About Your Friends" last night at Las Vegas's Mandalay Bay Events Center. Peep a few more pics & the performance below..

Was it just me, or did it feel like Left Eye was there as well? Chilli & T-Boz looks just like that did YEARS ago, they don't age at all. Great performance, the crowd was very good to them, cheering them on and singing along to the song. The dancing was prety good too, good to see that T-Boz is doing well enough to perform and dance. I'm so happy for them, I can't wait til they come out with more solo projects.

LeToya Spotted Court Side

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Miss lady LeToya was seen on the NBA court side at the L.A. Clippers game with Major League Baseball Player Matt Kemp, who plays for the Dodgers. Hmmmmmmm, is the Toya's new boo?! Lol, let's not jump to conclusions....until MORE pics surface. LOL.

In other Letoya news, she is currently in the progress of shooting her new video for "Regret" featuring Ludacris. We should see that within the next few weeks.

Kelly Rowland Joins 50 Cent For New Video


50 Cent is recruiting all of the R&B honeys. First Ciara now Kelly Rowland. She is the leading lady for his new video and 4th single from us constantly pushed back album "Before I Self Destruct". The song is called "Baby By Me" which features Ne-Yo who is not pictured. Peep a few more pics below lifted from This Is 50!

Hmmmm, I wonder what made Kelly do this? 50's album is /never going to drop. It's been pushed back about a million times already. I've never, in all of my days, see and album dropped AFTER 4 singles had been dropped. He might as well scratch it and give it up. What happened to 50? How did he fall off? He was the #1 man in the game, crushng Ja Rule's era and EVERYTHING. Now, it's like he's just another starving artist. Still trying to stay relevant. I don't know. But at least Kelly looks good in these pics! lol

Whitney Houston Performs "Million $ Bill" On X-Factor

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Whitney Houston is in the U.K. promoting strongly!! She just recently dropped the hit show X-Factor and performed her single "Million Dollar Bill". Peep it above.

Now, Whitney...I love you to death. I guess it's cool to say now that she can't sing live as well as she used to. But when she performed on Oprah, she sounded amazing because there was less movement and walking around and stuff. She was going strong having fun in the video above. I honestly think her head was REALLY spinning round & round. She looked a bit tooo excited. But I don't think this was a crappy performance like everyone is making it out to be. It's "Just Whitney". She was having fun, the dancers was juking it! Nice job Whit!

Fresh Album Cover: Janet Jackson - "Number Ones"

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November 17th marks the day that Janet Jackson will see the release of her greatest hits collection "Number Ones". Above is the official album cover for the album. The new song "Make Me" is the featured single.

Hmmmmmm...picture looks VEEERRRYY familiar. Honestly, still to this day, I have yet to listen to "Make Me" and it's been out for almost a month. Shame, I just haven't heard any buzz about it, nor is it something I don't think that I'd be interested in. Hmmmmmm let me go ahead and listen to it now....Okay, I take that all back LMAO! This song is FUNKY!! I like it. It sounds classic. Hmmmmm, well being that the only form of promotion was her performing on the VMA's, will that alone help push this album? Or will people by it because it's Janet?

Jennifer Lopez Covers "She Magazine"

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Jennifer Lopez graces the cover of the November issue of "She Magazine" (U.K.) The magazine is geared toward women who juggles their lives as far as working, raising their children etc... Peep an excerpt of what the magazine summed up for J.Lo below..

Hollywood actress Jennifer Lopez has said she wants to work on projects that her children will be “proud of” one day. The 40-year-old actress is mum to 20-month-old twins Max and Emme and she said she thinks differently about what she works on since becoming a mum. She said: “Being a mother has changed the way I look at my work in a very positive way. I want to be able to create and be part of things that I know my children will be proud of one day.”

Go head J.Lo. Get your shine on! Since she is about to come back strong next year in full force with a new album and movie, it's time for promo promo promo!! She is also performing at this years American Music Awards. I need to see what she will be singing! Stay tuned!

Beyonce's "I Am...Yours" DVD Cover

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Peep the official cover for Beyonce's new concert DVD called "I Am...Yours" due to hit stores on November 24th.

Alright, go head...ask me if I like it! NO!! I don't! Why, it's not Beyonce like! I Am...Yours (an intimate....) where's the intimacy displayed? No where. That big ole blotch of black just throws me in all kinds of ways. I'm not impressed, I've seen better from B. They need to switch this shit! Over and out!

Fresh Music: Leona Lewis - "I Got You"

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Dimpsettes, the wait is over. Check out the newly leaked track from Leona Lewis called "I Got You" which was produced by Max Martin. A snippet of it was leaked a few months back and now the full song has surfaced. It's from her new album of course called "Echo". It's set to drop on November 17th. Make sue you get your copy. In the mean time, check out he song below..QUICKLY because I'm sure it will be deleted in a few minutes!

I wasn't disappointed! I LOVE IT! I knew I'd like it. So far, this is my favorite Leona Lewis song. I hope there are more songs like this on the new album. This should have been the first single!! It's VERY radio friendly. I love it! Oh my god! It's so catchy, her voice is so angelic and this kind of sound, to me, displays the title of her album "Echo". 5out of 5 stars for me. Leona did the dayum thing. Definitely lookin forward to this album!

Dimpsettes, your thoughts?
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Dimpsettes, what do you think about "I Got You"?
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