Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel

Alright Dimpsettes, if you didn't know, Mariah's album has leaked online, I have my copy and listened to it in FULL! Now here's MY 2 cents!

If I had to rate it, it would get a 4 out of 5 stars! The Dream showed his ASS with these productions! They are all pretty hott! Most of the songs have old skool flavors to them. As if they sample past songs as far as melody and rhythm which is NOT a bad thing. Mariah vocals are pretty decent as well..though, just like Whitney, she has left me longing for a power ballad. "I Wanna Know What Love Is" is pretty good but I was looking for another one. But this album is HOTT HOTT HOTT! From start to finish. There is NOT ONE SONG on here that I dislike. MY favorite has to be "Up Out My Face". I love it. This album WILL be on repeat!!! For SURE! Dimpsettes get in to it!! If you want it? Hit me up and you can get it!!!

In the meantime, if you already heard it, drop your 2 cents below and let me know what you thing about it!

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  1. I;m glad you bring yo ass back!! Anyway, i love this album! She is back and here to stay!! I love "Ribbon"

  2. hell yeah, thas a nice track too! and im glad to be back!


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