LeToya Interviewed On Radio Planet

eToya Luckett sat down with DJ Whoo Kid at the Sirius studios to discuss her latest album, her role alongside Ashton Kutcher in the upcoming movie Five Killers, the real facts about rumored tension with Beyoncé, dating life, why Drake is hot and more! Check it out above..

This was something silly! Just like folks to start beef! Why would they put a LeToya pic over Taylor Swift during the whole Kayne thing. Lol! I honestly believe that LeToya & Beyonce AREN'T BEEFING. I mean why would they? The cuts inbetween this dayum interview are so funny. She looks STUNNING! OMG. I really wish her album did well, though I only like a few songs on it, she's the type that DESERVES to have a hit album, or hit single! Her personality just shines and she's so real!

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