Fresh Video: Kesha - TiK ToK

Peep the video premiere of Kesha for her first single "Tik ToK". This song was produced by Dr. Luke and penned by Kesha herself! Pretta amazing. PEep it above.

This dayum video had me fooled the hell outta me. I was like wtf is she doing, this video has nothin to do with the song!! Then the party scence kicked in when she said "Now the party don't start til I walk in" Then it got crunk! Boys was tryna touch her junk! lol. This video was pretty hott. She started in a bathtub and ended in one lol. She is pretty as well! Very pretty!

Dimpsettes what do you think about the video?
comment below..


  1. i hope she beat that bitch Katy Perry out the waters!! Ppl been saying she sound like her, i don't think so though.

  2. they dont sound alike.....or do they?? naaa!!! cant be


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