Fresh Music: Leona Lewis - "Happy"

Above is a stunning new promo pic of Leona Lewis for her upcoming album "Echo" due out in September. Her official first single has been leaked and will be released to radios in a few weeks. The track was produced by Ryan Tedder and it's called "Happy". Check it out below..

Well, I will say that this official first single was HYPED A LOT. I believe that it doesn't live up to what I expected. It's not bad, but I honestly think that this song DOESN'T showcase her album title "Echo", this sounds like it could've been on her last album. Again, it's not a bad track, I was just looking forward to something better. I think it'll score her a position on the charts...maybe among the top 20..I don't see this being a major hit like "Bleeding Love" was.

Dimpsettes, your thoughts?
comment below..

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