Fresh Music: Ciara - "Switch"

Dimpsettes check out this left over track from Ciara's "Fantasy Ride" sessions. It's called "Switch" and was produced by Darkchild. Peep it below..

Ok, this is what I don't understand, if so many of these songs were recorded during her sessions for Fantasy Ride, why in the hell didn't THIS plus other leaked songs make the album? This song is actually nice, I believe that most of the songs that LEAKED AFTER the release of her album were HOTT and alot better than the songs that were on it, being that half her CD was leaked a year in advance, lol then songs like this surface that are CD worthy and didn't make the cut....tsk tsk tsk

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  1. YESSSSSSSSS!! Bitch is bringing it!!!! Too bad they couldnt SWITCH it to an album track LOL.


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