Fresh Music: Britney Spears - "3"

Britney Spears is STILL on her Circus tour, almost rapping it up, while constantly pushing up NEW music. This song is lifted from her upcoming album "The Singles Collection" which will be a compilation of her best singles. The song was produced by the guy who helped shoot her to stardom. His name is Max Martin, and he's responisblr for "...Baby One More Time", "Opps I Did It Again" & "Stringer". Check out the song called "3" below..

Typical Britney, she can make the NASTIEST song EVER and no one would ever pick up on the lyrics, just the heavy dance beat. lol. It's very flirty and steamy! It's a dance pop song. I'm not really into it. I tend to go for Britney's attempts to sing ballads. I like those, or midtempo songs, I'm not the biggest fan of her upbeat, fast tempo songs. That's what she's known for but mehh..From the "Circus" album, I love "My Baby", "Amnesia", "Blur", "Lace & Leather", "Kill The Lights", "Shattered Glass" & a few others. Most of those are not uptempo. I hope she did other new songs and added them to this compilation, at least give me one ballad Britney!

Dimpsetts are you feeling it?
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Are you feeling Britney's new song"3"?
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