Fresh Music: Boys II Men - "Open Arms"

Once a quartet and now a trio, R&B singing group Boys II Men is back and sounding better than ever with their first single lifted from their upcoming album "Love" called "Open Arms". It's a remake from Mariah's Daydream album, which was also remade from the singing group Journey in 1982. SO yes its been sang 3 different times lol. Take a listen ti the power ballad below..

This song is touching & very powerful. I love the fact that it starts off soft then the chorus comes in STRONGLY. I think this was a good choice for a 1st single, it displays their vocals and shows that they still have what it takes to pump out a hit! I remember them back in the day, when my brother used to loved "Til The End Of The Road" lol! Memory lane. I think the only songs I listened to by them was "Mama" and "One Sweet Day" with Mariah Carey.

Dimpsettes what do you think?
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Dimpsettes are you feeling Boys II Men "Open Arms"?
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