Diddy Parting Ways With Bad Boy Records

Word is OUT! Diddy is leaving Warner Bros. to sign a new deal with Interscope Records. Very little details have emerge, but at the end of this month, expect to see Diddy signed under a new label. Peep the report below..

The music mogul confirmed to Billboard.com that he is parting ways with Warner Music Group/Atlantic Records at the end of September.

“Now that the term of the Warner deal has ended, I have elected to accept an opportunity to move my recording career and future label venture to another company,” he said in a statement.

Diddy leaves behind his joint venture Bad Boy Entertainment and acts including Cassie and Day26, which will remain on Atlantic along with the Bad Boy catalog.

Since signing with WMG five years ago, Diddy released one album, Press Play, in 2006, which spawned the hit singles “Come to Me” and “Last Night.” It has sold 703,000 copies to date.

Reports indicate that the rapper’s forthcoming album Last Train to Paris will land at Interscope Records, home to Eminem, 50 Cent, and Gwen Stefani.

Woooooooow! I didn't SEE this coming. I figured that one day he would eventually part ways with the ARTIST like he ALWAYS do..but not part ways with Bad Boy! That's crazy. It was his HOME! Now what will Cassie do without him!M LMAO! Poor girl, she's my main concern, I could give 2 cents LESS about Diddy and where he goes. Day 26, Cassie and whoever else he had signed on his label, left their asses high and dry. LOL This is so funny to me! OMG. Lets see if this does him an justice. I HIGHLY doubt it will. Hell maybe now he's no longer in control, Cassie will probably go back to Ryan Leslie...NOT! He wont' take her back after she left him. Lol. Now she's bout to pay the price!!


  1. P Diddy is str8 up scandalous!!! Don't leave Cassie!! I don't care about Gay26

  2. lol. yeah he jettedd on their asses


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