Day 26 Speaks On Diddy's Departure

The dust is still settling after Diddy left the label. Now Day 26 speaks on the future of their group. Peep it below via rap-up!!

Willie Taylor, one-fifth of Day26, spoke to in an exclusive interview. “The business of it is still getting taken care of as we speak,” he revealed. “We’re just trying to figure it out. Once the paperwork is done, then we’ll know.”

One thing’s for certain, the R&B quintet will remain at Atlantic Records. “It might be Bad Boy/Atlantic, it might just be Atlantic. Right now, it’s up in the air. We know we not gonna be Bad Boy/Interscope though. That’s not even part of the situation.”

Diddy called the “Making the Band” stars to personally deliver the news. “He called us and let us know everything that was going on, the move he was making. And it’s a good move for him.”

Robert, Brian, Willie, Mike, and Q are content with remaining behind at Atlantic. “We cool, whatever works for your career. At the end of the day, as long as our Ts are crossed and our Is are dotted, we happy at Atlantic.”

As for what will happen to other Bad Boy artists like Cassie and Donnie Klang, “I have no idea,” Willie said. “It came as a surprise and I was just still excited about the interest in keeping Day26 [on Atlantic]. I gotta get past that first.”

I'm gonna say that this had better be one hell of a deal that Diddy received. And his next album beteer do well since he wanna jus up and leave.


  1. DAMN....its not looking good for them Gay26 betta step they cookie sup on the next album before they end up on Playgirl magazine or even Flava Men...LOL!!

  2. WHat happened to no bitchassness cuz that is definitely a bitch move on Diddy part

  3. meh...if the shoe fits! lol


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