Beyonce Sings "Halo" To A Cancer Survivor

Hey Dimpsettes! I missed you all! I hope ya missed me. What better way to start back blogging with a post that'll bring tears to one's eyes. Check out Beyonce who has resumed her touring over seas to promote her multi-platinum selling album "I Am...Sasha Fierce". SHe sang Halo to a young girl named Chelsea who survived cancer.

It's so touching, and yes my eyes watered. People in the audience was tearing up as well as the 7 year old girl. She lookd like she couldn't believe it. Its good to see B doing things like this. It shows that she has a heart and is NOT as mean and cruel as people claim her to be!

Dimpsettes your thougths?
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  1. I saw this the other day, this really made me cry :'{ and I'm so glad she so damn sweet. i love Bey!!

  2. right along with me. I just dont see the fake and phony stuff that ppl say about her. thou i've never met her, but im sure she's jus as sweet as sweet patato pie!


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