The B. Scott Show: Kandi Burruss Interview (Part II)

Again, as promised, here's part II of the Kandi Burruss for the B.Scott Show. Funny interview. Very nice. B. Scott is a FOOL! She said dance music, he looked like "UGH WHHAT?!" lmao! But he was definitely answering the questions. Not she said Beyonce wasn't the first woman to win that award. lol! And she had HER CHOICE to sing a song, and she picked that NOTE?! Baaaaby BYE!

Dimpsettes comment below...


  1. LOL Dimp!!!! Kandi still come off as phony!!! im glad B Scott got on dat ass!!!

  2. she does right!? like she aint REAL! She
    s tryin to be. but she's not


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