Janet Breaks Silence at The BET Awards

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In the video above, Janet attended the BET Awards and broke her silence and spoke on behalf of her & her family about Michael and tearfully thanked everyone for their love and support.

2009 BET Awards Pics, Winners & Performances

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Hey Dimpsettes, I know I haven't much recently, due to the untimely death of MJ, which "Rocked My World". SO sudden so shocking. But he will never be forgotten. It's a new week, so I thought what better way to start posting a BIG STUPID LONG post with the performances, pics & winners from lasts night awards show. SO if any of you missed it, (just like I did due to work) Peep a few of the red carpet arrivals, performances, & a list of winners below.

Red Carpet Arrivals

Nominees & Winners

Video of the Year
* Beyoncé – “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”
Beyoncé – “If I Were a Boy”
Jamie Foxx featuring T-Pain – “Blame It”
T.I. featuring Rihanna – “Live Your Life”
Kanye West – “Heartless”

Best Male R&B Artist
* Ne-Yo
Jamie Foxx
Ryan Leslie

Best Female R&B Artist
* Beyoncé
Keyshia Cole
Keri Hilson
Jennifer Hudson
Jazmine Sullivan

Best Male Hip-Hop Artist
* Lil Wayne
Rick Ross
Kanye West
Young Jeezy

Best Female Hip-Hop Artist
* M.I.A.
Lil Mama

Best Group
* Day26
GS Boyz
The Roots
Three 6 Mafia

Best New Artist
* Keri Hilson
Kid Cudi
Ryan Leslie
Jazmine Sullivan

Viewer’s Choice
* T.I. featuring Rihanna – “Live Your Life”
Beyoncé – “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”
Keri Hilson featuring Lil Wayne – “Turnin’ Me On”
Lil Wayne – “A Milli”
Soulja Boy Tell’em featuring Sammie – “Kiss Me Thru the Phone”
T-Pain featuring Lil Wayne – “Can’t Believe It”
Kanye West – “Love Lockdown”

Best Collaboration
* Jamie Foxx feauturing T-Pain – “Blame It”
Keri Hilson featuring Lil Wayne – “Turnin’ Me On”
Jim Jones featuring Ron Browz and Juelz Santana – “Pop Champagne”
T.I. featuring Rihanna – “Live Your Life”
Yung L.A. featuring Young Dro and T.I. – “Ain’t I”

Video Director of the Year
* Benny Boom
Rik Cordero
Gil Green
Chris Robinson
Hype Williams

Best Actor
* Will Smith
Idris Elba
Samuel L. Jackson
Jamal Woolard

Best Actress
* Taraji P. Henson
Angela Bassett
Rosario Dawson
Jennifer Hudson
Beyoncé Knowles

Male Athlete of the Year
* LeBron James
Kobe Bryant
Reggie Bush
Dwayne Wade
Tiger Woods

Female Athlete of the Year
* Serena Williams
Tamika Catchings
Lisa Leslie
Candace Parker
Venus Williams

Best Gospel Artist
* Mary Mary
Regina Belle
Shirley Caesar
Smokie Norfu
Trin-I-Tee 5:7


New Edition Tribute

Jamie Fox Intro

Keith Sweat, Guy & Bel De Voe Medley

O'Jays' Tribute

Keri Hilson - Turnin' Me On & Knock You Down

Ne-Yo Lady In My Life

Ne-You & Jamie Foxx She Got Her Own

Ciara - Heal The World

Soulja Boy Turn on My Swag

Keyshia Cole & Monica - Trust

Beyonce - Ave Maria

Jay-Z Death of Auto Tune

I'm missing a few performances, (Maxwell & Jamie Fox/T-Pain) but who cares. Jamie Foxx was the host of the show & gave 3 Performances!! Wow what a stunt that I'm not too happy about. It's a good thing that I didn't break my neck to tune in cuz it wasn't all of that. Beyonce's performance was seen all over the UK. She did the same exact performance she did in her "I Am..." tour. Same gown and everything. But, anywho let me get to the point. Right after Michael's death, BET Advertised this awards show as if it was going to be a tribute show to MJ...and it WASN'T. Not in my eyes at least. They threw 2 or 3 small gigs in the show at the last minute for Michael and that was it. Nothing major. A few melodies here and there, and the rest was 4 hours worth of garbage. I believe that Ciara was the only one who truly give a Tribute performance. And ok, I know BET planned the tribute show on such shot short notice, but don't go telling viewers one thing and then don't commit to it. A bunch of watchers was expecting something BIG because of how they were advertising. SMH I'm glad they didn't get to count me as a viewer!! They dropped it BIG TIME!

Dimpsettes what are your thoughts about the 2009 BET Awards?


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Is there some sort of celeb pattern of deaths? I'm reading twitter updates and a bunch of the celebz have this posted...

MJ died the 25th , Aaliyah died the 25th, Static Major died the 25th, Left Eye the 25th too, James Brown 12/25

Those date are true...it's odd. Aaliyah died August 25, 2001, Left Eye died April 25, 2002, Static Major died February 25, 2008, James Brown died December 25, 2006, & now Michael Jackson dies on June 25th, 2009, also Ferrah Fawcett.

Such sadness all today. May all of their souls rest in peace. I know for a fact they are all up there right now having a great time.

Michael Jackson Dies at 50

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In the above pic, provided by ET Online, shows Michael Jackson arriving to the hospital in L.A. Photographers were able to snap this shot of the fallen pop star in what appears to be his last moments.

He has been confirmed dead after suffering from a heart attack and undergoing Cardiac Arrest. The news shocked many many people around the world Fans have gathered at the medical center where Jackson was taken into, his Nether Land Ranch, the home he rented in Bel Air, his childhood home in Indiana & on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Also many celebrities has responded to his death via Twitter, peep the many tweets below and many more to come..

@RachelleLefevre Rest in peace Farrah Fawcett & Michael Jackson. Condolences to their families.
-Rachelle Lefevre, Actress (”Twilight,” “Casino Jack”)

@peterfacinelli Its a sad day. RIP Farrah and Michael. I’ll never for get the first time I saw this. RT @peterwintherThe moonwalk… http://bit.ly/lJz0V #fb
-Peter Facinelli, Actor (”Twilight,” “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”)

@hodgman Mourning McMahon, Fawcett, & Jackson w/ Amy Sedaris, Kate Mulgrew, and Jenna Srern in the weird empty townhouse they are storing us in.
-John Hodgman, Actor (”Coraline,” “Baby Mama”)

@mileycyrus michael jackson was my inspiration. love and blessings
-Miley Cyrus, Singer/Actress (”Hannah Montana: The Movie,” “The Last Song”)

@KristofferAaron Captain EO was the only thing in 3D I’ve ever seen where I remember things seeming to really fly around the room. Pretty awesome.
-Kristoffer Aaron, Writer/Director (”Blind,” “The Home”)

@TomFelton Crazy shit! Excuse the French but who saw that coming! Sad day for music : (
-Tom Felton, Actor (”Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” “Anna and the King”)

@shockozulu Jsckson five–abc’s –remember almost from crib..first song danced too as child… Rembrr the record playing in living room with fam. RIP
-John Cusack, Actor (”2012,” “High Fidelity”)

@mrskutcher I am greatly saddened for the loss of both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Especially for their children!
-Demi Moore, Actress (”G.I. Jane,” “Striptease”)

@FINALLEVEL Rest In Peace Mike. People can say what they want but you were 100% original. WE will always love , miss & remember your GREATNESS. “Ice T”
-Ice-T, Actor (”New Jack City,” “Leprechaun in the Hood”)

@Tyrese4ReaL I can’t believe I’m about to write this Michael Jackson May God Bless your SOUL WE LOVE YOU FOREVER REST IN PEACE I’m sad this is horrible
-Tyrese Gibson, Actor (”Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”)

@TheJoeLynch Somewhere, @DougBenson is doing a memorial Captain EO dance in MJ’s honor. Sha’mon…..sha’mon….
- Joe Lynch, Director (”Wrong Turn 2: Dead End”)

@ashleytisdale So sad. Saying a prayer for Michael Jackson
-Ashley Tisdale, Actress (”High School Musical”)

@radiomaru damn it, i leave the house for a couple hours and Michael Jackson dies… I was listening to him in the car, too. :O RIP
-Bryan Lee O’Malley, Writer (”Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World”)

@SarahKSilverman Did you hear Michael Jackson’s kids are free? That’s not nice. I’m sorry. Ugh, I feel bad for saying that. LOOK A BLUE CAR!
-Sarah Silverman, Actress (”The Sarah Silverman Program,” “Saint John of Las Vegas”)

@robcorddry I wish it had been Michael Jackson that broke the story of TMZ dying. I can almost hear the high-fives.
-Rob Corddry, Actor (”W.,” “Semi-Pro”)

@OfficialKat Such a sad day. RIP Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson :(
-Kat Dennings, Actress (”Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist,” “The House Bunny”)

@emmyrossum Michael Jackson RIP You will be so missed. You will never be forgotten.
-Emmy Rossum, Actress (”Dragonball Evolution,” “The Phantom of the Opera”)

@TheMandyMoore RIP michael jackson and farrah fawcett. what a tremendous loss in one day…. thoughts and prayers with their families and loved ones….
-Mandy Moore, Actress (”Saved!,” “Southland Tales”)

@pennjillette Wow. I was just live on the radio in Chicago. I had to do my best to pimp Bullshit on Showtime tonight WHILE reporting on Michael Jackson’s death. Talk about dancing with the stars
-Penn Jillette, Producer/Actor (”The Aristocrats,” “Penn & Teller: Bullshit!”)

@freddurst We are with you MJ!! Hang in there. You have inspired millions and I am one of them. We are with you.
-Fred Durst, Musician/Director (”The Longshots,” “The Education of Charlie Banks”)

@james_gunn Oh, shit! It looks like Michael Jackson IS dead! - http://bit.ly/fSQdc
-James Gunn, Director/Writer (”Slither”)

@jackieguerra RIP Michael Jackson Gracias 4 a lifetime of gr8 musica n memories. WANNA B STARTIN SOMETHiN? I’LL B THERE! PYT! Adiós King o Pop. Adelante!
-Jackie Guerra, Actress (”Selena,” “Picking Up the Pieces”)

Jermaine Jackson has released a statement about what happened and details. He also asked if the media would respect the family's privacy. Peep the video below.

Just a little while ago CBS showed a clip of what apeared to be a body wrapped in white linen being rolled out on a stretcher onto a helicopter on the rooftop of the hospital. It hasn't been confirmed that it's Michael Jackson's body but many think that it was.

This is utterly sad and shocking. It has darkened my day completely to know that we've lost such a great person in the entertainmet world. My prayers go to the family during this trouble some time. As always I"ll keep yo all update with the latest and greatest.

BREAKING: Michael Jackson Rushed to the Hospital!

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Breaking news comes to us as a shock. It has been reported that the king of pop Michael Jackson has suffered from a heart-attack and has been rushed to the hospital. Peep it below...

Michael Jackson has been rushed by ambulance to the hospital after collapsing at his home.

"The call came in because a person was not breathing," says a spokesman for the Los Angeles City Fire Department, who says paramedics were dispatched to Jackson's Holmby Hills mansion shorty after noon today.

"When the team arrived, they saw that CPR was already in progress by someone at the home. The person not breathing was transported to UCLA Medical Center and remains there."

His immediate condition is unknown.

Michael's father, Joe Jackson, says he had been alerted to the emergency but didn't have any additional details.

"I am in Las Vegas, but yes, people in Los Angeles called me and are with Michael and tell me he was taken to the hospital," the elder Jackson tells E! News. "His mother is on her way to the hospital now to check in on him.

"I am not sure what's wrong. I am waiting to hear back from them." Source

I was just informed that Michael is in cardiac arrest. I hope he doesn't leave us! Please pull through MJ I'm praying for you.

I'll keep you all updated!!

Fresh Album Cover: Mariah Carey "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel"

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Peep the official album cover of Mariah Carey's upcoming album. It's called "Memoirs on an Imperfect Angel" and it's set to drop on Aug. 25th. Her single "Obsessed" is currently released and taking the radio waves by storm. You saw it fist here @ Dimp...The Gossip Boy.

Dimpsettes what do you all think about Mariah's Album Cover?
comment below...

Beyonce's Helping Hand Commercial

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Above is the commercial ad with Beyonce teaming up with Hamburger Helper to help feed America. It's good to see her giving back like I said before. She's helping to spread the knowledge that others are not privileged to eat on a regular basis.

She has slapped her name across another product. I'm sure hamburger helper will be flying off the shelves! LOL. This is a good look for her.

*Randomness: LMAO @ that "Single Ladies" pose she did throughout the commercial!
Dimpsettes what do you all think about the commercial?

Poll of the Week: Do You Think Beyonce Has Already Hit The Icon Status?

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Okay Dimpsettes, it's time for the poll of the week, which is located at the top right corner of your scren (Top of the page). Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce right. Everyone loves her, and there are a handful that dislike her. They say she's overrated, she's too much "She needs to sit down and have some babies" (Keri's Turnin Me Off Remix).

As many of you know, I love B. Can't get enough of her. So now I wanna know what you all think. A few months back Beyonce stated that she wants to be an icon. Obviously she doesn't believe that she's quite there yet. But some people think that she has been an icon, some believe that she above an icon. So lemme know what you think.

Do You Think Beyonce Has Already Reached Icon Status?
Comment below & vote above

Fresh Music: Brandy - "Too Little Too Late" feat. Ne-Yo

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Stargate is ALL over the place producing tracks for upcoming albums. Whitney Houston, Monica, now Brandy. This song features Ne-Yo and is called "Too Little Too Late". Listen to it below...

This song is okay. It really doesn't catch me. The flow of the song is nice, It's something that Id listen to time after time. Both of their vocals are nice and mellow and goes with the sobby sad sounding piano. But I'm hoping to hear more from Brandy. Her album is set to drop before the end of the year.

*Randomness When I saw the title I was like "uh-oh is this a JoJo remake? lol"

Dimpsettes is this song ipod worthy or give it the boot?
comment below...

Solange, Sophia Bush & AnnaLynne Mccord Launches Open Campus Campaign

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In the above video, it features celebz Sophia Bush (CW's television series "One Tree Hill") Solange (Singer) AnnaLynne McCord (CW's television series "90210")Good Charlotte front man Joel Madden, The Hills player Brody Jenner and Disney star Cody Linley.

The Op campaign was shot on June 6th at University High in Los Angeles by photographer Larry Bartholomew. Watch the promo vid below featuring Op, exclusively available at Wal-Mart! Source

Peep the ad Below..

This was a nice ad! Good to see that my CW Television ladies are still working even while the season is over. Solange looks good as always.

Dimpsettes what do you all think about the ad?

Lazy Boy vs Spectacular

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Well, it seems after my guy Lazy Boy interviewed Spectacular yesterday, things got all crazy. I guess Spectacular saw the video afterwards and heard that Lazy Boy called him gay. LOL. So Spectacular calls him out on twitter, wanting to come and fight and everything. Of course Lazy Boy responded, and in the video above he challenges Spectacular. Saying that until he comes out the closet, he will f**k with him everyday until he does lol. Peep it above.

I find the ending of the video quite funny. How can being asked if you're gay be disrespectful? It's just a simple question. It's only disrespectful if YOU ARE GAY and are UNCOMFORTABLE sharing with folks. LOL. I'm sure Spectacular will respond to this video and I'll be right here to post it lmao!

Hit up Lazy Boy's You Tube Channel. Follow him on twitter. The dude is classic..Check him out!

Dimpsettes What Are Yall Jammin' To?


Alright Dimpsettes, it's time to hear from you. I wanna know what you all are listening to. Go head and give me your top 5 songs that you are constantly listening to on your way to school, work, or where ever your heading. It can be any type of music, new or old, released or unreleased, foreign anything. Fill me and your fellow Dimpsettes in. Here's my Top 5...

My Top 5 Songs of the Moment

1) Monica - Taxi

2) Drake - Best I Ever Had
3) Jade Ewen - It's My Time
4) Amerie - Dear John
5) RichGirl - He Ain't With Me Now (Tho)

Comment, let me know what yall jammin to Dimpsettes!

Rihanna Felt Stay Away Order Was Not Needed

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It seems that Rihanna could "POSSIBLY" still want to have something to do with Chris Brown being that she felt the stay-away order between the two of them was "unnecessary". Peep it below...

Rihanna's lawyer, Etra, also spoke to reporters and said that his client was "feeling fine" after the hearing.

"She was fully prepared to testify, and she would have told he truth about what happened that evening," he said.

He added that he and Rihanna -- who felt the protective order was sufficient but that the stay-away order was unnecessary -- would discuss a reduction in the latter. Schnegg said she would consider such a change only after the August sentencing.

Isn't that something. I mean, does she feel that he will not pop her again? Does she still want to have something to do with him? Is she NOT dating Drake? lol. Who knows what her reasons are.

What do you think Dimpsettes?

Chris Brown's Crew Addresses Leaked Music

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According to Chris's crew. The songs that leaked onto the net "Smash" & "Not My Fault" are old & aren't from Chris's new album "Graffiti". Reports show that "Smash" was recorded over 3 years ago. Peep the report below...

"Countering misleading reports of 'new' Chris Brown music: there are no 'new' songs from Chris Brown currently being promoted by Chris or his record label," a representative for Jive Records said in a statement.

"There are several old demos circulating that are being falsely promoted as new material from Chris."

A Chris Brown song called "Not My Fault" was recorded three years ago and is not about Rihanna, its producers said.

The publicist for the Neptunes, a music producing duo that has worked in the studio with Brown, said the music was a demo recorded three years ago. She said they do not know how the song made its way onto YouTube.

Well, I'm so glad that was cleared up, simply because I wasn't feeling either of the 2 songs that leaked. I so wasn't feeling "Not My Fault" that I didn't post it. LOL. "Smash" is alright, but I remember Chris saying that he was going in a different direction with music and those 2 songs seemed as in they were from the "Exclusive" era. Funny how "Not My Fault" would leak shorty after Chris's plea. SMH..

Dimpsettes did any of you like the songs?
Comment below..

Beyonce Talks Hunger In America

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In the above video, Beyonce talks about hunger in America and what she and others are doing to prevent it. Peep it above.

She goes on to state that she just learned that 1 in 8 children in America starve. Now I know the numbers as well. IT's good to see Beyonce is doing something. Maybe she'll start a movement or something in the industry.

Spectacular Interviewd by Lazy Boy TV

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Peep the video above. It features Spectacular getting asked questions by Lazy Boy. He gets questioned about his "gay" you tube videos (lol), his sexuality, why he called out Omarion, Bow Wow etc, and address rumors about him being offered $100,000 to pose nude in a gay magazine. At the very end of the video, he was put out on BLAST by Lazy Boy. Watch it to find out what he said after Spectacular left.

Hands down, Spectacular is gay. I believe that he is. Him and Dorion should just go head and get together since they both are denying the fact that they like men. LOL!

Dimpsettes what do you all think?
comment below..

Chris Brown & Rihanna Inside the Courtroom Footage

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Peep this video clip provided by TMZ of Rihanna & Chris Brown in court a few days ago. Both of them handled themselves professionally. Though Rihanna didn't say much. LOL. She has yet to break her silence. But good thing all is said and done. RiRi gave a smile at the end and she looked satisfied.

RANDOMNESS: When Rihanna appeared in the courtroom the cameramen got an up close shot of her blinged out earring LOL!

Dimpsettes what do you all think about the footage?
comment below

Fresh Music: The Dream - "Hit It On The Road"

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Take a listen to this left over track from The Dream's "Love vs Money" album. It's called "Hit It On The Road". ANd I must say, it' should've been added to the album cuz it's a bangger. The Dream can produce his ass off! His music & his sound is one of a kind! Listen to it below.

Hott stuff right?


Dimpsettes is this song...

ipod worthy?
Give it the BOOT?

comment below

Kelly Rowland Performs "When Love Takes Over" (Acoustic)

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Kelly Rowland is on top of the U.K. World right now & performing her smash hit "When Love Takes Over". In the above video, this time, David Guetta isn't present but the acoustics are. Kelly did and amazing job on this. Her vocals were very very nice.

Dimpsettes What Do You All Think About The Performance?

BLAST from the PAST: Tatyana Ali - "Daydreamin"

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This Wednesday's BLAST from the PAST come from singer/actress Tatyana Ali. Best known for her role as "Ashley" on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" which starred rapper & actor Will Smith. This song was produced by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins and peaked at #6 on Billboard's Hot 100 in 1999. This track was lifed from her album "Kiss The Sky" which was certified Gold.

I liked this song. In 1999 I was 11 years old lmao. I remember when this song came on "The BOX". Ahhhh that takes me back! Hope you enjoy this BLAST from the PAST Dimpsettes.

Please Comment Below

Fresh Changes for Dimp & His "Dimpsettes"

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Well, I've just realized that I just created the blog and started posting right away. lol. So here's some insight about me and this blog. I'm 21 years old, live in Chicago & I love the entertainment world. I love music, movies, tv & all other types of things. I will basically blog about those things.
Fresh Music, fresh videos, interviews, performances, gossip, news, blast from the pasts, fresh artists, albums & magazine covers plus much much more here on my blog.

I also just found out that my blog is "google-able" lol. If you type in "dimp gossip", a few posts from my blog will appear. I'm also gonna add a few new topics to post about that will get you (my readers) involved.

This new one would be titled "Dimpsettes What Are You Jammin' To?". Basically it'll be asking for a top 5 or top 10 list of songs you're feeling for the week. You can respond to it just by submitting your answer in the comment section. It could be new music, unreleased music, gospel, pop, rock, country, anything that you wanna share. That could lead way into receiving new music & open doors to generate others to listen to it, not only to me but to my readers as well.

Another one would be Did You See It?. After a new movie has been released on a Wednesday or Friday, the very next Monday, I will post something asking if you went to see any of the movies and what did you think about it. Again, simply comment in the box to submit your answer. I think it'll be a good way to get feedback to me and others about if the movie would be worth seeing.

Polls of the week will remain the same, hopefully I can get more of you all to vote on them. Also my Gossip Box, it's like a little chat box where you all can stay connected with me and others readers & bloggers. You can create a free account, you can leave me comments, suggestions, tips, links to videos, new music, gossip and whatever else you would like to share with me, my "DIMPSETTES" (my new name for my readers) and the world.

Those are just a few new things that'll be upcoming. Also from now on the BLAST from the PAST post will now include a download link to the song that's featured, along with the youtube video, just in case you want that song.

I'm also still waiting on my banner and other things for my blog. So changes are soon to come.

So become a DIMPSETTE! Follow my blog, comment on my posts, share your thoughts, inform me and your fellow Dimpsettes on new things.

If there's anything I can improve on, anything you would like to see changed, read about anything at all, let me know. Drop a comment in the box or hit me up in the gossip box. And remember, share your thoughts. Comment on the posts. I know you all have things to say aobut the stuff. Like if you agree or disagree with my comments about the topics, do you hate or love the new song I post, or whatever. Anything, just comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment

Til next time Dimpsettes...
You know you love me

Fresh Video: Ciara - "Work" feat. Missy Elliott

Peep the video for Ciara's international single "Work" which finally premiered today featuring Missy Elliott. It's a extra extra song and video. Like both were made to keep the listeners & watchers into it. Ciara looked good and so did Missy. LOL! Where has she been? Looks like she borrowed her suit from her video "I Can't Stand the Rain" LMAO!

Good job Super C! She was WORKING IT! Kickin that sand around like i was no one's business.

Jay-Z Has a 7 Year Old Son?!


Alright folks. A few years back, I remember hearing this "rumor" about Jay-Z having a son. It was around the time when "Super Head" did that "Tell All Book" of hers. When the book surfaced, that's when I heard the rumors. Then it all vanished like it was no one's business. Now this little rumor has resurfaced. The kid is supposedly 7-years old and lives in Trinidad with his mom. Peep it below...

A recent report has re-opened a serious topic of discussion for Jay-Z. It was just a few years ago when reports were all over that Jay-Z had a secret son that he didn’t admit to the public. [Link]

Now can reveal that the fiercely private rapper – who’s worth an estimated $400 million – reportedly has a secret 7-year-old son who he’s amazingly managed to hide from the limelight all this time. The boy apparently bears a striking resemblance to his father and is the result of Jay-Z’s romance with Trinidadian model Shenelle Scott which ended in 2001, before he met Beyoncé.

Jay-Z has gone to great lengths to distance himself from the claims, despite reports that he’s privately admitted paternity. Beyoncé, whom he married in April 2008, is now apparently accepting of the boy and is even said to have gone on holiday with her stepson in the South of France.

Although Jay-Z’s spokesman denied that there was any truth in ‘these ridiculous rumours’, the rebuttal falls short of a denial that the rap star is the boy’s father. Despite approaching Jay-Z’s representatives repeatedly last week, they refused to comment.

Sources say that Shenelle and her son live a quiet life in Trinidad at a $2.5 million home that Jay-Z bought for them after paternity tests revealed a positive match. It’s also thought that Shenelle, 28, brings her son to see Jay-Z in New York, where he’s based, whenever she flies there for modeling assignments.

Here's an alleged pic of the kid...

All I can say is wow. He's a cute little guy. Does the kid look like Jay? Is that really the kid? Like seriously. If this is indeed true, I wonder how this would make Jay-Z look. Did he really pay her a milli to keep his name off of the birth-certificate? That's crazy. But if the report is true, at least it's shown that she does spend time with his son while mom is in NY modeling. Also the $2.5 Million home in Trinidad. Wow. I wonder how B feels inside? Like is she upset that Jay-Z already has a family? Maybe that's why she's putting off on having kids. Time will tell, and the truth will indeed come out.

Your Thoughts?

Comment Below

Russell Simmons Spotted LIPLOCKING...NOT With Julie

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Uh-oh! Russell was snapped kissing someone other than rumored girlfriend Julie Henderson. What does this mean? Could they have split? Are they no longer together? They have to be becasue I don't see Russell just kissing folks if he's involved. He wasn;t doing that to Kimmora. LOL.

Beyonce & Jay-Z Spotted in NYC

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Beyonce & Jay-Z were spotted heading out to a popular bar in NYC last night shorty after Beyonce 2nd performance in Madison Square Garden. The 2 arrived together hand-in-hand then went their separate ways after the mean flow of paparazzi. Peep a few other pics below...

Nice getup B has on. She was rocking that blue.

Ne-Yo: "Lose Some Weight if You Wanna Stand Next To Beyonce"

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Peep the video above. Singer & songwriter Ne-Yo is giving advice to and aspiring singer. He tells her...

"Lose weight if you wanna stand next to Beyonce. But if you going for the Jill Scott thing then you can be you, you don't need to lose weight. "

This is a lengthy clip, but it's worth the watch. The girl is singing a few songs & Ne-Yo is giving her great advice. Though telling her she needs to lose weight is kinda harsh, but hey, it's reality in the music industry. Though I do disagree with him on one comment he made about Jennifer Hudson, stating that she had to win an Oscar to stand on stage & perform with Beyonce. No. I don't believe that is the truth. Even if Jennifer wouldn't have won that Oscar that night, she would have still performed. Also Jennifer is VERY curvy, and she has graced the covers of all kinds of magazines, and not becuase she won that Oscar in my opinion. Simply becasue of who she is.

Your thoughts?

8th Grader Shoots an Amazing Shot

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An 8th Grader from Ohio shot an amazing basket. I believe that it was a once in a life time thing. LOL If he does it again then I'd say he has something going for himself. LOL.

Your Thoughts?

Bow Wow Dropped From Columbia

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Looks like Bow Wow got what he wanted. Reports are shown that Bow Wow has been dropped from Columbia Records. He released a video a few weeks back begging Columbia to drop him from the label stating that they don't know how to handle rappers careers. Peep the video here.

But not only was Bow Wow dropped but Jim Jones as well. A few weeks ago the Official Comumbia Website, Bow Wow & Jim Jones were listed as artists but now they are no longer listed.

Lets see if he gets picked up anytime soon by another label

Beyonce Donating with Helping Hand

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Beyonce was photographed in New York at Madison Square Garden announcing the Feeding America Show Your Helping Hand Campaign. Peep other pics below..

It's good to see celebz giving back. Beyonce looks great as always. I'm tying to save $$$ for her tour when she comes here to Chicago.

Beyonce Riding a Bike

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Check out this picture I just ran across. It's undated but it's of Beyonce riding on a bike. It looks like an old skool bike. Who knew!? lol

Your Thoughts?

Rihanna & Chris Brown Court Pics & Update

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Earlier I gave you all coverage on the Chris Brown & Rihanna case that was held in court today. Now to sum it all up, take a look at the article below provided by Concreteloop.

Singer Chris Brown looks down as he appears in the Criminal Courts Building where he reached a plea bargain. The entertainer plead guilty to one count of felony assault on his former girlfriend, pop singer Rihanna in the Superior Court of Los Angeles County on Monday, June 22nd in Los Angeles.

Chris Brown has reportedly copped a plea in his assault case. Which means he will serve NO JAIL TIME, but will be on 5 years probation. He’s also been ordered to stay 50 yards clear of Rihanna. They are permitted to attend work related events at the same time, but have to stay 10 feet from each other during those events.

Chris was also ordered to spend 180 days doing community labor (8 hours a day — 1440 hours total) in Virginia which is where he lives. A Virginia law enforcement officer told the media that Brown will be picking up trash, pulling weeds and washing fire trucks.

He must also enroll in a domestic violence counseling program and he’ll get supervised probation. If Brown violates probation, he could get up to 4 years in prison.

Rumors were flying that Rihanna wasn't in attendance but that was false. Peep this excerpt below...

Attorney Donald Etra and singer Rihanna appear at a preliminary hearing at Superior Court of Los Angeles County on Monday, June 22nd in Los Angeles, California. When Brown left the courtroom … Rihanna walked in the courtroom. The judge explained the deal to her. The judge was telling Rihanna about the protective order.

Chris will serve no jail time, as we stated in an earlier post and was ordered to stay 50 yards away from Rihanna.

Pics from Concrete Loop

Now that is all over, said and done, these two can get on with their lives and careers, unless of course Chris violates his court order which I'm sure he won't do. Good luck to them both. Rihanna is working on an album also is in talks with a few movie deals, Chris Brown is finishing up his album and one of his movies is about to hit theaters pretty soon. So they both are basically getting on with their lives which is a good sign.

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BET Reality Star Dorion Standberry's Twitter Hacked & Nude Photos

Well known for his appearance on BET's College Hill, Dorion has become the latest victim of the "hackers". Last night his twitter was hacked and nude photos of him was posted and also the phone numbers and addresses of numerous celebrities.

Solange's twitter status says "Good looking guys, but that's NOT my addy. Good try tho hacker girl/guy." She was one the many celebs whose "info" was leaked via Dorion's twitter page.

Photos of him in the nude can be seen by clicking the links below...

Dorion also called in to a radio station to try and clear things up, but the radio host basically ripped him up! Asking him about his sexuality, asking if the celeb numbers were real. LOL. The radio hosts are crazy these days. Listen below.

What I believe is, Dorion is of course gay. He is, He can deny it all he wants but the dude is gay. And he's attractive so even if he came out the closet (cuz surly he's hiding) I bet girls would still fall for him. Being gay now-a-days is very acceptable. I also believe that he probably made his boyfriend, or ex boyfriend or someone he was talking to mad and they posted the nude pics & a lot of other information by accessing Dorion's twitter page. This GUY had Dorion's passwords and he basically BLASTED poor Dorion. As he said he's in talks with a Children's Network but in a few days he won't be anymore, this will indeed affect him. I'm sure a bunch of gay sex sites and porn makers will be flooding him with emails BEGGING him to do something, and watch he agree! LOL. And as far as the radio interview...LOL the radio hots was letting him have it. Dorion sounded shocked. But the dude's gay. Point blank. I just feel sorry for him that someone would do such things. Now he'll probably be hated and disliked by so many ppl who's info was released. Shame.

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Chis Brown & Rihanna Court "LIVE STREAMING"!

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Global Grind is streaming LIVE coverage right now of Chris Brown & Rihanna's court appearance. Nothings happened as of yet. Every one (reporters, news statons, bloggers, fans & others) are patiently waiting out side of the court house trying to get information after this preliminary trial is over. I'll keep you all up-to-date when something happens. But if you wanna watch the live stream, click the link below
UPDATE: Chris Brown has copped a plea. He'll spend 180 days in a labor domestic violence program & 5 years probation 4 assault.

UPDATE: Chris Brown exits the court house at 4:16pm (Central Time)

UPDATE: Rihanna was in court, but did not testify. Her lawyer is speaking to the press now. The judge issued a "stay away" order for Chris Brown. (4:29pm Central Time)

UPDATE: Rihanna and Chris Brown can't contact each other until the final sentencing in which is in Aug. They can appear at the same function, but must remain 50 yards away from one another.

UPDATE: Rihanna wasn't seen in the court room but was present to hear the plea. The two are to have no contact with each other for the next 5 years. Chris had the choice of 180 days in jail or 180 days of a labor program.
Well now we know that we will NEVER hear a duet or see another live performance from the 2 of them again. What a shame. Well, now i guess we all can FINALLY move on and leave RiRi and Chris Breezey alone.

Randomness: Bow Wow wasn't even there! Some "best friend".

Ciara Covers Rap Up Magazine

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Ciara "'sizzles" on the Summer Issue of Rap Up Magazine. She looks good. Ciara is currently touring with Britney Spears. The two are set to hit the United States in a few months & the video for Ciara's song "Work" will premiere tomorrow. Keep it locked here.

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Fresh Music: Charice Pempengco - "Fingerprint"

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I believe I introduced you all to this young girl almost a year ago via my facebook notes (I was on facebook posting notes before I started a blog) Click Here to read. There's no word yet on an official album, but Charice is currently in her hometown performing concerts and recording music.

This is a new leaked song from her called "Fingerprint" and hits a smallin jam. I like it, listen to it below.

The song fits her. Hope to hear more from her soon.

Jay-Z Joins Beyonce on Stage in Madison Sqare Garden

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Beyonce kicked off the North American Leg of her tour "I Am..." yesterday at Madison Square Garden and was joined on stage by her hubby Jay-Z as she did "Deja Vu & Crazy In Love" Peep the video below...

He received a WARMING welcome! LOL the crowd went WILLD When he came to the stage LOL. Peep a few pics below.

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